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15:26, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Changing Account Names - How NOT to Lose the Name You Want.

Posted by Shannara
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Sun 17 Feb 2013
at 18:04
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Changing Your Account Name

Only the moderators can change your account name.

Creating a new account in order to have a new name is against site policy, and you only have to see the Chamber of Lost Souls 'Identity Crisis' thread to see how successful this is (ie, not very):

link to a message in another game

Creating a new account in order to have a new name will:
  • Get that account disabled
  • Lock that account name to the disabled account so that it is not available for use

Moderators will generally change your account name the first time with no questions asked. We might change it a second time if it's been a very long time since your last rename or there is a good reason.  Changing it after the second time will likely require a very, very good reason.

When you want to request a name change, this is how to best go about it:
  • rMail the moderators with a few choices as to what you'd like your new name to be, in the order of preference.
  • Once you know which names are available from the moderator's response, you will be instructed to contact the GMs of all games you are currently in and let them know to expect the name change.
  • Let the moderators know this has been done.
  • The moderators will change the name, you will receive a reply to your rmail to let you know it has been done. You will also receive an email to the email account registered with your user name.
  • You may have to log out and then back in with the new name.

That's all there is to it, but it's also the only way to do it.

Please don't end up losing the name you really want by trying to create a new account to get it.
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Thu 16 Jul 2015
at 11:31
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Re: Changing Your Account Name

Seems like it might be a good time to bump this.


Please contact the moderators if you want to change your account name.

If you create a duplicate account instead, against site rules, and end up with both accounts banned, the new account you created will NOT be the one that is reactivated upon contact.

In short, please do it the 'right' way.  It's way simpler, and it takes less time on your end as well, and this method WILL work.
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