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08:49, 23rd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Update 67.

Posted by jase
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Sat 22 Aug 2015
at 06:03
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Uppdate 67

New Features:
  • Secondary GM aliases (only) can now be hidden from the game by giving the character the "Hidden" tag.
  • Added <smallcaps>Small Caps</smallcaps>.
  • Different dice sizes can now be added and/or subtracted from each other and presented as one result.
  • GMs can now create a template for access requests (a.k.a. requests to join) that appears above the compose screen on new access requests.
  • Allowed an anchor point to be placed within messages (GM only) and character sheets/descriptions (anyone) with [anchor name_of_link].  Zoomed to by making <a href=#name_of_link>Zoom</a>.
  • Added the Last Unicorn Games system to the dice roller.
  • Added the Prowlers & Paragons game system to the dice roller.
  • Added the AGE System to the dice roller.
  • Added the Only War system to the dice roller.
  • You now receive a warning if a change is made to a character sheet or description while you are also editing it.

  • Different way of reporting versions and the changes they contain.  How enthralling.
  • New accounts are now required to give a month and year of birth.
  • Access to the adult section of RPoL must now be applied for, which is then granted by a moderator.  Once permitted you also must do a (quick and instantly approved) age statement for each adult game you are in.
  • Email notifications now have an unsubscribe link in the email header to lessen the chance of being detected as spam.
  • Updated the Warhammer Test roll to include the actual die rolled.
  • Changed some of the logic behind the dice rolling to make it less error prone.  Hopefully didn't make any errors doing so.
  • Stopped the compose message screen being so sensitive about excessive use of "quote" in short messages.
  • The "View Profile of" drop-down list for GMs is now grouped into player and non-player characters.
  • Added last modified parameter to game maps to (try to) stop browsers from displaying out-of-date images from their cache.
  • User created external links now have "rel='nofollow'" for search engine optimisation (to ensure there's no unnatural link penalty for the sites we link to).
  • Merged the game website and external links to one section; Game Links.
  • Tweaked the layout of the game links to allow for a more consistent display plus reduce redundancy.
  • Popup stickylist can now notify on new private messages, game messages, or both.
  • If you remove a (non-deleted) game from your stickylist via the minus symbol on the main menu, you will now receive a small box allowing you to add it back, plus instructions on how to find missing games that you play in.
  • Standardised (most of) the titles of the site pages, and set them so the start has the most relevant information.

  • Stopped the language lines messing up characters that were being converted to HTML codes (e.g. < and >) as well as really implement half of the language line fix that I professed to do previously.
  • Stopped (game) banned users being listed in some GM screens.
  • Fixed the dice roller log not handling email addresses in the "Reason for roll" field, and made it generally more robust.
  • Stopped the game info screens sometimes obfuscating the logon time for GMs.
  • Fixed message subject sometimes being truncated when replying to private threads.
  • Fixed custom themes not removing message colouring in all circumstances, you will need to edit and re-save your custom theme.
  • Stopped some input fields sometimes being truncated at a single quote.
  • Thread filters now survive page changes.
  • Stopped unofficial lurkers getting notified of new posts in threads they couldn't see.
  • Fixed certain combinations of "pre" causing new lines to vanish.
  • Added in missing descriptions for some game categories.
  • Wiki - Stopped Creole italics (//) killing hyperlinks (http:italics!).
  • Wiki - Stopped multiple/leading spaces being removed.
  • Fixed system moderation messages not displaying and grouping correctly in rMail.
  • Stopped some GM screens allowing reserved tags to be used.
  • Fixed the dice roller returning a result of zero when combining unique rolls with re-roll ones.
  • Navigating away from a message preview now alerts you if you haven't changed the body text.

As per usual, feel free to discuss this (including any issues) in the accompanying thread in the General RPoL forum.
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Sun 23 Aug 2015
at 04:29
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Uppdate 67

There seems to be confusion from some members regarding the change to adult access.

  1. To provide your age statement for approval, just use the site as normal.  You will be prompted when it's required (when you try to post in an adult game, or GM it).  If you must do it ahead of time it can also be done via your User Preferences.

  2. The aforementioned prompt will come up automatically, read it.  It is self explanatory and has a "apply for adult access" link.  Click it, there is no need to contact myself or the moderators regarding it.

  3. GMs are no longer required to collect age statements though they can continue to do so if they wish, solely at their discretion.  Please keep existing statements for a month while we make the transition.  GMs (and all members) are still required to pay attention to the demonstrated maturity of players, this is not an excuse to switch off.

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