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03:16, 2nd March 2024 (GMT+0)

What Do I Do If I Want a New User Name / Account?

Posted by Shannara
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 12:01
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What Do I Do If I Want a New User Name / Account?


It will be banned upon discovery (and a glance at the Chamber of Lost Souls should give you a hint at how many people have found this out, often after going to a lot of trouble.)

But, what if:

Q: I don't like the user name I have now?
A: rMail the moderators.  You can do that by clicking the 'rMail' link in the upper right corner, go all the way down to the lower right corner and click 'Compose a new rMail' and click the 'To/cc Moderators' checkbox.

Tell us you'd like a name change.  Unless you've had several already, we probably won't ask any questions.  Give us a few alternatives, in case your first choice is not available.  Inform the GMs of any games you're in to expect the change, and let us know you've done that.  We'll take care of it for you, usually within a few hours, likely no more than a day.  Easy, peasy.

Q: I haven't used my original account in, like, a billion years.  Can I create a new one because you've probably deleted the old one by now?
A:  No.  We do not delete accounts.  You need to use your original account, and when/if your new one is discovered, it will be banned. (Even if you've already done it and created/joined several games with it.)

Q: I used to play here, but 10 years/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes ago, I got busy/bored and dropped all the games I was in without a word.  Can I have a new account now so that nobody knows I'm the same person who can't bring myself to contact them again and say, hey, sorry for disappearing because stuff, but I'm back now?
A: No.  You must use your original account.  Stuff happens, and most people are fine if you just let them know after the fact.  If they're not fine, then you can find other people here to play with.  Trust us.  Like Farmer's Insurance, we have seen everything and have invariably found this to be true.

Q: I know I ignored the warning about RPoL not allowing duplicate accounts, because (choose your 'good' reason here), and now my shiny new account is banned.  Can you just delete the old one and let me use this one?
A: No.  We will NOT delete your original account.  There are no reasons that we will do this.  No, not even a donation to FoRPoL.

Q: So can you rename my original account (insert name of banned duplicate account)?
A: No.  That name is now tied to that banned account and is now unavailable.  If you'd come to us about a rename (hint, hint), we could have taken care of it for you, and you'd have the name you wanted.  Now you'll have to settle for second, third, or fourth best.

Q: What can I say to convince you to let me keep my duplicate account instead of the original one?
A: There is nothing you can say, no reason you can give, and no bribe you can make.  Sorry.  You will need to use your original account.

Q: How about transferring games I created/joined with the new account?
A: No. You will lose access to any games you create under the new account and it's up to GMs of any game you've joined as to whether they're prepared to allow you back into their game under your original account.

The moral of the story is that renames are much less hassle for all concerned. :-)

This reminder was brought to you by the Chamber of Lost Souls.

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