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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Lovecraftian horror in Japan (co-gm wanted) [Adult]Starchaser007:07, Yesterday by the author
Vurt?   [last]tortuga70408:20, Fri 17 May by Eggy
Shadow Of The Demon Lord   [last]Bane Root522:38, Thu 16 May by Bane Root
Fantasy Sandbox Solo - Gurps or Fantasy Age   [last]Vulco1119:34, Thu 16 May by RossN
Adorable Corporate Secret Weapon   [last]LoonyLadle506:40, Thu 16 May by LoonyLadle
Watakushi ni nihongo wo oshiete itadakemasenka   [last]Starchaser1206:06, Wed 15 May by Wynternight
Wanted: GM for Solo/Solo-Group oWOD   [last]athornton319:40, Tue 14 May by Rook Seidhr
City of MistWillis016:02, Tue 14 May by the author
Orphan Water Dancer seeks  a home.   [last]Bannacor701:52, Tue 14 May by Bannacor
GURPS Atomic Horror?RossN014:10, Mon 13 May by the author
dX game, without too much politics   [last]V_V622:39, Sun 12 May by V_V
5e small group game   [last]Lord_Sanduzun716:09, Sun 12 May by Drackler
Traveller game   [last]zagygthemad113:37, Sun 12 May by Rook Seidhr
Planescape 2nd edition   [last]zagygthemad913:34, Sun 12 May by zagygthemad
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V3208:34, Sun 12 May by Rook Seidhr
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez55108:22, Sun 12 May by Rez
Pokemon Tabletop United   [last]TimofSkellige221:55, Sat 11 May by TimofSkellige
GM to run a Gestalt Game   [last]Luney1214:55, Sat 11 May by Luney1
Solo Superheroine Campaignminioch014:47, Sat 11 May by the author
Solo Supervillain Gamepraguepride004:59, Sat 11 May by the author
Co-Gm wanted for freeform game in original setting (ADULT)   [last]Starchaser114:04, Fri 10 May by Starchaser
Looking for a Pathfinder gamewolvbane014:02, Fri 10 May by the author
GM for Coriolis or Forbidden Lands?   [last]Silverfoxdmt73112:31, Fri 10 May by airellian
GM for Black Crusade?   [last]12th Doctor823:45, Thu 09 May by Novocrane
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