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Thu 25 Jan 2018
at 08:22
Looking for a FEMALE writing partner (M or A)
This is not a specific GM request for a specific game. This is an attempt to find soneone to fill a creative 'hole' in my rp hobby.

So I've been on rpol for... ...well lets just say a long time. I left it twice but ended up returning because there is no other place like it. It has its faults but there are so many positives about it.

I have made some good friends here. I know what you are all going to think about that statement but honestly compared to some people Ive met IRL there are some genuinely nice people here.

I have a friend here who I consider to be a close friend (you know who you are). A few years ago we wrote a lot together, bounced off each other, ran games together. Now she's quite busy with RL commitments and so contact has mainly become reduced to somewhat regular rmails.

I am in a few games and run a few myself and am tremendously happy with them but I miss having a long term creative partner to bounce off.

I'm looking for someone who shares my interests and is willing to run games with me, play alongside me in other's games, build worlds with me, play love interests and such. They should also be willing to put up with my sometimes sporadic posts and my slightly narcissistc, mildly insecure and sometimes odd nature ;-)

So if you click on the link to my user profile you will learn more about me but to summarise here:-

I love horror, sci fi, fantasy and sometimes steampunk

Yes, Project Starchaser was named after me (It evolved from a game I used to run and I gave the owner permission to use the idea as his own).

I do find Japanese facial features aestetically pleasing. I have encountered some great degree of misundertanding whenever I have made that statement so let me set the record straight. Whereas I do find Japanese people attractive, character personality is far more important than anything else, and I do not excude other character types.

I love to play out in game romances. I tend to get a bit bored otherwise. I have also been known to write erotic prose. Nobody has told me if I'm any good at it or if I suck. I do prefer romance over smut, though.

Anyone who wants to try and build a creative partnership please rmail me. Please don't reply here as bump claming will prevent me from noticing your post.

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Fri 26 Jan 2018
at 07:36
Looking for a FEMALE writing partner (M or A)
Pre bump bump ;-)

Did have one person reply but it seems they much prefer system based games. That's ok I can work with that but the partner I'm looking for should enjoy free form / collaborative gaming so kinda sorta still looking.