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Given Enough Rope.

Posted by ShannaraFor group 0
GM, 1 post
Fri 13 Jan 2006
at 23:56
  • msg #1

Given Enough Rope

Go ahead, ban me.
GM, 2 posts
Sat 14 Jan 2006
at 00:06
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Re: Given Enough Rope

kilwarden        Until agrees to abide by ToU, including the Adult Games Policy

  • creation of underage characters in sexually explicit threads
  • repeated work-arounds of RPoL's Adult Games Policy regarding pedophilia
  • stated intent to continue to violate the Adult Games Policy unless banned

Favorite quotes:

-I'm going to write the way I'm going to write and you can choose to ban me if you want to.
GM, 3 posts
Mon 16 Jan 2006
at 11:00
  • msg #3

Re: Given Enough Rope

durontoast  until she agrees to follow moderator instructions

banned until further notice

  • minor joining adult games
  • minor continuing to join adult games after she'd been removed from all she was in and warned

favorite quote:

i'm 17, but turning 18 next month..... are you able to do anything? would i be allowed to stay onboard? i sincerely hope so.... if not...then you never saw this
GM, 4 posts
Sat 21 Jan 2006
at 12:36
  • msg #4

Re: Given Enough Rope


restricted to non-Adult games until further notice

this restriction may be lifted after April 1st IF she stops violating the TOU in the meantime & drops by Heaven for a discussion about respecting site policies

  • created duplicate account (aka durontoast) to get around ban
  • minor joining adult games

Favorite Quote this round:

hey, i made a new account, and i was wondering if i could continue playing with the character i already created, Rose?  let me know!!!!!!!! thanks!
GM, 30 posts
Sat 26 Aug 2006
at 14:08
  • msg #5

Re: Given Enough Rope

legna            - ban lifted, adult access restricted
Kara_2           - ban lifted

Banned for creating duplicate accounts to get around Adult game restriction.
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GM, 47 posts
Mon 2 Oct 2006
at 14:32
  • msg #6

Site Ban


Despite several warnings, and still being a minor, she was found to be co-GMing an adult game.  Now she is banned from the site.
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GM, 61 posts
Wed 6 Aug 2008
at 12:06
  • msg #7

Re: Site Ban

nikinasty - banned for an outbreak of rampant idiocy

GO AHEAD ANDF TRY TO STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM, 196 posts
Tue 16 Sep 2008
at 16:35
  • msg #8

Permanent Ban


Permanently banned for repeated problems with creating multiple accounts, and lying to the GMs of adult games to attempt to gain access (and then lying to the Moderators about why he was lying to his GMs).  Proven repeatedly untrustworthy, and we're unwilling to continue to babysit.

You may also know JackthePumpkinKing as:
  • GameFreak200
  • DonnieDarko
  • Pumpkin201
  • Mr.Ty

Favorite quote:  "I created another account, knowingly having it against the rules, and lied about my brother hacking into it recently so maybe I could have another account."
GM, 208 posts
Wed 26 Nov 2008
at 13:50
  • msg #9

Re: Permanent Ban


Permanently banned due to serious problems with account security, and with impossible discrepancies in the information given to site moderators (and game GMs) regarding the account.

Favorite quotes:
  • (On 22 September 2008): excuse me... I don't lie [...]  and i am 16 and 1/2 years old... shall i scan my Social Security card and Birth Certificate? Wow you have strict requirements

  • (On 17 November 2008): Hello my Name is Lizardgal and i would like to gain access to the Adult Games... My age is 18 as of October 10th

GM, 211 posts
Wed 7 Jan 2009
at 22:56
  • msg #10

Permanent Ban


Banned for threatening the site with legal action.

Just a reminder that a person would have to be insane to permit you on their property again after you begin threatening them with legal repercussions while you're there.
GM, 215 posts
Thu 15 Jan 2009
at 15:12
  • msg #11

Permanent Ban


TylerGilbert no longer has access to the site for repeated problems following the conditions by which they are permitted to game here, figuring that breaking the rules only every now and again would be just fine.
GM, 269 posts
Wed 3 Aug 2011
at 18:58
  • msg #12

Permanent Bans

Users Lightseeker and Dreamweaver314 have been banned from the site.  There are questions and serious problems here related to multiple account usage, potential account sharing, and false age statements given for admission to adult games.
GM, 216 posts
Wed 28 Sep 2011
at 17:39
  • msg #13

Re: Permanent Bans


Banned for threatening jase, and the site, with legal action.

Apparently cruinne's reminder (above msg #10) didn't sink in with everybody.
GM, 242 posts
Mon 27 Feb 2012
at 08:00
  • msg #14

Re: Permanent Bans


Having previously been warned, twice, not to add a player to a game when she knows it's a banned user applying with a duplicate account, FrogPrincess still went on to add the same player again.

As a result, she now shares their site ban.
GM, 649 posts
Fri 28 Apr 2017
at 17:34
  • msg #15

Re: Permanent Bans


Is unable to deal with site moderators without resorting to personal insults and abuse.  Also unable to comprehend that he is subject to the same rules and policies as every other user of the site.  So banned.

Favourite quote: "Roger, copy mein Fuhr"

Oh yes, very Adult.  And probably misspelt.
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GM, 81 posts
Thu 17 Aug 2017
at 13:16
  • msg #16

Re: Permanent Bans


Helped them out with a ban rather than the account deletion that they wanted, despite a seeming aggressively demonstrated lack of courtesy.

Favorite quotes ... "BLUEBERRY"  "KILL YOURSELF"  "GO TO HELL"
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