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How to Change Your User Name.

Posted by Shannara
moderator, 3662 posts
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
at 11:17
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How to Change Your User Name

If you're not happy with your user name, you can request a name change.  The moderators will do it without question the first couple of times.


1) Come up with two or three possibilities, in case your first choice is taken.

2) Contact the moderators via rmail and request a name change, and give us the list of names you'd like.

3) Inform the GMs of games you're currently in to expect the change.  This is so they won't suddenly have a strange person they don't know in their game, and possibly think their game has been hacked or that there is a problem.

4) Let the moderators know this step has been done.

5) Your name will be changed.  You might have to log out, and then back in with the new name to make sure your cookies are happy.


* Create a new account.  The new account created will be disabled, and disabled account user names are no longer available.  It does not matter whether you intend to use only one of the accounts -- the second account created by a user is a duplicate account and will be locked.

Please use steps outlined above to change your user name.
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