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Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL.

Posted by Shannara
moderator, 2602 posts
Wed 10 Nov 2010
at 11:59
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Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL

RPoL happily and thankfully accepts donations toward the payment of server costs.

You can donate through Paypal -- the email is:

This quick link directs you to the paypal 'FoRPoL (Friends of RPoL) dontations' page, with no need to fill in the above email:

All donations made go directly to the expenses (ie, server cost) of keeping RPoL up and running for the enjoyment of all users.

link to a message in another game

This thread on the FoRPoL Forum shows all donations to date, as well as the amount of funds held.  It is updated more or less quarterly.

IF you have the spare cash to contribute to the site, please consider making a donation.

Thank you.
moderator, 2628 posts
Thu 16 Dec 2010
at 20:48
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Re: Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL

FoRPoL donations have been updated - thanks to those who have donated!

A list of the latest donations can be seen here:

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moderator, 2728 posts
Sat 28 May 2011
at 16:46
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Re: Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL

A reminder:  The server costs are currently $104.00 per month, and every donation received goes to pay for direct hosting expenses.

If you love the site and want to help it continue to thrive, please consider donating if you can afford it.

Donations are accepted through PAYPAL -- send donations to

A record of past donations and expenses paid with those donations can be viewed at the FoRPoL Forum, in the thread: Notice: FoRPoL Account - Last Updated 5/28/11.
moderator, 2816 posts
Fri 14 Oct 2011
at 15:24
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Re: Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL

As the payment for the server has just recently been put in, this is a good time for a reminder that donations to RPoL are used to pay for RPoL's server.

Every donation helps to keep the games going, and there is a (more or less) quarterly record of donations and payments made from the fund in the FoRPoL Forum.

If you'd like to donate, please use PAYPAL --
moderator, 2877 posts
Thu 29 Dec 2011
at 02:36
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Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL - updated 12-28-11

The FoRPoL (Friends of RPoL) Donations Account has been updated as of today.

Details of donations (and payments made from the FoRPoL funds) are listed here:  link to a message in another game

Donations are greatly appreciated, and keep the site up and running.  All donations are used to pay for server costs, and every donation adds to the time that RPoL is up and running.

If (and only if) you can afford it, and enjoy your time spent here, please consider donating.

Donations can be sent via Paypal to

Thank everyone who's donated for their support of the site, and Happy Holidays & happy gaming. :)
moderator, 3284 posts
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Sat 20 Jul 2013
at 14:57
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Donations to Cover Server Costs for RPoL - updated 07-20-13

The FoRPoL Donations Account information has been updated as of today's date.

jase, the moderators, and the site users all appreciate the generous and supportive community here, and thank those who help support the site with donations that go toward server payments -- as well as those who run and play in all the wonderful games here.

If you're interested to see how this generosity has been ongoing, please take a look at this thread, which details the donations made and how they've been used since FoRPoL was formed, back in 2002.

link to a message in another game

Those who wish to donate, and can afford to do so, as always -- donations are welcome.  :)  Donations can be made to via Paypal.
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