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04:25, 2nd March 2024 (GMT+0)

Account Policy Reminders: Friends and Family.

Posted by cruinne
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Fri 30 Nov 2012
at 19:53
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Account Policy Reminders: Friends and Family

Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder about our Multiple Accounts Policy.

It's important to remember that if you know someone who wants to join RPoL, that you do not create their account for them.  No RPoL user should ever create more than one account for any reason -- and this includes helping friends and family "get started".

Anyone creating an account on RPoL needs to:
  1. Create their own account.
  2. Register it to an email address they own and can check.
  3. Use a password that only they know, and keep it private.

If your friend needs help signing up for the site, you can give advice or talk them through the process, but you should never do it for them, or end up knowing their password or being able to use their account as a result.

Finally, remember that if your friend does not have an email address, you should not "loan" them yours to help them sign up for RPoL: they should first get their very own email address (which is very easy to manage).

Thanks, everyone, and as always, you can direct questions to us using rMail.

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