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Thu 25 Feb 2016
at 05:30
I really don't understand two of my fudging roommates. They've been on me for a week about $20 I owe them*. Every time they ask me about it, I tell them that I need to go to Walmart to get the money. Every time, that's been the end of the conversation. They just asked me again tonight. I told them the same thing. I hear them leave. Guess where I found out they're going. Walmart! Guess who they didn't ask to go with them. ME! WHY!? *headdesks*

*BTW, me owing them $20 wasn't even my idea. They bought me a box of chocolate covered coconut patties and told me I had to pay them back. WITHOUT EVER ASKING ME FIRST!
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Sun 28 Feb 2016
at 01:02
Look, don't look at me like I'm stupid when you walk in to my hotel and I ask "How can I help you?" Yes, I know the vast majority of people coming in are either checking in or renting a room. However, there are still people that come in to get information.

Also, don't argue with me when I tell you the owners don't rent to locals. That's the policy. They can make that decision. No about of you complaining about it or telling me "That's fudged up." is going to get me to risk my job by renting you a room. Furthermore, I'm not going to tell you why because I don't know. That was the policy when I started so that's the policy I'm going to enforce. Get over it.
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Sun 28 Feb 2016
at 01:04
Re: Grrrr

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Isida KepTukari
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Sun 28 Feb 2016
at 15:47
Re: Grrrr
I had to cut my sleep period short by nearly an hour when someone wanted to view our house (which we are trying to sell).  When we got back after a sufficient amount of time, all of the lights in the house were still on, an oddity.  I get an e-mail from my realtor saying the agents showing the house claimed she couldn't get in because the door was "locked from the inside."

No.  No it wasn't.  It was locked the exact same way that over a dozen other agents have managed to successfully unlock that same door.  Unlock the lock, turn the knob, give the door a decent shove, it opens.  Now she wants to reschedule for next week, which means yet more shorted sleep time for me (I sleep during the day) or having to find some other place to sleep.  All because someone couldn't figure out how to open an {expletive deleted} door!
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Sat 5 Mar 2016
at 01:06
Re: Grrrr
This is my vent. All the people praising Gygax for creating the roleplaying game D&D, and who don't even realize that Gygax created rules for miniatures combat, like Warhammer, just not as cool and that it was Dave Arneson who created the RolePlaying half of the game. They have both passed on, so the money doesn't mean anything at this point, but Dave has a legacy that was taken from him.
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Wed 16 Mar 2016
at 00:44
Re: Grrrr
I just have to get this off my chest.

I work in retail (yes, I know, I asked for it)
I work in a store that is opening it's garden center soon.
Well I schedule my department with overlaps and redundancy due to many of my employees being notorious for calling in "sick". I attempt to use this extra help to cross train my people, however, if I have more than a single person call in sick that redundancy vanishes like smoke in the wind.

The other day I get to the store early as I need to cross train myself on certain reports and I want to make sure the person who normally processes these did not already do them. I get hijacked, not even 20 steps in the store, with the care of a  return employee. Ok no problem I'll get them situated and to the daily business reports. I'm in the store long enough to escort the return employee to their station and introduce them to the new workers there when I get a call from the store manager.

Why isn't the garden center open?

There is a whole list of things I want to say, most of them would get me fired on the spot, so I simply tell him that I'm in early to do business reports and just arrived.

Not good enough! What is my plan to get it open.
I tell him that I'm getting a return employee settled to their new workstation and have not even had time to look at the work roster.

Not good enough, Why isn't it open.
I ask him if he has talked to my Head Cashier who has been there all morning and know what is going on, I toss him a name of someone who I know is in at work and can easily open garden center.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH! what is my plan to get it open.
"Well everyone else who is trained at this time is already covering key areas and I can not pull them until I have a chance to review the roster." I remind him that I am in early and just walked in the door, not having a chance to look at anything including the call in list or roster. I assure him that I have several of the new people in training BUT they are not ready due to the nature of the department. They have not completed all their training.

Not good enough! Do you expect me to not open the area?
NO sir. I expect you to follow the guideline set forth by corporate training and loss prevention stating that I can not place people into those positions until they have successfully completed all the training required of them. I then repeat the name of the person I gave him earlier stating that he is available to go out there.

This entire time I've been on my mobile checking out the roster and gathering information about the situation, finding out that I've had 2 people call in. Both in key positions.
Getting frustrated and snarky at this point I tell him, as he should know, that I have had 2 call in's the only person that is available is the person I've repeated to him 3 times now. I need my HC's for training and coverage, especially since he wants people trained to go out there.

I so wanted to beat him senseless. YES I have problems with authority, especially when they are acting unreasonable, and I do what I can to shield my own workers from much of the fallout. That being said I can easily say I'm in 2nd place for most liked Manager. #1 is a big teddy bear that just has an infectious and genuine personality.

Today I sit here, after finding out one of my HC's just got into a major car accident and will not be in to work for some time. I feel so sick and disgusted at having to face that unreasonable person once again that for the first time in my work career I'm considering just calling in sick myself. Being who I am however I know I can not as there is just to much that NEEDS to be done tomorrow and there is no one to do is as the other people who can are all out on vacation.

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Wed 16 Mar 2016
at 01:05
Re: Grrrr
I hate Biology. Especially practical Biology. Especially my practical biology. It is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery wrapped in OH MY GOD THE PAIN.
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Wed 16 Mar 2016
at 22:52
Selfish Anti-Rant

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 Life; a journey made once
Fri 25 Mar 2016
at 05:57
Selfish Anti-Rant
I'm wishing I had someone to play cards with, or play videos games with.

When I went through a very bad period of PTSD, a friend of mine had said "call me if you need to" when I did it was in an episode. He avoided me for the next three months, and since after then only makes texts like "I saw you texted me. I thought I'd do you the favor of replying to it." and that's it. When I see him at the gaming store, he just ignores me and walks away.

Playing cards with him was fun, and I've since found myself collecting cards of the game we used to play, just to keep myself from feeling as lonely.

I used to play video games with my brother-in-law. He was the closest family I had. When my sister divorced him, that fissured our tie. I miss him, and though I've talked to him once on the phone, and occasionally on facebook, he will never be a part of my life like he was.

It feels like I gravitate toward activities I used to do with people I like, and whom once liked me. I can't keep up with the times, and often struggle to stay relevant in what people enjoy doing.

Heck, even RPOL was something my old BIL got me into.

I just wish I had something to do with someone that is a dedicated activity I can rely on.
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Sat 2 Apr 2016
at 06:41
...and The Agony of Defeat
I should have been more cautious about how good things went at work yesterday.  I mean, I work on theater, in a part of the ciuntry where unions aren't very common, which means that I've got a lot of experience doing whatever needs to be done, inclucing set construction.  I've also helped friends with some general construction and renovations, so I'm no stranger to power tools and framing walls and the like.  So I wasn't totally surprised when the plans I'd drawn out for yesterday's project translated pretty smoothly into reality...a couple of small hiccups, but it actually went pretty smoothly, especially considering I was figuring it all out on paper based on having only two accurate measurements out of the dozens I should have had, ideally.

So, today, same basic project.  I actually had one more measurement for that one than I did for yesterday's...

And nothing about it worked right.  All the measurements that I had worked out in EXACTLY the same way as yesterday's project didn't work at all.  One end was too tall, the other end was too short, and in the process of trying to compensate, everything in between got screwed up.  I got a little patch of skin pinched right off the tip of my finger between two sheets of plywood.  Pretty much everything that I did for six hours is going to have to be redone.

I'm pretty sure I've figured out why the key issues's that whole thing about 'good judgment coming from experience which usually comes from bad judgment'...stupid little mistakes that I didn't catch because I don't do things like this very often.  But it's also frustrating because I'm trying to show my boss that we CAN do this stuff for ourselves, and having it go so wrong when time is a major factor isn't going to help the cause.

Nothing to do for it but go back in Monday and make it right.  The fact that the first one worked so smoothly will hopefully buy a little forgiveness.
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Fri 27 May 2016
at 06:55
...and The Agony of Defeat
Is it a bad omen that I find myself daydreaming about how relieved I would be to get fired?  I'm too stubborn to quit, at least not when there's a job that someone's relying on me to do...

But I'm pretty sure if I showed up to work tomorrow and they said, 'Collect your stuff and get out,' I'd celebrate.  At least for a weekend.  Then, maybe, I'd worry about how to pay my next rent check...
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 04:20
...and The Agony of Defeat
Yeah...I am right there.
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Wed 8 Jun 2016
at 04:04
...and The Agony of Defeat
After months of a (face to face) game being dead the GM contacts me to join. I decline. He asks to "talk it out". I listen, he gets lukewarm response, but hey if he's willing to change his stance on a the zero point flaw, then maybe I will give him another chance. Sometimes GMs just need that extra chance to work out kinks.

Well, after four more hours of making my character, on a phone I only have seven hours each month, he gets to the flaws. I said "let's do that first" "No, no, we need to see how many points you need" "Mike!" "Seriously it will be fine" and then that phrase "trust me".  So we get to flaws. Holy crap! Why am I not surprised. Having a love interest as a dependent NPC is worth 0 points. "Why?" I ask "Oh because your arch nemesis is going to start chapter 2 with her already captured." "Why the fruit is 0 points then!" "Oh...Oh! because I don't think that flaw really comes into play all that much" "WTF! You're PLANNING on having it come into play!" I lost my cool at that point and just hung up.

He called back and I let it go to voicemail. Three times. So finally I just pass the duty off to my friend to explain to him I have a zero point flaw for his game. My interest in it. You wanna know why it's zero points, Mike? Because I have zero interest.


I'm not so much pissed at his GM style. That's BS, but okay, that's his game. That's his prerogative. It's the fact he wasted my minutes, used three of my voicemail slots, and then had the audacity to pull the same "zero point flaw" thing which started the train wreck the first time. I didn't even want to play, and I said this much very succinctly. I shouldn't have thrown him a bone and heard his long-winded plea out.


I don't even have time for my favorite games I'm supposed to be a player in and I WANT to be there for....this just ruins any chance for real time chat. Oh well...maybe next month.
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Wed 8 Jun 2016
at 05:03
...and The Agony of Defeat
Just a general inter-generational rant, but I am so unhappy with the direction the game systems have taken, especially the D&D ones.

When I was playing back in the late seventies early eighties, role-play was in general more popular, and mix-max power-gamers were pretty much laughed at, scoffed at, and driven out of any good game if they didn't catch on.

Each iteration of the rules becomes more and more about that style of gaming though, 3 and 3.5 was the start of the era where more effort went into designing the character than ever seemed to go into playing it. I tried fourth edition and it was disgusting, first level and I had flash and fluff and powers like a superhero! Not interested in batman versus the Orcs.

Trying fifth ed., which I have heard is an improvement, but Rangers get spells at SECOND LEVEL, which you reach after only THREE HUNDRED experience points?

It's really like the party is starting at seventh level, which in many 1st and 2nd ed games is about the time I lose interest anyway.


Clearly that is what sells I guess, and the game I am in, the other players are all gloating about how they have 'broken' the system with their incredible characters, and shocked whenever a monster even comes close to hitting them back.

How would you even go about designing an interesting system that was about building up role-play options though? Can't think of many.

Sigh... but the 1st ed games are getting rarer and rarer.

Rant, vent, snort...
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Wed 8 Jun 2016
at 05:31
...and The Agony of Defeat

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Fri 17 Jun 2016
at 06:47
Painful reminders
Losing a loved one right before a holiday makes for an annual jab in that empty spot they left behind.  Losing your father, right before Father's Day, adds an extra dose of bitterness to the experience.

Nineteen years, Dad.  I hope you'd be proud of the man I've become.  I know you wouldn't agree with all the choices I've made...I don't even agree with all the choices I've made.  But I think I've done a pretty good job of becoming the good man you would have wanted me to be, overall.

I miss you...
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Fri 17 Jun 2016
at 23:19
Bitter Almost-Love
How in the world are you going to call off a date just because I'm "inexperienced"? Since when is being inexperienced a bad thing. The only thing that means is that I won't try anything crazy or out of the ordinary unless you tell me to. I'm honestly not a bad guy. Yes, I work two jobs, which leaves with little sleep and even less time available to spend doing what I want to, but frankly, the money is nice (which by the way, I didn't hear you complaining about that extra money when we went to Great America and a really nice restaurant). You should've given me a chance. I would have made it well worth your while.
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 02:55
Banging a head against a wall
Why the ever loving french fry is it so hard for people to understand the concepts of getting in character? I mean seriously, if your going to say something is the setting, with this and the other thing as the setting, then why, for the love of God why?! , is it so hard to get people to be in character? I mean, it's not that hard. It's not even that obscure, as most people already get the concepts of the setting. So hAve people be in character! It's your job GM, so just do it. Don't belly ache, don't whine, don't make excuses, don't say "well it's not exactly the same"! Just get your players to understand that some concepts apply universally, and have them get in character.

Not...that...French frying...hard!
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Sat 16 Jul 2016
at 04:48
Banging a head against a wall
Nothing like wasting a vacation day for the close on your house to get the keys and start moving, only for them to he done after you wouldbhave gone home from work.
The paper work was done, monies were exchanged and signatures sogned before today. Were we just waiting for the Ghostbusters movie?
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
at 05:16
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.

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Isida KepTukari
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
at 14:59
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.
Got home from vacation, met with our contractor to do some work on our new house, and then as soon as he left, our cat starts to poop everywhere.  And not solid poops, oh no, liquid poops.  Husband and I are basically chasing the cat around the house with paper towels and cleaner, trying to catch him before he ruins something else.  We had to lock him in the bathroom with his litter box just so we could get some sleep and not wake up to find more liquid feces on everything...

He's going to the vet in an hour.  I really hope this is just moving stress for the poor lad.
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Thu 28 Jul 2016
at 00:16
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.
You have got to be a special kind of apple hole to invite yourself along on somebody's FAMILY vacation!

Once a year we go on vacation as a family, just us and the kids.  This year the girls are old enough to actually remember a fun vacation.  We're taking them to an amusement and water slide park a few hours away, and camping for the weekend.

Sounds like a great time.  And then our neighbor decides he's going too with his family, and asked the campground for a tent site right next to ours.  WTH?!  He's not even a close enough friend I'd call family.

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Thu 28 Jul 2016
at 02:49
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.
That feeling when it's discovered you have Surprise!BrainCancer and you suddenly find yourself away from home and your fur-babies for over two months with only a brief week-long visit with them between the major brain surgery and the radiation/chemo, and what you really wanted/needed was your favourite game (which has always been therapeutic even when life was good) but the GM puts it on hold with the possibility of deleting it. And you can't get angry with the GM at all because you know that they, like everyone, have their own strudel to deal with and you respect that, but you're still desperate to play that character and you don't really have the energy to try to find a whole new game, go through all the joining discussion, hope you mesh with the other players, etc. And then when you try to vent about this elsewhere, nobody really seems to get it or understand how important it is to you and so you can't even get any genuine sympathy because "it's just a game."

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Tue 6 Sep 2016
at 17:58
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.
Got a vent and a not-vent, so I'll get the negative out of the way first (you can go to the appropriate thread and see what I'm not-venting about there...)

Missed out on two makeup jobs over the weekend, because while I was on my way to the first one, my car blew its timing the middle of the freeway at 80-something MPH.  Busiest weekend I've had in months, coming at me...less than three months after I'd had the clutch rebuilt...days before I was going to replace the water pump (and the timing belt, since that particular model runs the timing belt off the water pump...)

Now I'm back in the market for a car.  Got through the weekend thanks to the generosity of friends, but after spending nearly $1000 on my car already this year, having to turn around and buy another car is NOT a welcome challenge.
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Thu 8 Sep 2016
at 18:16
A journey made once, and with no two steps retread.
Today feels like it is taking forever. Speed up bloody heck. I keep looking at the clock waiting thinking it must be later. Blarg. I'm bored.