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04:49, 2nd March 2024 (GMT+0)

Version 1.9.54.

Posted by jase
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Sat 23 Mar 2013
at 02:56
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Version 1.9.54

  • Created - half traditional wiki, half game wiki (with security).
  • Added 16 more groups.
  • Simultaneous post detection - Detects if a message has been posted (or removed) from the thread while you're composing.
  • Preview now allows immediate re-editing.
  • Major reorganisation of the style sheets.
  • Custom site themes, available from User Preferences.  Overrides special day themes.
  • Gave users the ability to disable text colouring within messages, done from your custom theme.
  • Added [Secret to character/group:..] code, like private messages but no visual clue is given to recipients that it is a private message.  GMs only.
  • Added per player per game settings; currently only one setting exists - whether new posts default to using your primary character (helpful for GMs and those with more than one character in a game).

  • Rolled dice can now be different colours, for aesthetics.  Copy and pasting the text should (in most browsers) include the colour codes.
  • Fixed some cell alignments and column widths.
  • Removed row highlighting dependence on javascript.
  • Removed button colouring dependence on javascript.
  • Stopped Internet Explorer consuming the last enter in a selection when formatting text.
  • Added the ability (for GMs) to remove some (rather than all) entries from the die roller log.
  • Used HTML paragraph (<p>) tags in the die log rathern than new lines () for easier triple-click selection in some browsers.
  • Deleted game searches (on the main menu) now include a hyperlink to the game.  Also removed the system column as deleted games don't have one.
  • Added the ability to edit player tags to the GM menu.
  • Added the ability to change player editable character sheets to the GM menu.
  • Added the option to view the scratchpad as a message.
  • Added "large" font formatting.  Compounds up to three times.
  • Added character sheet templates.  Up to five can be created and then can used whenever adding a new character.
  • GMs can now use one-off NPC names in the dice roller.  Can also be used from the dice roller hyperlinks with "npc=<name>".
  • Fixed security hole that allowed game editors to edit GM posts.
  • Added security check so game editors can only edit threads they're given permisison to (previously could edit messages posted to any thread they could see).
  • Added alternate numerical base rolls in the dice roller, denoted with "b" (e.g. "3b6").  Results are not added but recorded in order (with leading zeros if the die size is greater than 9).
  • Players can now view the source of their character sheet and description in deleted games (rather than just the output), and all from the one location (the Character Details screen).
  • Added "Mark all as Read" to the rMail screens, especially helpful for those who delete rMails without reading them.
  • GMs and players can now (temporarily) filter threads.
  • When replying to a thread, players and GMs now only have the private groups listed that are valid for that thread group.  Shortens the (possibly very long) list and removes impossible combinations.
  • Added "General" alongside the Mature and Adult content flags for searching (on the Main Menu and Wanted - Players forum).
  • NPCs are now separed a bit more in some areas, such as when posting and editing groups.
  • Made the "Private to" checkboxes wrap nicer.
  • Added (soft) message limit to rMail threads as (up to) 6,300 replies in one thread is a bit excessive.
  • Character sorting now excludes leading non-alphanumeric characters.

As per usual, feel free to discuss this (including any issues) in the accompanying thread in the General RPoL forum.
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