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Temporarily Out of Service.

Posted by RPoLFor group 0
GM, 54 posts
Wed 20 Dec 2006
at 03:38
  • msg #9

Temporary Site Ban

Kohaku XC

Temporary ban for creating a duplicate account and trying to blame an imaginary friend.  Ban up 02 January 2007, should they behave in the meantime.
GM, 57 posts
Sat 10 Feb 2007
at 02:53
  • msg #10

Oh, we love a good spamhaus...


Out of service until further notice for signing moderators up as "friends" on a networking site, thus causing our RPoL email addresses to receive crap email.

Additionally, legna's extra account babydragon604 is permanently banned.
GM, 109 posts
Tue 28 Aug 2007
at 04:09
  • msg #11

Re: Oh, we love a good spamhaus...


Banned at least one month (through 27 September 2007), and after that until she apologizes for lying, threatening, being insulting, using profanity, and making what should have been a simple requestso insanely bizarre and time-costly.

Favorite quote: oh well i know spme one that helped make this site and i have talked to the other one on the phone to day and he is not quite happy with you and you should watch your back,.

Update: Sexii_Gurl16 wants me to know many people are mad at me.

Update: As of 04 January 2008, Sexii_Gurl16's ban has been extended through at least 01 April 2008 due to her continued lying and ridiculous behavior.  Hint kids: don't pretend to be your own mother -- it's not even funny.

New favorite quote: haven't you been taught to Respect your elders?
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GM, 110 posts
Sat 1 Sep 2007
at 12:07
  • msg #12

What, you mean you don't write rules for fun?


All accounts of the same user, and all banned until they agree to abide by our one-account policy and use their original account on site.

Favorite quote: So I have to use this account for the next 200 years?  You do realize that makes no sense?
GM, 131 posts
Fri 14 Dec 2007
at 23:34
  • msg #13

Re: What, you mean you don't write rules for fun?


Account suspended for two weeks (through 27 December at least) for creating multiple accounts and violating our Terms of Use with regard to our Adult games policy.
GM, 152 posts
Wed 5 Mar 2008
at 13:58
  • msg #14

Re: What, you mean you don't write rules for fun?


WhiteKnight's account has been suspended pending their agreement to obey RPoL's Adult Game policy, or to refrain from playing or GMing adult games on this site.
GM, 156 posts
Wed 26 Mar 2008
at 13:51
  • msg #15

Re: What, you mean you don't write rules for fun?


This user was originally banned for two weeks for continuing to create accounts on RPoL after being warned to stop.  After the creation of yet another account, the ban has been increased to a minimum of one month -- through at least 26 April 2008.

You may also know Inuboy529 as:
  • Mitzukoo529
  • very_tragic529
  • Blue_vicious529
  • Dark_as_white
  • Darren_butterfly

GM, 160 posts
Sat 12 Apr 2008
at 17:43
  • msg #16

Awww, what, your rules aren't optional if I don't like them?

In March a game was shut down for multiple violations of our Adult content policies.  At that time, and due to the pervasive nature of the violations within the game, all of its players were required to contact the moderators after having re-read the Adult Games policy and confirming their understanding of what content is, and is not, permitted on this site.

The following users have had their accounts temporarily disabled for failing to follow through on this, despite multiple reminders.  They will be able to have their accounts re-instated by following the instructions they received, and by agreeing to abide by RPoL's Adult Games Policy in future gaming.

  • ClayQ
  • Sayang
  • shapeshifter
  • tigereyez2346

GM, 204 posts
Fri 14 Nov 2008
at 15:53
  • msg #17

It wasn't me, I swear.

User Athtosh is temporarily site banned until at least 09 May 2009 due to concerns over multiple TOU violations.
GM, 206 posts
Wed 26 Nov 2008
at 13:41
  • msg #18

Re: It wasn't me, I swear.

Account Maizoon I'Ren is disabled due to being used by multiple people.  It cannot be re-enabled until RPoL Moderators hear from its creator and that creator agrees to secure the account to that only they can use it.
GM, 223 posts
Wed 4 Feb 2009
at 14:37
  • msg #19

If I tell the truth now, I'd have to admit I'm a liar.

Both Tenshi Zetsumei 408 and Tsukiyomi Princess are banned from the site.  The length of this ban is up to them: should they reply to moderator rMail with corrections to the deliberately false statements they've made, they can resume their use of the site.
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GM, 66 posts
Wed 22 Jul 2009
at 22:48
  • msg #20

Re: If I tell the truth now, I'd have to admit I'm a liar.

Dragoninn is banned from RPoL, due to moderator concerns regarding account security, until at least October 15th.

Edit: Ban made permanent October 18th due to a total failure to allay those concerns, and the creation of a new account at the same time as they were attempting to convince us that they were not to blame in all this.
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GM, 69 posts
Fri 12 Aug 2011
at 11:57
  • msg #21

Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me?


The restriction from adult has escalated into a site ban, until the user can address the issues at hand without insults and hostility.

Update: And once again, the ban has been escalated, due to Zionis feeling that he is entitled to threaten site moderators and their families.  He is now permanently banned.
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GM, 271 posts
Sat 17 Sep 2011
at 00:16
  • msg #22

I'm gonna be rich!


This user's account has been disabled because, despite several warnings about not doing for-money advertising on this site, they continued to approach users via rMail with -- you guessed it -- advertising.
GM, 249 posts
Sat 17 Mar 2012
at 10:38
  • msg #23

Re: Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me?


Originally banned from Adult games due to their having issues with providing age statements, Fouche is now banned from using the site at all until such time as they can reply to Moderator rMails without insults/profanity.

Favourite Only quote: "As such, go fruit yourselves."
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GM, 253 posts
Fri 23 Mar 2012
at 23:22
  • msg #24

Re: Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me?


Having been banned from Adult games, ZoneDancer has requested that their ban be extended to include the whole site.
GM, 268 posts
Mon 14 May 2012
at 18:41
  • msg #25

Re: Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me?


Currently banned from the site, pending contact with the moderators to confirm that:
  1. they understand that unsolicited game ads are not permitted in rMails
  2. they will not spam dozens of site users (including at least one moderator) with such ads in future.

GM, 280 posts
Tue 4 Sep 2012
at 17:09
  • msg #26

Re: Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me?

shady joker

Site ban for six months minimum (through 04 March 2013 at least) for using RPoL to distribute materials in violation of copyright.

Update: 24 July 2013 - shady joker's account reactivated.
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GM, 328 posts
Fri 18 Jan 2013
at 00:53
  • msg #27

Site Bans


Site ban for one month (18 February 2013), due to being a GM in a game with multiple breaches of the site's rules, and confirming that they understood the consequences if it happened again (which it did).

sgt sideburns

Site ban for three months (18 April 2013), due to being a GM in the same game as HiddenAce12 and confirming that they also understood the consequences of further rules breaches in that game.  Additionally there were further breaches of the rules in two other games they GM.
GM, 350 posts
Mon 22 Apr 2013
at 06:14
  • msg #28

Re: Site Bans


Site banned pending contact with moderators to discuss account security.
GM, 376 posts
Sun 18 Aug 2013
at 07:15
  • msg #29

Re: Site Bans


Site banned pending contact with moderators to discuss account security.
GM, 382 posts
Sat 7 Sep 2013
at 06:39
  • msg #30

Re: Site Bans


Site banned pending contact with moderators regarding account security.
GM, 554 posts
Sun 27 Sep 2015
at 19:08
  • msg #31

Re: Site Bans


Site ban for one month (until 27 October 2015) due to concerns regarding account security.

Mr Crinkles

Site ban for three months (until 27 December 2015) due to breaches of the ToU, including accessing another user's account and providing false age information on behalf of that user.
GM, 652 posts
Fri 5 May 2017
at 14:45
  • msg #32

Re: Site Bans

Sir Swindle

Site ban for two weeks (until 19 May 2017) due to continually making posts in public forums which then require Moderator intervention to deal with breaches of the site's rules.
GM, 665 posts
Wed 26 Jul 2017
at 08:33
  • msg #33

Re: Site Bans


Banned from the site for at least three months (until 26 October 2017 at the earliest), following the latest in a long list of rules breaches.

These breaches include:
  • Public blacklisting of a GM
  • Posting game links in prohibited areas
  • Creation of a duplicate account
  • Continuing an in-game interpersonal dispute in a public forum
  • Attempting to persuade another user to assist him in breaking site rules (foolishly, because his plan wouldn't have worked anyway)
  • Linking to illegal copies of copyrighted material

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