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Your thoughts on: Savage Worlds and Spycraft 2.0   [last]Varsovian2107:07, Sat 13 Jan by HardcoreCasual
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Looking for 3.5 Gestalt advice   [last]GrizzlyBear91621:19, Mon 01 Jan by GrizzlyBear91
2018   [last]ginny1820:07, Mon 01 Jan by Eggy
Your first work or works.   [last]Lumehn818:48, Mon 01 Jan by facemaker329
People may complain, but I really like the Christmas Scheme!   [last]V_V806:34, Tue 26 Dec 2017 by facemaker329
Regarding RPOL (non)Bias   [last]OceanLake906:53, Sat 23 Dec 2017 by OceanLake
PC gamers: have there been any interesting games lately?   [last]Varsovian822:48, Fri 22 Dec 2017 by C-h Freese
Godless Cleric Domains? D&D 3.5   [last]zedion322:47, Fri 22 Dec 2017 by C-h Freese
#Play4Wyatt   [first|last]Nagatobimaru3122:23, Fri 22 Dec 2017 by C-h Freese
Tactical Maps   [last]Hunter521:52, Fri 22 Dec 2017 by C-h Freese
Loss of Net Neutrality, consequences for rpol?   [last]DarkLightHitomi405:46, Sat 16 Dec 2017 by gladiusdei
GM as an emergent career   [first|last]jdhildebrand3303:02, Sat 16 Dec 2017 by chupabob
Tell me about Mutants & Masterminds 3E   [last]Varsovian1819:55, Tue 12 Dec 2017 by tsukoyomi
the card "roller"   [last]tehwanderer717:14, Mon 11 Dec 2017 by tehwanderer
Monster Hunter World BetaTyr Hawk018:44, Fri 08 Dec 2017 by the author
Magic and Steel, a new fantasy role playing gamergrassi017:12, Fri 08 Dec 2017 by the author
Guilds on RPoL?   [last]Martel1404:56, Thu 30 Nov 2017 by Nerwen
Six-Word Scary Stories   [first|last]engine8012:32, Tue 28 Nov 2017 by phoenix9lives
D&D (5e, mainly) Alignment ConceptMartel005:30, Mon 27 Nov 2017 by V_V
Newbie trying to learn all the ropes here   [last]Midnite Pablo219:12, Sun 26 Nov 2017 by Brianna
D&D 3.5 Where is "How Sorcerer's describe casting"?   [last]V_V723:42, Fri 24 Nov 2017 by V_V
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