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Tue 8 Nov 2011
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Adult Game Requirements
Hello all -- it's time once again to issue a reminder about some of the basics of joining or running an adult game on RPoL.  If you join or may join an adult game, or if you GM or might someday GM one, please take the time to go over this brief refresher.

  • Every applicant must supply age (or date of birth) plus a statement saying they are "legally permitted to view adult content" in their "current place of residence".
    • Remember that the requirement is age, or birthdate.  If you choose to ask for (or give) birthdate instead of age, it must be a complete birthdate.  Year alone is not enough for us to determine a player's age.
    • Age ranges ("over 18) are not sufficient -- every applicant to an adult game must give their actual age or their birthdate.

  • The statement must be made before the applicant becomes a player, Lurker, or co-GM in the Adult game.
    • Age and legality-to-view statements made after a person has been added to the game never meet RPoL's requirements.
    • Be sure the statements are in an RTJ/Request Access post where the player has posted as their RPoL ID, and it says "visitor" by their name on the left-hand side of the post.
    • While some GMs opt to collect age statements in a group PM or a thread in game, these never satisfy RPoL's requirements, and do not substitute for proper RTJs.

  • There are no exceptions.
    • No matter what the reason is for letting someone into a game before you have their age/legality statements in an RTJ, it's not valid one.
    • Failure to collect this information from players before they're added can cost the GM(s) of an adult game their adult access.

  • If a game changes rating to Adult, anyone who did not supply the required statements before they joined must be removed from the game so that they can re-apply.
    • If you change rating, it does not remove the requirement to get the age statements from players while they are not members of the game.
    • Be sure that if you change ratings to Adult, you remove everyone who did not give full age and legality statements in their RTJs -- even co-GMs and Lurkers -- before the rating is changed to Adult.

  • When in doubt, do not admit the player.
    • If, for any reason, you doubt an applicant's age statement is true, do not admit them to your game.
    • Just being 18 is not good enough for adult access on RPoL: players also have to behave, convincingly, like adults.
    • Consider reporting the applicant (and the reason you're suspicious) to site moderators using rMail.  We appreciate the assist, and it's confidential.

  • Keep the RTJ.
    • Whatever you do, don't delete the RTJs that contain players' age and legality statements.  GMs have to keep them so long as the player is a member of the game.
    • If you accidentally delete a player's age/legality statements, remove the player from the game immediately: they must re-apply with the proper statements before they can continue to participate.
    • Never have any player in an adult game for whom you do not have an RTJ age statement in the game's PM list.
    • It's probably helpful to periodically audit your own adult games to ensure that (if you're a GM) every player has an RTJ with their statements in it or (if you're a player) your own RTJ is still there.  If not, take steps to solve the problem immediately.

You can find the full text of the adult games policy in the FAQs under "Site Policies", as the Adult Games Policy.

Thanks all, and, as always, if you have any questions please do rMail us -- we're happy to answer.
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Sat 3 Mar 2012
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Re: Adult Game Requirements
From the looks of things, it's time for a reminder again on the requirements for a GM to allow access to an adult game.

If you GM or play adult games, please take the time to read the post above, especially the first point -- this is where a lot of GMs are slipping up lately either accepting only partial birthdates, or accepting age ranges instead of actual ages.