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Thu 18 May 2023
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I'm still unsettled, but plateaued at concerned but not worrying.

First I'm glad I'm not triple posting! I always feel like a heel when I do.

My vent is a gaming vent (yay!) but one that I know has solutions, and common ones at that. Still, I know it's a <i>Common<i>(?) problem, that many GMs face. That is, really being drawn into more game ideas than I can feasibly sustain. Like lifting beyond my weight class, having a few games feels great at first, but after the two month rep, I just total fail.

I saw a game in the GM wanted ad that I'd love to run, but don't have time to. It helps (truly) that they want faster pace.

2nd vent. New roommate is sick. They have Norovirus. Nothing can be done but wait. I JUST moved! JUST moved! They're part time, and so even in comparison to my minuscule social security, they make a few hundred less each month. They had a traffic ticket they paid early this month. They saw the doctor three times (which is how I think they GOT sick this time!). Finally, they hadn't paid the auto insurance for this or last month. Back full circle, they're sick, and so going to miss work. There's no doubt they will have a job. Their work is public sector, and they have support that validates their misses timed. It's still unpaid time off though.

I haven't been able to move out of storage, it's a few hundred to move, and I can't physically move the few big items. At all. These big items are in the flippin' front of the unit; which actually makes sense, loading a truck is done like that. No matter, I can't access my things.

Cultist mother sent me a some wal-mart groceries and microwave; without being asked. That's all good. The bad is separate but still strings attached. She's just trying to bribe me to have a hook to "convert" me though, which involves over an hour of listening to the lines (that I'm enured to) and this is each. and. every. instance. She helps.

Case worker (from the County Mental Health) has flaked on me for almost four weeks. I need food pantry!

My social security card and birth certificate were stolen, right under my watch, by my old friend Anne's family. Long story short, I stayed there for a time, and when I did, I expected to reenter to get my things; when going to live in the car. (I've been homeless for 13-14 months, prior to this April). When mvojg into the car, I wasn't "Allowed" to get my things. They just "gave" them. Well, lucky me, they looked through my documents, and to be petty (father is a literal. Literally literally. Actually Literal psychopath.) witheld my documents. Aforementioned case worker is like "no biggie, just replace them" biggie? yes! It costs something and requires parallel id. I was homeless.

Well, my driver's license needed renewing. I was GOING to, but literally had to float finances with new roommate. WE were in a tight spot, and so I accepted their baggage as they accepted mine. Still, I can't drive. More importantly, I have very little time before the license is <i>canceled<i>. That means I'll have to take the driving test, which I can do, but no one wants to be at that point.

Pretty much my cultist mother, and online friends, are the only voices not saying "No big deal!". Pisses the fruit out of me! My CASE WORKER is saying this. Knowing I have Anxiety, and trying to go longterm perspective. Aggravating me further. Yes, when I'm stable it won't be a big deal. Yes. Right now, right now, I'm covering all this, my own costs, AND other people's unnecessary penalties.

Roommate is going to the grocery, even though she's sick, and when she does I'll have some cups to drink from. almost a month, we've been drinking from paper cups. Got some plastic cups delivered by my mother's donation, but they has a plastic taste, and strong one! So definite NOT...I forget the term...BP free? Basically a fine dust of plastic in them, and that made me sick. Ran them in the dishwasher, and dishwasher leaks, like big time. Fine, at least they're clean. Yes....but melted. Not dishwasher safe. *facepalm* So back to paper cups.

Once I have a cup, I'm taking some serious anxiety medicine. I had started this ona gaming vent, but then like a caked up block of mud all this just "fell out".

I don't think it's worth comparing one stressor to another, but with OCD I find myself doing it anyway. Not sure which is worse, case manager not...managing my case, by getting food pantry items; or the other above mentioned things. OF course it's "no big deal" if I'm floating the bill. I'm 40, my roommate is going on 44. I should not have to let her use the car, that I bought, for her to use for work, and then not be upset she blew $300 on a defaulted ticket. The ticket WAS for $150, but it was compounded. Not to mention....not to mention in this case will be literally true. Suffice to say ticket was when police showed up to hit and run, on MY vehicle, and my roommate hadn't paid the freakin' insurance. So car never got body work, and thus is exposed to elements, never followed up with the police to get the footage of the incident, AND has ticket against my credit. *sigh* Mentioned. So noted. TRied to remove myself, prior to the incident from insurance, but I own the car, and come to find o[ut, just having me as the primary driver AND AND AND...big AND her ON POLICY (which many people erroneously won't do)...it's still cheaper than her on her own policy. Alone.

That's it though. I have a roof over my head. There's plumbing problems, and mold is starting to grow, but I hope that will get fixed ASAP. Have a flushing toilet, gas stove, normal refrigerator, fireplace, central air, gym, and some other perks. I'm glad for those. Again though, not a competetion. Bad is bad. Good is good. Sad though, OCD has no problem disregadring that "competetition". I'm practicing being grateful for what I have. It genuinely, in good times and bad, makes me realize I have agency in my lifestyle. Very few, very few (not no!) people have anything but hard times. I am grateful for having survived through seriosu ordeals. I look at myself in the mirror, and while I'm gnarly looking, I'm proud of myself. Most of the time, I feel like I'm playing the cards I'm dealt. I've been pushed to points I had to choose to live. I make that choice more often than I have since I was was in my abusive home as a youth and young adult. Never in my adult life have I had to be such a lead singer in a small choir for my advocacy to live.

Bit too deep, but I have to get it out, like emotional dry heaving. I called a crisis line and volunteered I wanted to live. That pretty much went from "I hear you I want to help" to "Welp. Sounds like you called the wrong number then. Call us back if that changes." The man's exact words were "I'm so glad you want to live. At the end of the call" which was five minutes into this call he said this "That's all I need to hear. Take care and stay strong" *click* I do understand they are swamped, and I'm not resentful of people that may be helped that are on the verge. These lines are swamped. I just really got a match lit to the fuse that, if I didn't want to live, I wouldn't. Thankfully that spark didn't light the fuse. Felt horrible for days, just solid five days, getting straight up canceled by the crisis line.

Roommate literally, within seconds of writing that, triggered my bank to lock my account. They entered my PIN, rather than as credit, to pay for the damn groceries like cups. So now I have to unlock my fucking bank account! REally...just brimming with Chagrin.

I thought that was it. Literally was going to type "I think that's it" and it would have felt good. Jesus! *sigh*

Edit: (Nothing has been removed) I had karma like experience in a span of...can't see the time stamp of this post, I think an hour. I call a former friend to ask for some money. They're very snitty, and make me feel worse. I regret calling them, but am grateful I distanced myself from them, and am reminded. They call me back, which I think "Wow..." just a moment of considering their turning over a new leaf. They were not driving while I was on the phone with them, they were out with "friends" at a restaurant. They call to ask for a ride. Which I was thinking they were taking a piss with me. No. They got in bad collision, not paying attention to the road. Car is totaled, Mark (ex-friend's name) is fine. Victim is okay (as much as he cared to check in with them). He's waiting for police, but it's dark and he's got not cigarettes. These are his priorities. I'm a bit flat and confused wtf made him think I could help him. So he goes on the offense, full on typical pain that Mark is. That's the kind of person he is. Blames ME for the wreck. I rail him. Just...no...when I was on the receiving end for asking, not demanding, not 20 minutes prior, he was mean, and derroagatory. One of the few times I will say; I was actually proud of myself for chewing him out. I try to distance myself from ever being vindictive, but but he's a narcissist and having the mentality to keep his straight was necessary for my own mental well being. Felt good. Sucks to be him. Probably sucks more for whomever he hit who I have no idea. Unless it makes news, I'll never know. I railed him though. He went for the throat with underhanded hurtful and derrogatory narcisistic tactics and I shut his ass down like a 2 ton hydraulic press. At one point he says "I'm just going to hang up if you can't get your shot straight" so I hang up. HE calls me back and yells "Don't fruiting hang up on me". I'm fuming, but high as can be from the relief he can be predator on me, and just highly amused. Literally could not stifle or even soften the laughter as I just hang up up on him in mid tant rum. He calls me back, and I pick up. I fire off a zinger, and then hang up. He starts texting me, which I think is a very telltale sign he's narcisist, because I can read what he's said. 10 minutes later, or 10 months later and see objectively this what kind of person he is. He blows my phone up, but I don't block him. I'd prefer to have some ammunition in case he tries to sabotage my relationships with other people, to try to be predator on me again. After ten minutes of silence, not more text beeps. The phone rings, it's my mother. She ordered me a microwave. Which is nice, but then Mark calls. So I use that audible silence, as my mother is keenly aware of the muting that occurs in speech when another call comes in. I get off the call with her, and tell Mark to "MAke your words count. I'm blocking you. Now and forever" and he then plays the victim. I put him on hold, and admittedly, that part I feel scummy about, because I pretended like I was thinking about helping him. I get my recording going and continue the conversation. He's cold, he's hungry (he just flippin ate an hour ago!) he really just "needs" a ciagrette and I "ahve nothing better to do" HE says, and this part is verbatim "V, seriously. We both know it. You have nothing better to do. You have no life. I've got to get to work tomorrow. You're unemployed" not true. In my six years of working I did more work than he has his entire life. I'm, disabled. He has disability too, legitimately, but can work part time. He goes on "Last I checked you've got your shot straight, so I'll tell you what. Okay? All is good. When you get the car, come get me, we can get some cigarettes. I'll my insurance. WE can go back to your place. You wanna play cards? We haven't done that in years. We can talk abotu this stuff. You're right. I need to get a lot of stuff off my chest. I wasn't going to say anything, but you've really been burden on this relationship, and I really just want to chill out, smoke and take it easy. I don't need you to apologize. It's not a big deal. I knwo you have your issues. I forgive you man. Brother, I forgive you. You gotta make this right though. Come pick me up. This is like the fourth time I've asked. Nicely. Don't make me ask a fifth time" I told him I'd send him a taxi. I'm not. His friends he went out to eat are just like him. They too have no emotional attachment, and use him, because he wants to use them and their social status. So let him wait an hour, two, ten. I don't care. He can call them. I didn't block him, but I'm done. It felt good to go to the ring and go my five rounds, but I'm calling the match here. I'm not going another five rounds of his crap. When I think about asking him for help, when I feel desperate, I'm going to read the texts, I'll have to. That will remind me that I am better having parted ways, and to never question the legitimacy of that.

I'm never going to be glad thousands of dollars of damage are done, to anyone's property. It's not my problem though. I take solace he's getting payback for being such a louse. Literally less than an hour after berating me, now he needs something. Tough.

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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
When an addict becomes ready and able to slough off their vice, and is prepared to repeat this struggle, it's a moment of celebration. Any addict, however, knows this is the beginning, and it takes only relapse to lament.

This morning, I took one small step in drug abuse. I have a prescription for an anti-anxiety medicine. I can take up to 3 in a day. I previously, before my doctor upped it, could take up to 2. She (my doctor) upped it to an occasional 3. It's an "as needed" and some days I need zero. Most days I need 2, often though I can take just one and think I'll need more, but don't.

I did this abuse prior, but effectively it became prescribed, so the behavior has been acted upon before. That's how my doctor (among many other factors) decided to up it to 3. Because a couple times I took 3 even though I knew I wasn't prescribed that.

It's a powerful drug. It's very common as an illicit drug. However, in Japan it can be purchased without a prescription. So "powerful" may be seen like aspirin. Too much aspirin can really mess you up. As we all know, aspirin also shouldn't be given to those going through puberty.

This is the tragedy, what I'm about to say.

My doctor has all but said explicitly, there's almost nothing more she can do for my anxiety. Short of getting admitted to in patient care---which I tried to do, but was deemed unfit--this is about the absolute maximum cocktail (I take four regular medicines for neurological disorders and mental health. So the tragedy is, is I don't curb this habit, and learn some days it's just going to feel crushing...if I don't curb this...I will be so much worse off.

Literally as I was writing the above, I had knock on my door. My literal front door. I have to post in another thread to link this in serendipity. I was pretty much finished with this post, when the knock came. That's all I was going to say. Then the knock came, and it was...it helped. Little things help so much when you're so very easily slipping.

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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I looked into some discord based role plays.....wow, do I feel old.  :(
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Sat 15 Jul 2023
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I recently began my fitness journey two months ago. I was doing great; changed my diet and even started getting better at keeping my routine. Well, last week, I had a very loud and obvious pop happen during my workout 7 days ago in my knee. I immediately got an x-ray done, ultrasound, and MRI all this week and got the results this morning. I tore my ACL and medial meniscus and will need surgery. I'm just frustrated that I didn't get better news and now my recovery will be pushed much longer than expected, putting me out of work for a good while and off my routine for a very long time.
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
I guess my character to the gms weren't accepted.  I stated some things, and replied with the reason I had assumed something.  They had said I could ask questions in the ooc, which I was going to do, only to be moved to a group with no access, and seemingly removed from the game without a "Sorry, you aren't A proper fit."

I get it, just venting as I was looking forward to fixing any problems.  must be a me that was the problem.

Oh well

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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
I don't mind being loaned out to another department at work.  I get it...the project involves expertise that I don't necessarily have, but I've got way more experience at that kind of stuff than just about anyone else (scenic art, for the curious...)

But for the love of all that's even remotely holy, would it kill those guys to get specifics on what they need before they turn me loose on it?  I've been working on it for a week and a half, now...because of other work that's going on in the space, everything I'm doing has to be done after hours, so after working my regular job for several hours, I've been putting in anywhere from three to seven additional hours on this every night that I didn't have other commitments to attend to.

A third of what I've been working on, it turns out, isn't even usable, because the space it was going to occupy MUST be left clear.  That should have been made known right from the off...don't tell me to create some kind of screening piece to hide something from view if there's only a few inches of clearance between the item to be hidden and moving equipment around it!

On top of that, the work I've already done needs to be redone, because what I've installed is too tall, and obscures the view of people who need to be able to see what's happening.  Again, information I should have had back at Square One.  Now, instead of being able to easily attack the problem from any angle I find convenient, I'm having to try and work with very limited access because the material I need to alter has already been secured in place.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, because it seems to be a consistent pattern in my life...I get REALLY annoyed when I end up with extra work due to someone else's failure to do their job correctly...
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Sun 30 Jul 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Woke up this morning to find the sewer lift station for my residence had ceased working overnight (if you aren't familiar with one of these darned things, feel lucky) - and of course, it's early in the morning on a Sunday. Of course, for added bonus, it's my kids' birthday and the party now has to be cancelled because I can't have a house full of people with no working bathrooms.

/beats head on desk repeatedly
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Fri 4 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Having more good applications for a game than you can reasonable sustain.    Yeah, sometimes I just hate saying no....
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Wed 23 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
And so, that'll make three "blockbuster" movies this year that I've seen that are flops.  Of the two most recent, both Michael Bay and James Cameron need to go back to school.   Flashy special effects DO NOT MAKE UP FOR A LACK OF STORY.

There.  Much better.
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Wed 23 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
HGTV Remodel shows! Need I say more?
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Wed 23 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Two former friends of mine, independently it seems, have developed cancer. This isn't going where you (rightfully) probably think it is.

The latter, the lesser, the one I am more ambivalent about and whom will take second place to the major source of this vent, but nonetheless be mentioned, is dying of lung cancer. Which sucks, I'm not comforted by this, but at the same time, he smoked ALOT. Took pride in the fact he "knew the costs and was smarter" because he "'only' got addicted because he smoked for a minor acting bit" which, again, I get. What I don't get is he's bitching because no one cared enough to tell him it was bad for him. Dude in 46 years old. Like I didn't drive his ass up and down the KC metro, didn't pick him up for work, didn't sit outside for four god damn hours so he could smoke and "game" (an excuse to get to pick him up to get fags, as he had no wheels). He also blames his diabetes on all who knew him, while he was overweight, working at KFC and gmaing among other 20 somethings. Dude wanted an intervention but didn't get the memo that we also cared about each other enough to not mooch or steal or scam or guilttrip or all that. We, the others of us did in good voice, say it was going to catch up to him. We said it with smile, and respected his choice, but apparently it is now "on" our "head". Guy lied, apparently, for decades about a life he had as a youth. Only came clean when he had his first girlfriend at 38, and got his heartbroke. He'd told the smooth lie he was friends with strippers, so, yeah we figured, THAT was a lie, but surely he'd dated, even if awkwardly. I mean, I have had had three girlfriends and one boyfriend my entire life; counting the littlest to the biggest in the same number. Anyway, he went vegan for the girl. Said it had nothing to do with anything but wearing doublet. Which he said he liked on Dr. Who; and then got upset people knew both what doublet was and why that was "pretty normal" to want to fit into an iconic garment. I never, even now, saw a Dr. Who episode but know the outfit from clips. It's a nice garment, but it's the man who made the garment work. So this is a very attention seeking person, who in 2012 said he was (and I quote) "Going to burn down the world, to end all this fighting, and then when I've seen it all go to ash see whose god is right and wrong" and then liked the his own post on facebook. A couple people liked it too, and that was just "proper" <name>. All this together now though and he's burning down bridges that were decommissioned over ten years ago. I received a facebook text in late February and then again in March for my birthday, and again in April, his birthday and again in June, his sister's birthday, and...I don't use facebook. The e-mail it's connected to is my authentication only e-mail. So I don't even, nor ever did, read "sauch and such updated their" whatever but yeah... he's pissed, and it's mostly due to me. I think because he got mads I didn't even read it, and he overthought that I was somehow readzing it and making it seem unread. No, I just don't use facebook. I went on their to contact a high school church friend and saw the messages.

Segue to the main villain. about eight years ago, my Uncle died. Hit me hard. Still hurts now. Mark, his name (Edit: only one I'm justifying. Mark is a former friend. My Uncle's name is Woodrow. Woodrow plays only a point fo reference the rest is about Mark and people MArk and I both knew.. so "Mark was...was?), was GMing a PF game. I joined. He wanted me to GM.  I figured, sure, I help you GM. He wanted to call all the shots, so I said "why don't I just play" I did, and then the game devolved into him making critical mistakes that led to PC deaths, but then he'd invoke hand of god to undo the deaths. This was fine for a couple deaths, but then it became a farse, to him as well. After about the ninth time it wasn't even funny, we got back to business, but he was like  a 3 year old that enjoyed killing our characters, which was irritating but he worked it out. Finally, we end the module. It's all fine, but then he totally goes off the rails, because he wants to introduce his own custom PC. Not cool, but fine. So I quit. I was asked to GM, the game was fair, we wanted to be the only GM, so I played. Then he wanted to play in his own game. That was it for me. So I wasted that night and the next week on other activities, but then came back. To hang out. I'd quit, but (I thought!) it was just a difference of game preference, not big deal. The game isn't hosted. It's been killed says the player that worked at the LGS. So I chat and he wants to play, so I start my own game, a D&D 3.5 game, same night as MArk's was. Great, now no conflict. Mark comes back and sees my game, he says his game isn't dead./ I congratulate him and ask about it. Then he ona dime turns and says he needed to cool off. I'm assuming it got complicated. No. He ended the game, by his own admission becausew the gods were angry at what my character became. Bit creepy, but sure, it's his game, it was throw away character sure. Well, the other players took the two weeks as notice to vacate. Mark is starting the game back up. I sort of scoff it off. I have no overlap. it's PF and D&D 3.5. I can also just do alternate weeks. No. Mark skips when I do. So screw it. I make mine three times a week. He makes his thre times a week, but half of these poore players time is spent improvising what's happening at my table. So my group moves to the other side of the store. Little by little, his players defect and I say "Hey, look, I get you are put into this like a pit fight, but I'm not up for a nine person game. I will, however, be fine to call you when someone drops" I've been on RPoL for years even then. This is disappointing, like being the last to ;opewn the pizza box, b ut they didn't miss a rocket, it's a small short term 1st to 20th game. It would last five months. It was fine, no one, no one looked back and missed that time one way or the other. No one but Mark.

I play cards with Mark a few times, and he complains about his life. I listen but have little to comfort him. So we play cards. Then he tells me I don't understand, how my life is perfect and...I just stop him there. I correct him that life sucks for a lot of people. He is living, 32 years old, off his parents paying his rent. My mother is in a cult. My father sold my belongings like a junkie would their parents. This was exactly the opposite. His parents were supporting him. My parents were predators on me. Everything I had I worked one way or another to accrue. He kicks me out. I remind him I need my cards. He says "they're mine now" and calls the cops. At least he seems to. Dials three digits and talks to a voice. So I go outside. I wait. I wait. I wait. No police. So I go back and knock. "Mark, I need my cards. You can even pack them and hand them to me" he turns on Major Tom, and "In the army now" and stands in front of the window, blinds open, volume so loud the doors, plural are vibrating and his neighbors come out, They see me first, and I see them. I just shake my head and walk aout. They, reasonably,. ask
"Wtf?" The moment I do, the nod, in unison, as ifd this is MArk's like, MO. God I'd hate to have ever been his roommate. So I go home. I get in my car to leave and I see him saluting the...sky? as the music blares and he winks at me and gives me a rude finger. So I write it off. This si about eight years ago. I call a mutual friend and they "inherit" my cards through smooth play of "suping up the decks" and then gfive them to me. LAmost ayear passes and Mark sees me at the same LGS. Nothing, in his mind has occurred. Now he works there though. So he pulls an atttitude when I try to buy a card, and then another employee literally ejaculates the full utterancxe of "WTF! Mark!" and proceeds to bruish MArk off and and get my long list of cards. Mark corrects (or thinks he is) about what MTG card I want. No. I DO want meddling Mage. Not mage's duel.  The deck I'm making clearly makes a $1000 deck. No one was confused. MAybe MArk was just playing game of Chaos. No idea. I leave, and he walks after me, I /parfked WWAAAAY far away. Bar is next to LGS, have (at the time!) a decent car I like. So I want to avoid the drunks. Mark tags after me, and I'm loaded down, so I slow to let him catch me, and not like run off. He apologizes for having to correct me; that it was "my bad" (his bad) that he shouldn't tell me how to make the deck. He'd just thought I'd want the cards I own. This is another indication of the distorted reality. In his mind buying singlees was only "allowed" if you pulled it from a pack. This is not a law. I haven't played with him in months, but all throughjout playing MTG, I /always made constructed casual decks. I  had no reason to limit myself to the wizard lotto. He argues how he's technically right, and I nod and say I'm techncially late. I'm going to a party and it's my party, II REALLY need to go...now. He says "WELL! If yyou have to go that quick I guess I won't call you!" the yyou and caps was intentional. That was his outburst and him assigning punishment.

So I go on. about 18 months later he's at the store again, because I'm not regular, I arrive. He no longer works there, but "volunteers" to get attention from people to be imp;ortant...or more likely for tax free stroe credit. Either way, verified not on the payroll. I beeline for m,utual friend. This mutual friend is with MArk, so I cut he conversation sweet but short, and go to get my WoW card traded for cash. MArk says "You have dragonrider!" I blink and relfexively just ignore him "LEt me see it" I move my hand with it out the way. Employee tgakes the card MArk reaches over, and THANKFULLY, employee has it and gives MArk a "Don't make me get the spray bottle" expression. It goes on their book for $600. I take the $200 bid near $300, I can't haggle it there but I get close. I think $270. I take it in cash. Mark is now entranced by whaever card I sold, to the store that got ME that money and so is worth far more. I talk to the mutual friend. WE really lose track of Mark, and I sit down to play cards. I'm really enjoying this mutual friend's time. MArk comes back and this friend says "LEt's all play!" his friend "will join us and I'll run Naxoramos." Three yeses, MArk shrugs. "Nah" So we look for fourth. Mark then says, as we'rve got our fourth "I didn't say no. I say Nah. NOT the same thing" Awkard but mutual friend wants to appease Mark. I basically hammer in on the negatives to deter the new joiner from staying. I'm trying to enjoy the company of my friend, his friend, and this new guy or Mark, it's up to my friend. So I clear the seat. We play. It goes well! Back to cards every month. Mark and I suture things back up. My sister is in the hospital and so is her then infant. I'm told last minute, no warning, that both arer undergoing a spinal tap. My friend and roommate sunk $1000 into a scam artist. I'm suicidal. I admit this, and Mark says "You can call me anytime you need to" I should not have. Weeks later, I do. This is fiasco. Just as bad as it gets. Not as bad as the harpy cove on RPoL, whose motivation was to get create game to pressure me to suicide, but the web always has the worst cowards in their supposed Sifu Tai Chi master of more professions than batman typical troll. Next to the M&M game from hell, this was the worst point. The one and only time I tied a knot in preparation.

This is the second to last straw. Years would pass, I think three, and Mark and I meet at the LGS. He's gone totally bald, got a job asa schoool bus driver and seems chill. I figure "Awesome! He's got his meds. I've got mine. We can go back to the way things were" this is partly true. I'm apparently his backup. I find this out fater weeks of him ;canceling for our mutual friend. I give up on him, until he contacts me on steam, he saw I playged 7000 hours in Fallout 4 and wants to know how I made it "show you played that many hours" I todl him "I DID play that many hours" he laughs and I nod in front of my monitor. I go to play Fallout 4. He messages me what mods I have. Topical, safe conversation. It's a grazing type of conversation. Then he talks about RL shit. I /shbut him down. I tell him why. He goes quiet. I go on with my life. He messages me and says "I"m still heeeeere" and I ignore him. We're coming ton a point in my life where Christmas is approaching. I have fireworsk in Fallout 4 for my rooommate casting to my 4k TV.  It's a small thing just to have something for NEw Years, we share our first kiss, just as friends, and it's nice. Things are pleasant.

I have my home in a fire. I move into motel for one month. I get new place with insruance. My friend (not the same mutual friend at the LGS) spend 30 grand, $30,000 on stupid stuff. I get evicted since she has Covid. I move. I get evicted because she lies about the rent being paid by charity. I am homeless. I get us mental health, I get us lodging. I arrive here, where I am currently, having a crappy, but sheltered and electric home.

Mark then has his birthday roll around. This is the big reveal. He has cancer, three kinds. Skin Cancer from never wearing sun screen and having weekly sunburns already out of the way, not counting that. He has throat cancer. No idea on that. That just sucks! Man never did snuff, never smoked, never drank much. HE also has the most advanced colon cancer, and then also it spread his...honestly...I don't even remember. Same pathology of TB though, The streamer, not the John Green hot topic.

Mark writes the kind of vitriol to me in a DM as his manifesto, all focused around my short comings and his hatred of me. He latches onto my 7000 hours of Fallout 4 and that;s where things left for him. How everything, somehow, was thanks to him. Like the most lazy and transparent guilttrip. That has nothing to do with him having cancer. Except he's "going to die anyway". I'm visibly disturbed my roommate, now just buddy, pulls me away and I just close out.

Mark has apparently done this to many many other people. I only know this by putting together what he's cryptically said in our chats about Fallout. That mutual friend came out, and Mark disowned them. Publicly bashed them...and then ffelt alone. In his words "Everyone was fine in Lockdown for Covid. For me. Unlike everyone else. Lockdown was hell" so he reached out, but then edited his message, since I was MIA. I had logged on to Fallout 4, but I was always offline, because I was on a Motel ISP. So there was no point to even try to game. I also dived deep into SP games. Well, my hours clocked added up and he deducted I was avoiding him. Sort of true. He is an ass. Mostly though, not talking to anyone on Steam. No reason. I could barely keep up on RPoL. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't played GMed at all since late 2021 early 2022. At least not on RPoL. So yeah...even to people I stayed in contgact with, it was just workshoping and mostly...chatting.

Mark has no one. His parents figured a 40 year old man with cancer needed a different wake up call than a 32 year old man with aspirations. Mark lashed out at them and they cut ties with his toxicity. Mark alienated a friend over their identity, and not whon they are, more importantlyy their very overlying similar interests. Then...worst case, me, the pitiful back up...didn't even go online to let him message the back up. So he just regressed back to the that point with the cards and calling the police.

I'm reminded of Outsider by Perfect Circle. Looking back he was always that way. Always. I was naive. Even now, I'm naive, for my age and cultural access. It's clear though, he just wants attention. He's just burned the bridges that benefited him, to spite us, and we work perfectly well not going to his island. Now, rather than making smoke signals as hailmary, he lobs futile flaming rot that has no hope of hitting us so far removed from him. Kat, the friend of mine, the person I only name now, I miss them. I am...just gutted they got the first and strongest direct hit. Kat liked Mark. Kat and Mark have SO much in common. Kat was tempermental, but MArk is volatile. Just explosive. And POSSESSIVE!

He owns, in his mind, everything but his own actions. I lookm at this long, rambling, typo laden rant and just see in front of me the mountain I traversed. I'm not happy with it, in  this rant or in long version. It reasonably marks Mark in time, as a point in my stubbornness and perseverance that I have to see, and can't allow the fact it's not edited, ikt's not 100% unbiased, it's..a vent...deter me from posting this just...ridiculous, but necessary load and putting only half the stamps needed to ship and saying "Eh, that'll do".

A lot of very toxic people had an impact on me. I let them affect my relationships with people who left a good impact. Which is likea lighting good brew to the flame of a rubbing solvent. Just such a waste. 1108. Close enough to what I'll remember. This vent is one that I hope I'll not ever want to come back to. I think I may just yet. In this year of winter, and coming spring.

Thankfully, if you read this all. That's the end.
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Thu 24 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Gorram it why does my writers muse always wait until nearly midnight before showing up?
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Thu 24 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

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Fri 25 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
My job would be so much easier if people would just put all their crap together at the end of the season...

I was informed this afternoon that someone had misplaced some masking pieces (a few of our set pieces are reversible, but they don't want the backside noticed by the audience--they start out with the backside facing the audience, get spun around to create a set, and then the covers are removed before they get spun around again to create a different set), and so they needed new ones made.  Victim of my own success, I guess...they had someone else make them last year, but those kept ripping until I went in and reinforced the points that would rip...so I had to find the big roll of fabric, roll it out on the stage floor (because we don't have ANYTHING big enough to fit that roll on, as far as a table goes), measure out and cut four pieces...

I'm a middle-aged man.  Getting down on the floor is nowhere near as enjoyable as it used to be...

And then, to top things off, after I carried those four pieces (plus a couple I needed for another project) to another building where I have more room to work (and functional AC), I PROMPTLY FOUND THE MISSING PIECES, sitting on top of a stack of scrap material.  Why they were put on a scrap pile instead of folded up and stored with the rest of the stuff for that show, I have no idea.

The good news is, I found them before I started sewing the new ones.  The old ones are made from heavier material that will hold up to wear and tear a LOT better.  The bad news is, I now have four panels of material that are 40" wide by 9' long...material that could likely have been used for something else, and didn't need to be cut AT ALL...just because someone didn't say, "Oh, these were custom built to fit on those, maybe we should store them in the same place..."  By the time all was said and done, that was also a little over an hour of time that was wasted.
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Sat 26 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Ugh...so OVER players not paying attention to not only what other players have written, but to what **they** THEMSELVES wrote, in their prior post!

And then blaming the other players for the information *they* missed?

I realize Adulting can be hard, but c'mon....paying attention to what's happening in the game ***IS*** the game!

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Sat 26 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Every time I hit the mountains, the first thing I do is look for a proper staff. Not a walking stick - a proper long, heavy staff. It usually takes some time to find one and fine-tune it so that it works as expected.

And today, while I was taking a break during my 20-mile trek at a local cafe, someone stole my staff. Sure, I left it by the entrance because carrying it inside would be rude. But still - it was not just some stick lying in the forest, so why would anyone think they can simply grab it?
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Wed 30 Aug 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Finally found the "receipts" for those that thought "we can't take one" misrepresenter's "words over" mine. My S.S. game has all the receipts, so read them. Yeah, scone you making faces at me. Weigh on the ACTUAL receipts. Unnecessary my ass! I ADDED to the OP. Proof is there if you can gain the willpower to look it up. I have a track record that isn't perfect, but that's a huge success of mine. The reason for hiatus was that I had to go the neurologist people! I also quoted everything Crying Fowl said. It's been time stamped since 2019. So scone you for not doing the five minutes, at most, check to see I wasn't BSing. Yeah, maybe "anon" was only at fault of misremembering, but no, proof shows in 2019 what did and didn't happen.

If you read this far, replace "scone" with "shame on". I know what I was mad, and if you read this far, you know to cool off too.

I was personally attacked. I am vindicated by ACTUAL receipts. Don't bandy words you don't understand. Certainly don't juxtapose  "I won't judge" immediately invalidated with passing thinly veiled castigation. You just sound like Zoltun Kulle to everyone else in the Vesica Pisci of D&D 3.5 and DIII community.

This is the mirror I cast to the face you made at me.
Zoltun Kulle:
Small minds, small goals. I won't judge *laughs*.

Which is a verbatim quote from Diablo III. That's how your juxtaposition feels and appears to those in the know. Everyone who is in the circle of D&D 3 to 5 and in between knew I got called out. I can't name you, but you and I, and most here, are intelligent enough to see who and what you are. Acting like you know the world that I set the stage of. At least you had other points to make. Some of the others that chimed in I praised. I also wasn't "tweaked". Please refer to msg #=(Dirty Number-1)

Think better of taking someone's word...when you don't have to. I'm about facts above feelings. I think both matter, in their own way, but emotions have their own place to evidence. I'm not a fan of the man coined the phrase, in any sense, but wise words spoken by a fool are no less wisdom imparted. Think better of me. Consider it from my position. This wasn't a failed game. This wasn't just success. It was one of my very few grand successes. I've had many in 3.5, but only the one in 4e. Don't take that away from me. I stand to accusations. I think all should. Guilty as charged of innocent to re-appropriate blame.

I'm not done though. Not with RPoL at least. Took me god damn weeks to let it slide, but it hurt, people. Taking a 4e edition game from 1st to 30 is hard enough with an AP. I made a whole world building for it; just one of two in my life. That was my second sun. It fruiting hurt to have "unsurprisingly" been erroneously "prevented from starting" THEY, THEY were welcome to rejoin. I even said this much. They may avoid me, but all I told them was to cool their heels.

The "unsurprising" fact the game "died" is that I had neurological blackouts. As in periods I have no memory of occur. This was the same year I had my pedo brother move in with sister and her kids. In tandem I had a reaction to antibiotics on antidepressants and needed intervention. I went to KU med to have scans. They concluded it was not from a disease or growth. TRhey gave me nothing but medical shrugs. It wasn't until about a year ago, right before I was homeless, I found out it was due to PTSD combined with the drug interaction. It was physical, in that the brain is an organ, but it was chemical signal of my triggers, in my case being hungry (I was starved at a youth, for 14 of my first 24 years of life) made me start to suffer dementia like events.

So surprise. I had a pretty damn unrelated reason for the game "dying" than world building, which true to my word, I got back on track. I just took the only one wanting to transcend forums because 4e really helps with simultaneous reactions and interrupts.

I'm done with this feud though, at least I will be after this post and any fall out. Took me weeks to uncover these--casually discarded without review--receipts. There they are though. Read them or just take opinions as facts. Your choice. I made my point here and CC and in games clear. If you're willing and wanting to apologize, do so by making action indicative of reform.

For the record, I'm not hanging onto to any grudges. With the single exception of the "Mother" harpy, who has no relation to this feud, I don't have grudges for users. Sure, I avoid players over others. I prefer GMs over others, but I don't talk smack arbitrarily. Nor do I deny someone unreliable a chance to change my mind. Please respect, that while you may not need the clarification, my community, they do. If the only necessity of your reply is to invalidate mine, and nothing else. Don't you think that's a bit on the nose?

I'm glad to vent it, and let it go. breath is, breathed out. Let go. I knew people would let it go in their own mind, but my cred speaks, and I care about that. Brash, blunt, and prickly, sure. I'm also honest. I know my faults. I would hope others would turn their own assumptions into inspection. It's a hope, not a request.

Peace. Have fun in your other games. Good luck too.

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Mon 25 Sep 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

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Fri 13 Oct 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Second game in a year where someone quit because another character just disagreed with theirs. Wasn't even an ugly RP argument, just not thinking the same way.

The kindest way I can put it is that, maybe, non-solo RPGs aren't for them?

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Fri 13 Oct 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
I feel tired this Friday. I worked too much and next week won't be better, probably. I'm sure I'm not the only person that can solve that problems.
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Fri 13 Oct 2023
at 21:11
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Two days ago, at a job I'm counting the months of retirement out of, once again a toastie was promoted over 6 other qualified people, and this toastie (think, less bread, more hopping and eating bugs) had only been hired in 2022.  The fallout is that another good worker is leaving the place, after wasting 9 years there.  The employees are demoralised and I'm the dinosaur that has seen everything go on over the past two decades - and I've had to defend my meagre position twice in the last year, while another colleague was turned out to pasture on a disability retirement and NOT allowed to return even to say goodbye.  I, too, am permanently disabled by this job and they've tried rather hard to get rid of me. Talk about a disposable workforce - we are there every day.  And management had to limitless gall to advise us to 'show our worth, show our motivation, in order to get a promotion'.  It didn't matter, every time I went for a promotion, I was left in the dust, despite education, experience, seniority, and loyalty.  Nepotism and kissing up rule.

So, in real language, work harder, for the same pay, and no chance of promotion as all the people in jobs above me are much younger than me.  Well then, I'll 'act my wage' and carry on with my defence of my own employment from those who got the promotions because they can lick boots or are someone's relative.  Counting down.  Too old to go somewhere else now.
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Fri 20 Oct 2023
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Trigger warning for trauma. Trigger warning for mawkish outlook.

This is not pleasant, and is more a discharge than a vent. I really...I needed to put this somewhere where people I care about live, even part time. Even for once in a period, or just once. It is a fraud committed that has no recompense. There is no silver lining. I find this not just deep, but to my clarity, a yawning abyss, but deep it is still, and dark, and long and with all that without conclusion, without purpose, just an emptying of the empty husks. This is somewhat vague and it's something I couldn't put into ten nor ten thousand words and it be acceptable to write with any clarity, becasue it is just so...I wrote this to try to really let people know why this long, and as they read this that it has very little value, beyond my own I assign it, and that someone else may have value in. I guess I'll let the original start commence.

I struck a pressure point of my past, and remembered something, a repressed memory, and it truly left me victimized all over again. I cried, and I sobbed, and I tried to call the crisis line, but my phone has no "carrier service" and I tried calling 911 and that didn't work. !FYI this was a few days ago now.

I have good in my life, and so this ugly...no...

[6 blank lines suppressed]


[7 blank lines suppressed]


[6 blank lines suppressed]

skeleton surfaced in the now calming waters.

[8 blank lines suppressed]

If YHWH (Abrahamic Deity) wanted a double or nothing, Lucifer made back losses and then a windfall or plenty more; after betting on the American Roulette Basket of grotesque trials.

[10 blank lines suppressed]

I live on, and have over the last few years, knowing that death will come, as it always will, and one day for me, and I'll cordially accept it. I want to live for this life. I want to live for my time with the few people I have had the good company of. I want to live for frivolous moments. I want to live for the sadness, anger, grief, resentment, and happiness, and charity that I can appreciate while I have a mind know, to remember and to be conscious of.

Sometimes however, I wonder why this life was mine, and yet I owe everyone who ruined it for having it. I didn't ask to be born, and I....sometimes I wonder had I been asked...or should....this life be a sequence in a cosmic pattern of no divine yet still incomprehensibly massive and powerful...and predetermined...........and recurring "life" with variance...if I'd say "no" I'd rather give away every friend's letters, every good samaritan's charity, every dollar I gave a homeless and poor panhandler with sign by the highway asking for help, give away my instrumental healing for my closest friends, my love of the video game Fallout 4, my gaming golden years, my first love and the woman I lost just months after having cold feet to her proposing to me, not because she left, but a reckless driver took her, turn down...just...all of this...all I have...and reroll another character...or just lose the die.

I am here though, and I am asking for help, and I'm telling my doctors about my thoughts, and I'm doign what I can, and I'm hoping I just dumb, and can't make sense of what it easy to comprehend, and that's why no one's advice makes sense.

Sometimes...like...often times....very sobering lonely and silent hours...I wonder if I am not just a fool with creative artist talent, but among the smart, and so there are few that could be smarter than I, so I have to be my own council and live by ancient yet enduring philosophy. I will be a stoic. I enjoy sensation. I enjoy remembering tragedy, even when out of limelight and current news. The death of Chester Bennington, the death of John Pinette, the death of Alan Rickman. The....love...hope....loss....of my dear Chloe.

I play Fallout 4 often, to pass my months alone. I sometimes talk as if someone were with me, when I'm alone and think how pitiful I am.

[13 blank lines suppressed]

Then, when I've quieted all of that, and I'm ambitious about just cleaning up the tiny apartment of the cardboard boxes, hitting the gym to give myself the chance to pay off the diet debt of years off my life....

And my memory reminds me while I've tresspassed...done wrong, been a bully, been vindictive, and sometimes petty. I am a product....in a way that is amplified from the multiplying negative (toxic) numbers....of people, that -11 by -11 creates a meager 121, but a positive meant to intensify the pain, but through the mutual heinous proclivities, I come out still with hope, and grief, and meaning.

I may be pitiful. Some people may feel I'm done. Some people may rejoice in my misery, some justly vindicated by my own past malice; I'm not just imperfect, I've done bad things, I've been a bad person. MAybe I am a bad person.

This memory though...I...think...think...have to believe why I if asked I did say yes. The skeleton of this re....this trauma laid dormant until I could bury it properly. I wonder in that moment, who that might otherwise have been. I didn't save anyone. These people, they are like lice, and legion. I can say, that whomever this person I never knew and will never know was, is, could have been if not for truly evil people...I can say...smearing tears and my nose running...I knew they were someone, they were my brother or sister. My protector or my fellow, my charge or my friend. They were under the same weight, and they sunk...so deep I lost all sense of them...but I say a few words of thanks, to the unhearing, the unknowing, to the departed. I cry now again. I lay them to rest, in a grave with symbol of critical decision and challenge.

"Criticism has plucked the imaginary flowers on the chain not in order that man shall continue to bear that chain without fantasy or consolation, but so that he shall throw off the chain and pluck the living flower."

A small reminder of the movies of Harry potter and how the symbol of lily meant something different for me.

I don't dare go diving for more into the dark depths. I just find what solace I can. Knowing there is no silver lining to be had. Knowing that to even look for one, is to err to justify such evil. The hollow cost, the sacrament of the necessary and best  or held by the poorest offered, and yet given to the craven to vicious cycle that I best leave to  to Perfect Circle's approach of the Doomed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDvfbvuJtS8, "the new beatitudes...↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ the DOOMED!, your on your own!"  being the reward for the meek. Even the decent.

I am alive. In forty years it's likely someone may remember me. In One Hundred Sixty I'll never have existed by all intents and purposes. Terminal goals, and instrumental goals.

I know why I wrote this, I needed to purge this. I know why I made it so public despite being so guarded about the scope and blurring the crime. Someone, perhaps, may see it. I don't know if it will only cause harm, or if someone will see this and think I beckon them to my aid. I hope though, despite the mawkish voice over, that someone who feels worthless, or is suffering in vain, and finds any pleasure with no expense of anyone's pride, comfort, integrity, and most of all safety, saftey of any kind, will read this and not feel they have to justify any terminal goal of pleasure or satisfaction. To know if it brings you some joy, and takes none from others directly, to not feel shame, but enjoy the flickering glow. Whatever darkness you face, it probably isn't fair, but it's not forever. You owe few if any anything you hold dear.

So I pray, not to be heard, but to take the act to hear my appreciation and grief of those that were that glow, are that glow for me, and will light my pyre with that glow at zenith falling downward . I love you, You few that also love me, though none have told me, wrote it nor said it, love is a verb and you do love me. You few. You give me your time, and your company, and your trust, and your dreams and fantasies and art and stories. To me, to have these, from you, that is loving me. I wish those few that truly do this, would tell me that is what they intend to, but I would rather feel it than read it a thousand times, or hear it every birthday, or New Year.

I'll stop. This memory haunts me, but I just have to back away and let this rest. I have no way...to undo...to reverse....to unknow...of these there is no solace for this knowledge, but solace from the knowledge that it has passed. No justice, no mercy, but time takes its toll from all. I'm glad, however that there is no such life eternal. To know this misery was not part of some plan, certainly not all benevolent. Just the free will because we have no choice, and some people can coerce or even brutally terrorize that will into abjection.

*deep breath*

RPoL is a sanctuary for me. I can't...I can,...but I won't....find a better place to memorialize the candle lit. I care when that light went out. I still smell the ask from those...

Thank you for having a vent thread to put this in, that allows us all to leave a burden or a tribute, even in vain. LEave it, and not let it be touched except in the most necessary cleaning and scrubbing. I tried very hard to be candid, but I hope I was not trespassing upon the generosity of this site or this forum or this community of the mods, or any social contract. I weighed this, reviewed it, thoguth hard, despoite it ebing hard enough ti write let alone read. I looked and really slowed my reading to scrunitize if there was a way to discern if this would breech a agreement of conduct. In as few wordsa as I can paraphrase, no mod can tell me whether this is acceptable without seeing it. So...wrote it, and I'm rewriting this part, and I have to just hope, and rely on the consistent latitude. If I broke a rule, I sadly will have to be told what it is. I came here, and do not intend to browse the CC in general. I had to lay something in me. I just have very little traction as it is, and this is the closest to sharing an empty showing of senseless loss.
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Fri 17 Nov 2023
at 05:05
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
'scuse me while I switch on Sarcasm mode for a moment...

I just LOVE it when people get their advance checks returned to them so that they get sent to me a week late.  It's especially enjoyable when they have a project with a fairly tight deadline and the advance is to cover supplies I need to get for their project.  It's even better when my landlord takes my rent check to the bank earlier than usual, so my own personal finances are in such a state that I can't but most of the supplies I need.

It's so conducive to making my holiday season start off in a peaceful, enjoyable manner...


They didn't even tell me about the check being delayed.  I had to contact the artistic director to ask if the check had been sent, because I still hadn't seen it...she had to contact the accounting people, who said that they HAD sent the check, but it had been returned, so they were sending it again.  No explanation about why it was returned (which doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it won't get returned AGAIN and sent out yet another week later).  In the meantime, I'm racking up overdraft fees because my landlord jumped the gun (I mean, he IS at his discretion as to when he takes the check to the bank...but considering that he rarely does it before the middle of the month, and he didn't even get last month's check to the bank until the start of this month, I had kind of gambled that he'd follow that pattern...and I lost).

This isn't leaving me in the best state of mind to start the holiday season...
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Thu 30 Nov 2023
at 14:19
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Civ 6 still hasn't been fixed for my roommate. So she can't play the game I bought her for  July 2022. Instead she's playing Planet Zoo, but she doesn't have as much fun with it, and wants to watch me play video games more than play herself. She likes it, so it's fine. It just makes me feel bad that she can't play what she wants to. At least she has a nice T.V. to watch Fallout 4 cast on.

It is literally the one, the only, possession that I have after our fire in 2018 that was bought with insurance money. I love the T.V., so I'm glad she can watch it while I play on my PC.

Biggest vent...I may be quitting RPoL...entirely. A lot is stacking up, and I don't know how to juggle it all. I don't want to, but I'm having trouble on the old site, and if the new site gives me more trouble that may be the nail in the coffin before burial of my games.