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Wed 21 Jun 2017
at 05:29
A timid rabbit
Hey I'm relatively new to TTRPGs and very new to rpol so...I have no clue where I should really begin, but I'm excited to get in some games and have some fun on what little off time I have. If you have any advice or tips for me I'm certainly open to them. See you around!
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Thu 22 Jun 2017
at 05:33
A timid rabbit
In reply to Adequate_Toaster (msg # 1):

Welcome, Adequate Toaster!

TTRPG?  (Teletype Role-Playing Game?).

Check out the FAQs and the Help (especially site policies related to Mature and Adult content, even if you don't intend to play in such games).  It'll help you get a feel for the place, and how it is structured.

If you intend to eventually run a game (as opposed to being a player), check out the GM Help.  There's a really powerful toolbox here for GM types.  There are also lots of GMs here who will help you prepare.  I have been allowed to lurk in two different games so far, and this has helped me measurably as a beginning GM.

Was there a particular genre or type of game you wanted to play?  A wide diversity of gaming experiences awaits you here.  Find what you like and dive in.

If you have further questions, by all means ask.

Later On,
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Tue 4 Jul 2017
at 01:48
A timid rabbit
I'd suggest asking how often players are expected to post on a given game (it can range from multiple times per day to once per week) and to be prepared for players to drop out unannounced.
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Mon 10 Jul 2017
at 20:16
A timid rabbit
In reply to horus (msg # 2):

TTRPG = Tabletop Role-Playing Game. It's a new acronym that's gaining popularity among people who grew up with sophisticated CRPs such as MMOs and MOBAs.