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Mon 8 Oct 2018
at 20:50
4th Edition D&D w/Essentials Characters
Hello! I have time to play in one or two more 4th edition D&D games, depending on posting pace. I really prefer to play Essentials characters, though, and errata'd rules. (Nothing but respect for current DMs who run without--I appreciate you running your games.)

I'd be especially keen to run multiple characters, or even an entire party if the DM prefers a solo game. I'm not picky.


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Thu 11 Oct 2018
at 13:48
4th Edition D&D w/Essentials
In reply to cooneydad (msg # 1):

I'd be interested in joining in if something comes up. I don't have a problem with Essentials characters.

I'm interested in running such a game too, but I'm having trouble with just the two I've got going.