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14:41, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

New site design.

Posted by jase
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Sun 26 Nov 2023
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New site design

As per the notice on the main menu we will be rolling out a new site design in December.  Some potential FAQs:


The current site design is from something I copied in 2000.  It's old both in terms of functionality and also underlying design.

Why is it so different?

The old site was broken really.  It was so antiquated that any attempt to modernise it just made an awful mess that really got worse the more we delved into it, making a modernised mess.  So we took a deep breath and started from scratch.

What's "responsive"?

Responsive websites adapt to different screen sizes (generally different devices, e.g. PC, tablet and mobile).  It's all one layout that adjusts depending on screen width.  Often used with a mobile layout in mind but we make it focussing on "real" screens while ensuring it would work just as well for mobiles.

Why's it so narrow?

The average screen width has doubled or tripled in size since inception.  Typography (dreamt up by people far smarter on these things than I) has limits on line length and we've been so far beyond that for such a long time that I feel I should apologise for the abuse I've unleashed upon unsuspecting eyes.  It may be hard to believe but the new design is still double the recommended but I realise we've got 15 years of history there and we've also got some unique requirements that need it to be wider than recommended.

If you really want it wider you can override the width in your custom themes, it's simple to do - copy the theme you do like, adjust the width and then save.

Is functionality changing?

Aesthetics aside the underlying functionality is the same.  Improved, in fact.  We've got dice roller linking, preview as, inline replies, 10 new dice roller systems, image lightboxes (click to go full-screen), and GMs can now upload a small selection of portraits for use within the game.  RPoL's version information has the full list.

This is being discussed within the RPoL Development forum, namely this thread.
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