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Required Reading for those who GM or PLAY in Adult Games.

Posted by Shannara
moderator, 2227 posts
Thu 22 Jan 2009
at 23:00
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Required Reading for those who GM or PLAY in Adult Games

Please be aware, if you choose to GM games rated 'Adult' on RPoL, that you are expected to have read and agree to follow RPoL's adult games policy (available in the FAQs section under Site Policies).  You are also expected to do the following in accordance with that policy:

1) Ask all potential players for a statement of their age AND their legality to view adult materials in their place of residence.  You must then read their answers and determine if they are eligible to join the game BEFORE adding them to the game.

2) You are required to keep these statements of age in your game -- ideally, you should leave them in the Private Message section.  If you choose to have a thread where people can post their ages, you must make sure that these posts include their RPoL user names.

If you do not do these things, Site Moderators will remove the players from the game who have not provided these statements (or whose statements have been deleted) and require that you get statements from the removed users before re-adding them to the game.

3) You are required to remove any player from the game if/when you have reason to doubt that they provided accurate information in their statement of age & legality or report that user and the reasons for your suspicions to the site moderators for further investigation.

4) You are expected to be aware of the restrictions RPoL places upon Adult Content, and ensure that your players follow those restrictions in game.  You are required to monitor your Adult rated game -- YOU, and anyone with GM status in an Adult Game are RESPONSIBLE for any violations of Adult Games Policies whether or not you are actively checking the game.  If you can't check it, then you need to have your GM status removed or you need to suspend the game (and all posting in it) until you can assume GM responsibilities again.

If you are not following site policy in your Adult game, the moderators may, depending on the severity of the violation, suspend your access to Adult games, remove your access to Adult games, ban you from the site, or issue a warning or reminder.  Note that the likelihood of receiving a reminder or warning decreases drastically with repetition.  If you didn't take the reminder/warning to heart the first or second time, we will not keep spending time trying to get you to pay attention.

Also note that removing a player from an 'Adult' game when there is no statement of age on record in the game IS CONSIDERED A WARNING.
  We have learned from much wasted time & effort that many are far more likely to take this requirement seriously in the future if they are, at worst, slightly inconvenienced by having to do what they should have done in the first place before they can continue with their game.

Please remember that if you receive a warning or reminder, you are required to respond to the moderator's message.  If you do not respond in a reasonable amount of time, you may find your access to adult games suspended until you do.

Participation in Adult Games on RPoL is a privilege, not a right.

This privilege can and will be revoked if any user, regardless of meeting the age & legality requirements, demonstrates that they cannot or will not accept the additional responsibility required to run or play in Adult rated games.

Age requirements & enforcement of those requirements protects the site's ability to continue to host Adult-content games.  Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.
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