coded steve
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Sun 28 Jan 2018
at 11:40
SLA industries
If there anyone out there willing run a game for a team of operatives? I played this back in the day and have picked up the rules & source books again.
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 I remember when all
 this was just fields...
Sun 28 Jan 2018
at 21:47
SLA industries

 There is a long-term (I joined in 2005) game running, or rather not running at the moment, which the GM (Chernobyl) dropped out of about a year back, handing it over to me and one of the other PC's (which means I think I can tell you this without annoying the mods, right guys? I have GM powers, can add and remove players, can shut down the game, etc?)

 What we lack is a GM.

 So yeah, +1.
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 Better The Devil ...
 ... You Know???
Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 14:42
SLA Industries
I am the other PC in the game Korentin_Black mentioned, and I would also love to be a part of a functioning SLA game again.  So, +2.