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Wed 25 Jan 2006
at 18:41
Ongoing Problems -- Banned
Banned for repeated violations of RPoL's Adult Games content rules, despite several warnings and the suspension of various games.

Favorite Quotes:
  • "My account keeps getting banned. -.x I dance to close on the TOS"

You may also know mia_chan as:

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Mon 30 Jan 2006
at 02:40
You want 'French' fries with that?



Banned - minor attempting to join adult games with false information of being 'French' and therefore legal.

Created a duplicate account to get around adult game bans.

Favorite quote:

"Can we delete this request and I make a new one reading I am 18? ^_^ This game seems really cool."
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Thu 9 Aug 2007
at 20:50
Re: You want 'French' fries with that?
KRaNix, aka DannyNolan:  permanently site banned.

  • Only wants to follow the rules unless he has "good reason" to do otherwise.
  • Rude and dismissive with moderators.
  • Intensive use of profanity to respond to policy explanations.
  • Threatening lawsuit over silly things.

Favorite quote:
    "If you aren't the site owner I suggest YOU forward my ... message to him."

    (then later)


Does not compute ... does not compute ... does not compute ... *pop*!
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Mon 19 Nov 2007
at 19:09
If I repeat myself enough, it makes me right!
pgholland: permanently site banned.

  • Seems to believe that by calling people names, he can convince them that his point of view is the Most Superiorest.
  • Ignored repeated warnings to cease insults and name-calling.
  • Rejected multiple offers to remain on site so long as he would agree to abide by the terms of use with regard to abiding by moderator decisions.

 GM, 136 posts
Fri 28 Dec 2007
at 02:44
If I could read, I might be dangerous.

Permanently site banned for problems including multiple accounts, joining adult games while a minor, writing adult content in "General" flagged games, and being wholly unwilling to take responsibilty for her own stupid behavior.  Instead, she decided to blame the people who have, more than once, had waste their own time babysitting her and cleaning up her messes.

Favorite quote: "I made no threats in this mail so you can not do anything,"
 GM, 221 posts
Thu 29 Jan 2009
at 18:19't...stop!

  • Complete inability to cease making extra accounts, despite several warnings.

  • Repeated and obvious lying to RPoL moderators about the reasons for the creation of new accounts.

  • Other account names to date:
    • Japanese Superheroine
    • brunette_star
    • Roman77
    • SciFiGeekGirl
    • thesidekick
    • thegoldengirl
    • wecwprez
    • Astoria
    • Disney_Princess
    • sfx_hero
    • Guinevere
    • theasylum
    • DreddtheLaw
    • SaraGood
    • britishsupergal
    • TaraNova
    • HeatherEve
    • PulpHeroine
    • Gymgirl

Favorite Quote: "I admit things got a little out of hand."

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Fri 18 Sep 2009
at 12:38
I'm me.  Wait!  I'm them!
Zeldi Emberclan

This user has been banned from RPoL for repeated problems with following our account policies.  Additionally, there have been problems on several occasions with them lying to site moderators about who is using their RPoL account and other matters, thus causing much wasting of our time, which we never appreciate.

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Sun 18 Oct 2009
at 12:50
You can't ban me, I'm an asset to the site.

After an extensive series of duplicate accounts, security issues with their account, and failure to adequately address our concerns regarding these problems, Dragoninn is no longer welcome at this site.

The appearance of yet another new account, created from their computer during the most recent round of discussions with Moderators, certainly didn't help matters.

Favourite Quote: "It's been your lose for this ban."
 GM, 108 posts
Fri 26 Feb 2010
at 16:35
Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
Duuris - Permanent site ban

  • Ignored multiple warnings from different moderators, over the course of 14-15 months, regarding compliance with the site's Adult Game Policy, particularly the importance of getting age statements.
  • Responded only by way of "funny" comments to other players.
  • Ignored a final warning that any more breaches would result in loss of Adult gaming privileges here.

Eventually banned from Adult games on 25th Feb 2010.

When informed of the ban from Adult games, Duuris chose to respond with a string of insulting/abusive rMails, and declared that he would never use the site again.  Five minutes later, another account appeared from the same location, tied to an email which appears to belong to Duuris.

Then a third account.

  • Extra accounts disabled.  Duuris responds with more insulting rMails.
  • Tells us that we might as well ban their main account too.
  • Duuris' account banned, per their request, 26th February 2010.

Favourite Quote: "When in real life you're a 45 year old child who still lives with his mommy."

(I chose this one because it really shows the level of... um... maturity we have to deal with sometimes, from supposed adults.  It also illustrates a major point - if you're going to insult somebody, using their age, it's important to get your facts right.  Telling somebody that they are several years younger than their real age is seldom considered insulting).
 GM, 68 posts
Mon 18 Jul 2011
at 23:38
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
Astron - permanent site ban

Many years of determined aggravation, including repeated instances of ignoring site and forum rules and ingnoring requests that all communications with moderators be kept polite and civil and without slander.

Finally, ignored a warning that any further accusations and insults would result in loss of access to the site and responded with more of the same instead of turning their attention to their games as they were strongly urged.

Last Words:

Post my ban in lost souls so the people I have long term games with and my new games will know, then you can get back to high fives on setting me up and banning me.

Congratulations - all the hard work you put in to get here has finally paid off.  You win.
 GM, 301 posts
Wed 19 Sep 2012
at 16:14
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
shadowwolfstorm and Blackroseangel704 - permanent site bans for both of these users, because of a list of violations which includes:
  • Failure to follow proper procedures regarding age statements in an Adult game.
  • Inclusion of Adult material in public threads in an Adult game.
  • Inclusion of Adult material in Mature rated games.
  • Inclusion of Adult material in public threads in a Mature game.
  • Inclusion of an under-age character in a scene containing Adult material.
  • Inclusion of an under-age character in a scene involving incest.
  • Inclusion of a player who is a minor in a game containing Adult material.


duplicate accounts, are also banned.

As is glaceonisboss, another duplicate.

And glaceonistheboss

also shadow hyuga.

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Fri 28 Sep 2012
at 03:33
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned from RPoL as, within six hours of joining the site, they threatened legal action against other members, and against the site itself.
 GM, 345 posts
Thu 28 Mar 2013
at 20:26
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Account created simply to spam RPoL with links to sales sites.  Banned.
 GM, 393 posts
Sun 13 Oct 2013
at 09:33
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
The following accounts are all banned from RPoL:
  • LegendaryAura
  • Feeorin
  • She-Wolf
  • CrystallineMystic
  • ratskull130

This is due to a series of issues/concerns with:
  • Creation of extra accounts.
  • Sharing accounts.
  • Accessing other users' accounts,

 GM, 416 posts
Tue 14 Jan 2014
at 21:36
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
The following two accounts have been banned from RPoL due to moderator concerns regarding their security, which they have failed to adequately address.
  • xXbrokenXx
  • LadyMuse

 GM, 281 posts
Sat 19 Jul 2014
at 19:00
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Because making legal threats only demonstrates very clearly why we don't want you around.

Favourite Quote
"my lawyers have never lost a case in the 10 years of being legal counsel."
 GM, 282 posts
Fri 1 Aug 2014
at 15:54
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
The following accounts have joined the others in an update to post #2 of this thread:
  • Emma Riddle
  • Lady Voldia
  • PyraBlack

 GM, 501 posts
Fri 2 Jan 2015
at 21:39
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Account created, then three minutes later started to spam the site with links to illegal copies of movies.  Banned.
 GM, 531 posts
Thu 14 May 2015
at 09:40
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned for spamming public forums with ads for MMORPGs.
 GM, 677 posts
Thu 28 Sep 2017
at 19:28
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned for responding to requests that he contact us with a stream of profanity, failing to follow Moderator instructions, and declaring that he is not subject to RPoL's ToU.

Favourite quote
"Oh and thanks for preserving my character sheets for so long, but I'm fruiting done with this place.  Deleted my fruiting account already.  Actually I'll do it my fruiting self on the way out if I can."

 GM, 699 posts
Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 14:19
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned for abusing and insulting Site Moderators after they fruited out one fruitin' word in a Community Chat post.

Favourite Quote
"They are when they are accurate." having been warned that certain terms were not acceptable when addressing Moderators.  That's how to push the red button with style.

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 GM, 700 posts
Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 21:44
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned for using profanity when addressing Site Moderators after his newest extra account was banned.
 GM, 702 posts
Sun 17 Jun 2018
at 11:40
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned from RPoL (at his own request) because he feels that being expected to follow the same public forum rules as every other user is intolerable, and against his principles.
 GM, 775 posts
Wed 27 Jan 2021
at 18:12
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".

Banned from RPoL after making inflammatory and abusive posts, directed both at Moderators and at other site users, in public forums
 GM, 785 posts
Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 06:49
Re: Pushing the big red button marked "DO NOT PRESS".
NexiN has been banned from RPoL at his own request.

Apparently, to his mind, the fact that Moderators check up on something that is a breach of RPoL's rules, and tell him how to fix it, equates to the site being "poorly run".