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15:05, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Version 1.9.55.

Posted by jase
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Thu 14 Nov 2013
at 10:43
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Version 1.9.55

1.9.55 - November 2013

  • Improved mySQL queries/structure for faster results (factor of ten in many places, factor of five hundred in one).
  • Changed user/character name searches to match at the start of the name, not anywhere (again, done for SQL performance).
  • Stopped the reply links (available within a message) sometimes truncating the subject.
  • Scrambled language lines are now more word-like by using bigrams and trigrams.  Less things like "Xwm Ns" and more "Tra Beil".  Still nonsense, but hopefully not as jarringly so.
  • Added "easy" tables and grids.
  • Border="0" (quotes optional) now removes the border on tables, and a value of 2 or 3 thickens it.  Done via the "full" <table></table> commands).
  • Fixed/added the ability for GMs to download threads in a game marked for deletion.
  • Removed "Links" from the main menu.  It's so neglected and outdated it's a disservice.
  • Fixed replying to private threads that had renamed characters as one (or more) of the recipients.
  • Increased the "reason for roll" text length (from 40 to 100).  Added hanging indent for when lines wrap in the log.
  • Added Earthdawn 3rd edition to the dice roller.  Renamed the older Earthdawn to "Earthdawn 1st & 2nd ed".
  • Added Star Wars Edge of the Empire to the dice roller, which involved a slight change to the layout.
  • Added d30 to the list of standard die sizes.
  • Fixed textarea wrapping issue in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Deleting rMails from the thread list view now remembers the page you were on.
  • Stopped a GM repying to a RTJ of a banned user putting the game back onto the user's stickylist.
  • Changed a few references to "genre" to "category", which we'll use to reference game genres categories from now on.

Users with custom schemes are encouraged to update them (just go in and hit "Create!" again) to ensure they see the latest changes.

A proposed update to make tablets compose messages with a fixed width font (like everyone else) unfortunately didn't make this version due to insufficient end-user testing.

As per usual, feel free to discuss this (including any issues) in the accompanying thread in the General RPoL forum.
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