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Sat 16 Feb 2013
at 10:15
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
In reply to Shannara (msg # 1):

I've applied to three games, and it's obvious I haven't been accepted because the post count has sky-rocketed.  No one contacted me with a rejection, so I just had to figure it out on my own.

No one will GM the game I really want to play, even after multiple posts in Wanted-GMs.

We have a guy in the game that I can actually play who lives in Australia so that we can only play twice a day for about two hours instead of having it be a semi-constant game like the other four players can manage.

I hate my life, my apartment, my situation.  I've got a knee the doctor's won't fix, I've got bi-polar that the medicine isn't helping with, I've got a husband who never approaches me for sex - I have to chase it down each and every single time.  I've got three kids who drive me crazy.  I can't find a job because between the knee and the bi-polar I can't really do anything.

I'm really good at math and I can't afford to go to school to get qualifications enough to do something like research or science or accounting which would pay a lot of money and be something I could reliably do.

I'm a really good, constant player and nobody will teach me the rules to their game so I can play anything.

There's more, but I'm crying now so I'll stop.
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Sun 17 Feb 2013
at 01:58
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
My school's offices are so fruiting inefficient! Dx The grade change form my Professor requested a MONTH ago still hasn't arrived! Stupid school! RAWR!
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Sun 17 Feb 2013
at 20:30
Seriously? Low-level characters spamming high-level spells?
A group of level 12 characters enter a PVP room for level 50-60 characters. They then [start] spamming level 75 spells using scrolls, all bought from the Real-Cash Store during battle. They then tell the other players in the PVP room (including me, since I use a level 51 character) that they [should] be banned forever because they are noobs who cannot afford to buy more items in the Real-Cash Store.

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Sun 17 Feb 2013
at 20:37
Re: Seriously? Low-level characters spamming high-level spells?

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Sun 17 Feb 2013
at 21:36
Re: Seriously? Low-level characters spamming high-level spells?
I sure hope the doctor can figure out what's wrong with my shoulder.  At this point, I'd even be okay with knowing it's something they can't fix, I'm just sick of it being sore for no discernible reason. out of the hot tub at my friends' place last night, wrapped a towel around my waist...and almost couldn't tuck the ends in to make it stay there, because something about the angle at which I was exerting leverage with my arm sent a shooting pain through my shoulder.  I've had shoulder problems before...with the other shoulder.  But never this severe, and they ALWAYS cleared up faster than this.  I've been dealing with this crepe suzette since before Halloween, though it's only been in the last couple of months that it's been really bad (thanks for the snow, Mother Nature...)

Wednesday.  I should get some answers Wednesday, even if they may only be, "Well, we know it's not this, and I think we can rule this out, but we'll have to do further testing to find out about the other options."  I can't even pull the sheets over myself at night with that arm anymore, or pick stuff up off the nightstand.  And much as I want it to just go away, at this point I'd be at least somewhat satisfied just knowing WHY...
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Mon 18 Feb 2013
at 09:18
That's the best argument you've got?
Learned something last night.  Karaoke DJ's are not generally amused when someone says, "You've gotta make me next.  I'm so drunk I might not even be able to stand up when my turn comes!"  (I know this, because I was the DJ.)  It's even less amusing when it's someone that I used to consider a pretty good friend, whose increasingly self-centered life-style is destroying her second marriage.  The whole place was full of drunk people...I was one of the maybe five sober people in the whole place.  None of them were hounding me to make them next before they passed out...when they got to the point where they felt like they were falling-down drunk, they just stopped asking for songs.

And what bugs me even more about it is the knowledge that she made that demand fully expecting me to just roll over and play dead.  She got rather heated when I told her no.  I'm not sure, but I think she realized just how close I was to handing her the list and saying, "You run the fruiting machine, I'm doing your husband a favor by taking a turn at it so he can really enjoy the evening for a change but I'm not gonna put up with this strudel."  And part of me kinda wishes I had.  I'm glad I didn't, because it would have made the rest of the night really awkward for a lot of people and I'm the sort that doesn't want to screw up the party for everyone else because one person is being a pain.

But, yeah...last night kinda drew the line for me.  I have stayed neutral about her marriage (I know her husband, too, and have become pretty good friends with him in his own right), but I was one of the ones that had kind of been hoping they could smooth things out and get back together.  I can see, now, that's not likely to ever happen, because she's so caught up in what she wants that she can't see anyone else's side of things.  And I know it's not just the alcohol, because she's like that when she's sober...she's just more diplomatic about how she tries to get her way.

Buckle up,'s gonna be a rough road ahead.  Wish this was the first time I'd been down this path, but I've had married friends part ways before.  I see a lot of ugly situations on the horizon...
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Fri 22 Feb 2013
at 05:01
And here I thought 2012 was over
Last year brought me a S.O. diagnosed with COPD and him subsequently stopping his psych meds; a person offering me my dream job only to prove himself to be an unreliable meth addict; death by suicide of a friend; death of my 15-year old cat (a day after my friend died); the loss of my job when our company decided to close their retail division and put over 500 people out of work in two countries; the loss of our lux 900 sf apartment and the gain of a not-so-lux 400 sf apartment and a landlord who has no qualms about taking advantage of his tenants; the gain of a lovely friend next door who is battling terminal cancer; the gain of a wonderful job only to have my hours cut for 6 months and not being able to pay credit card bills; having to go to the E.R. myself two days after my medical insurance ended and ending up with a $7,000 E.R. bill; and finally, having my S.O. completely lose his mind and go psycho to the point he checked himself into a psych hospital.

2013 brought promise- hours returned this month, $1/hr raise kicks in next paycheck, new medical insurance, less stress and a promise of peace in the house.  But, of course, 2012 still lingers and within the last week, I have been in a car accident that totaled my car, gave me a concussion and a wrecked back, broke up with the S.O., and have been evicted from the crap apartment because psycho S.O. got into a fight with the neighbor who is on payroll to the jerk landlord.

So, this moment, I face being homeless, alone with two cats, no vehicle and pain out the wazoo.  Oh.  And it snowed in my city which hasn't seen snow in 20 years.

Andrew Wilson
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Fri 22 Feb 2013
at 05:57
February isnt short enough
Well to begin my rant, I live in norther new york and im in my early 20s with no work experience because all the places around here are either run by a conservative 65+ year old degenerate who will not hire someone unless they have work experience, or by a feminist who runs a not so obscure no males allowed workforce policy (our mcdonalds is currently employing 17 women and 4 40+ male janitorials and they say they get talked down to at work), I cant drive because noone I know will lend me there car to learn how to drive and my mom ruined my credit so I cant take out a loan to buy a practice car.... I live with my grandmother because my Dad is a skitzo and my mom tried to kill me when I was 7 and the trauma from that has left me with PTSD and im unfit to serve in the military because of it and work at certain places and im legally homeless at the moment. Exhales

I found out I might have testicular cancer and that I am for sure sterile because of the "might haves". I am a pro humanity human being, I believe that if it doesnt help progress society or the human race than it shouldn't exist. Knowing im sterile has me feeling rather disgusted and angry at well everything and I dont know where to begin my rant other then here. My rant is against the ignorant person who said "Bad things happen to bad people" "Karma" and "Just desserts" because if that person knew me they would have no explanation for this crap and its not fair...

I feel that life is just a game, a game where I do not pay to play and never win or get anything nice, and I log in every morning and find my base raided and all my resources gone. But I find that one of my villagers wasnt killed and rebuild my town center every morning and try again.

If you know what I mean.

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Fri 22 Feb 2013
at 08:27
Re: February isnt short enough
How come every time I usher "From now on this year can only get better!" I have an additional catastrophe announce its precence?
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Fri 22 Feb 2013
at 14:53
Re: February isnt short enough
WHY do SO MANY people on rPol make game-antithetical-specific characters and then claim there are no 'role.playing' opportunities?

must be Tycho's Greater Internet Fruit-wad Theory in action.
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Fri 22 Feb 2013
at 15:15
Re: February isnt short enough
One step forward, two steps back. All the things that were supposed to be easy turned out to be hard. And all the things that were supposed to be hard are also hard. I know I shouldn't complain. I have a place to live, fridge full of food, gainfully employed, all that.

But still. Domestic distress. Tired. So tired. Feels like all I do is work and sleep and still I'm tired.
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Sat 23 Feb 2013
at 06:53
Re: February isnt short enough
Okay, this is REALLY trivial in comparison to what's been posted on here recently, but it's bugging me, so I'm gonna sound off...

I found out the hard way that the rod that goes through the center of the cylinder on the revolver I was cleaning is a two-piece item, that threads together in the middle of the cylinder.  I've got the cylinder, and the back of the rod and the idea where the front of the rod flew off to, but I need to find it before next week, because they've got a pick-up rehearsal for the show on Tuesday night!
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Thu 28 Feb 2013
at 20:50
Web difficulties
I'm having some troubles with a website of mine and not having much luck solving it (at least so far).

It uses a framework called CMS Made Simple. It's been working fine until at least 2 days ago. The pages are still showing up in the CMS but the PHP files are missing. They're still listed on the CMS as pages, and when I go into them the content is there, so I can only imagine they're somewhere.

When the browser loads now it's defaulting back to the html version of the page I created first, but never erased. It's not recognising the PHP pages as being there at all.

It was absolutely fine until at least a day or two ago. I've got multiple sites on my hosting account and I tacked a Wordpress gallery on to my portfolio page the night before last, and I can only image it screwed something up somewhere.

I'm not sure how to get it back. It's kind of important too because I'm applying for jobs where using it as a bit of a reference, only it's not there right now.
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Thu 7 Mar 2013
at 05:49
So after some time where I hadn't the ability to work on getting my driver's license, I recently went to the local DDS office to renew my learner's permit. Which at my age is somewhat unusual. Most people would have gotten to a driver's license at least five years ago. Most people have family members available and willing to help to get the necessary experience, and access to cars that don't break down right as you have the time and family member available.

My first hurdle appeared during my first attempt about a week ago. I knew that I needed some documents, but had only been told half of what I needed. I had no proof of residency. And the only documents they'd accept were things I didn't get due to unemployment. And although I live with my sister, I can't use any documentation from her because she's not a parent. So due to legal constraints, I still legally live with my retired parents. Joy.

Today I finally manage to collect the necessary papers and return to take the test. And fail. Not because I didn't know the answers. I failed BECAUSE I knew the answers. Of the six questions I missed (with a fail being more than five failed answers), I failed them because of: the defensive driving course I took teaching me the wrong terminology (turns out pedestrians don't 'always have the right of way' according to the law. Not that you can just run them over, of course); Pedantic splitting of hairs over how you describe an action; the meaning of a light signal that I answered the same way earlier and got correct; a question that when I checked the drivers manual of my state I answered correctly and the computer told me I got wrong; and a niche case I'd never heard of and almost never happens (at least out in the rural area I live in. Not that many one way streets intersecting out here).

So the only question I can't remember is the only one I feel I got wrong legitimately, and at least two seem to be definitely an error in the computer's programming. Meaning I wasted a good chunk of time and money (to an unemployed person, the small charge for renewing a license is pretty big!) only to fail because of a combination of stupid programers, pedantic legalize, and misinformation from the people who should know better. And I'm still no closer to getting mobile so I can find/get a job! And I'm going to have to do it all again soon, because I can't appeal the test because 'computers don't lie' or some such rot.
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Thu 7 Mar 2013
at 18:46
yay bosses
So what I want to know is how is it my fault that I order a motor for I project that I am working on that has a standard bore in it, and then when my boss takes over the project and orders a metric shaft to go it.

motor was ordered in november, he took it over in January.  and its my fault that they dont match.
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Sat 9 Mar 2013
at 23:52
Re: yay bosses
Just spent a couple of hrs of my Saturday night working on a css file, only to discover it was the wrong one. At least I know now why it wasn't working. :/
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 09:54
Re: yay bosses
It's my fault that the QC tests required to be run in January were not started until March and now we're under scrutiny by the controllling powers-that-be for this reason.  But it's perfectly OK that management didn't assign any of this work to anyone until March - and DID assign me to be janitor of the building more than a few times this year.  And the bosses earn 6 figures with a lot of paid time off, I certainly don't, nor will I get anything but fresh fruitcake for the duration.  They'll probably get overtime pay.  Delightful.
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 18:08
Re: yay bosses
One stupid investment company from Mom's estate!  They apparently need a notarized (commissioner won't do) form returned to them before they will pay out, despite already having a copy of the will, the death certificate, our birth certificates and drivers' licences, etc.  Not only were those documents enough for everyone else, they had to have them BEFORE they could send us the form (so that we could deal with it before we (thought we were) finished with the lawyer.  And they didn't even prepare a form with our names on it (why else the timing?!?), just with two lines for us to sign.  *sigh*

Note for those not familiar with this procedure - a commissioner would cost us $10, the lawyer?  Well, we'll see but at least add a zero, I'm sure.  Even though all either has to do is witness our signatures, after checking that we are who we say we are.
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 22:18
Re: yay bosses
For the record, i like the neighborhood i live in, but my neighbor, ugh!

She blows her entire salary on crap on Day One, then every couple of days she comes over to borrow stuff from me, complain that she's hungry and stuff.

Well gee, maybe next time you should, i dunno, not spend it all on scratchcards?

Oh no, who am i kidding? It happened last month, it happened this month and it'll happen again next month. This is a woman who prioritizes a pack of cigarettes over food after all.

*walks off ranting*
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Fri 15 Mar 2013
at 15:12
Re: yay bosses
Thank you to the cop yesterday that just had to do a U-turn in the middle of the street to pull me over for a stupid fruitin' expired inspection sticker.  Like anybody these days can afford a $300 ticket.  Im sure you could have spent that time more wisely by, say I dont know, pulling over a speeding car or a drunk driver.  No you had to pull me over.  Jack ass.  Now I cant drive my car until its inspected.  Im glad I helped you make your quota.  :P

Then to start my morning off today, I couldnt find my winter boots so I could take the kids to the bus stop.  Get home, my dryer wouldnt work after I had just finished washing a load of my husbands work clothes that he needs today.

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Sat 16 Mar 2013
at 01:15
Re: yay bosses
It is astonishing the amount of misery one person can generate when they are given a position of authority.
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Wed 20 Mar 2013
at 01:55
Re: yay bosses
To the idiot who lives across the street:

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Wed 20 Mar 2013
at 12:29
I live in the part of Canada that just got 30cm of snow.

I just finish shovelling my driveway - about an hour and fifteen minutes of work.

No sooner do I get inside for some water than the plow goes by and leaves a wall about 3/4 m high across my driveway of hard-packed snow and ice.


Back out I go.
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Thu 21 Mar 2013
at 07:18
Re: Vents
Man, I thought I was done with these mystery toothaches.  Not yet, apparently, because there's one on the right side of my mouth that seems to wander back and forth between four different teeth.  That would be bad enough in its own right, but it's also causing a reflexive tensing of the muscles on that side of my face, especially my jaw, which is causing me a doozy of a headache that's been going on for almost 30 hours, now.  Even that, I could live with, except it's interfering with my ability to sleep and it gets worse when I lay down.

I may end up reversing my decision to wait on getting that tooth worked on until after my birthday, and just get it over and done with, even if it screws up birthday plans.
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Sat 23 Mar 2013
at 16:45
Re: Vents

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