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09:51, 15th April 2024 (GMT+0)

NOTHING but VENTS -- Vent all You Want Without Replies.

Posted by Shannara
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 02:31
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I'm a little annoyed with Micro Center right now. I took in a $1000 machine to get repaired (still under warranty) and they kept giving me the run around. Now I wouldn't mind that if the gentleman "helping" me wasn't such a condescending jackfruit. Yes, I know what a motherboard is. I know what a USB hub is. I am quite aware of the differences between an SSD and an HDD are. I'm not a complete ditz, good lord.

I don't know what it is about this season, but everyone wants to be rude. I'm sorry you have to deal with longer shifts, I'm sorry that you have to deal with strawberry customers, but whatever the last person did to you that annoyed you, that wasn't my fault. I can do without the patronizing attitude.

On a more positive note, Geeksquad coming in clutch when I need them.
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
at 19:09
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Poopy POOP! No one is going to be here for Christmas (rightfully so) but it's the only year I will be alone, on Christmas, for a large portion of the day, just bored out of my mind, with no gifts and just cringing at listening to Christmas music.

As Chris Rock said once, boring is bad too, but better than freaky straws happening in your life. His bit was about relationships, and stress being good for them, but I'm just sad I'm going to be bored and Christmas is going to be like working for Scrooge a nightguard for his precious paperclips no one will steal anyway. Just long periods of thinking; damn, it's Christmas, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Well, I might just come back, to this thread, to post another vent tomorrow. Bah Humbug... No, nope. Merry Christmas to everyone (that celebrates it) but dang this gonna be pitiful. :(
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Sun 24 Dec 2017
at 05:20
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Trying to be happy during the christmas season, but sonuva doughnut I need a cigarette and a little less screaming from the little ones...
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Fri 5 Jan 2018
at 07:38
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies


Okay...bit of backstory to this.  I work at a movie theater (discount theater, the type that used to be called a 'dollar theater', although admission prices just went up to $3 during the week and $4 on weekends, this past week).  I'm the guy who gets the hard-drives with the movies and downloads them into the servers, and sets everything else up so they can play on schedule.  Part of that process is downloading digital 'keys' for those movies that require them, which enable our equipment to play the movies within the designated time frame (typically anywhere from one week to three months, depending on the week is the norm).

Someone else books the movies, and does all the communication work with the distributors, which includes getting the hard drives shipped to us, getting the posters for display...and getting the keys, which she then forwards to me so I can unzip the files to install on our servers.

On any given week, I find out what we're going to be showing for the coming weekend and the week following on Monday (this week, it was and all that...)  I will usually start getting keys emailed to me about the same time, although it's rare that I get ALL of them that early.  But, generally speaking, by Thursday, everything is ready to go and programmed and all they need to do each day is just turn on the equipment and it will take care of itself.

This week, our new incoming film came from a different distributor than we normally use...not a big problem for me, as long as the hard drive is here on time.  Well, got here tonight, got the hard drive started downloading, got the rest of the keys that had been emailed to me...and I was still missing keys for the new movie.  Text our booking agent to ask what's up...and she tells me that because it's a new distributor, they don't have the information to program keys to send us...and she needs the model and serial number of all of our projectors and servers to send to them (this is at, like, 10:30 at night, the night before we're supposed to start showing the new movie...all of our equipment is running, there are people watching shows, I can't turn on lights in the projection area, I have NO FREAKIN' IDEA where look for the information...

AND SHE'S HAD THREE DAYS TO TRACK DOWN THIS INFORMATION, or even just to find out that she needs it!  She didn't find out until today, apparently, although I have no idea what time...and if I hadn't pestered her about it, I have no idea when she would have come to get it.  As it is, I found a flashlight, fumbled around as best I could, found the labels on the outside of the projector units to get her THAT part of the information...then I had to rummage around inside the server racks WHILE THEY ARE RUNNING to find the model and serial numbers for the servers (first, I had to figure out which of the six components in the rack was actually the server!)

But I got her the info (she made it sound like it was all she needed, and then the keys would be immediately forthcoming)...and now, two hours later...STILL NO KEYS.

Which means I'll have to make a heavy shift to tomorrow's plans and come here when I should be at my other job, to take five minutes to download and install keys (seriously, it takes longer to boot up the servers...WAY longer...than it does to install the the time you factor that in, it will be closer to twenty minutes).  That's assuming, of course, that she gets the keys to me in any sort of timely fashion (two weeks ago, I was downloading the movie mere hours before it was supposed to show...)

And we don't have the poster for the movie yet, either (this is the second week the movie beat the poster here in the last month...)

I love the job.  Really, I do.  But it is supposed to be something I can do IN ONE NIGHT, and when I don't have everything by that night, it really screws up the rest of my, my hours at my day job (which, luckily, are really flexible this time of year).  And, it's a family-run business, so while everyone is going to be annoyed hearing about it, odds are really good that nobody will do anything about it, because she's family (and because I bust my butt to make sure everything works out as smoothly as possible when garbage like this happens.)

Okay...I feel moderately better now.  Thanks for reading along.
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Fri 5 Jan 2018
at 15:31
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Tue 23 Jan 2018
at 02:54
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I'm just having a crash. I'm really trying, but I'm not doing so well on taking care of myself. I had SUCH a good weekend, but I overdid myself, and while I don't regret it, I'm having a crash.

I tried to Rmail a GM, and said too much, wrote too much and now it's largely to waste,and I'm exhausted from it. I want to relax when I come to RPoL and I feel like it's hard work to anyone in games here. All I can do is try...I'm just so exhausted and want to chill. *sigh*
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
at 03:28
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Yes, I'm queer. Yes, I like combat in my games. Sorry for offending you with the combination! >:'( I really wish I could find a fit for me. I keep trying but it's so difficult to get a comfortable fit.

Everything is fine...and then it goes downhill. It's like dating...I swear! So many GMs I try to connect with get on the offense, abrasive and condescending. It makes me so mad! When all I want to do is be friendly, they want to pick apart why I'm wrong. >:'(
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
at 22:37
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

From now on Im marking my games 'sole ownership'. Nothing worse than coming back here and no longer feeling at all a part of games you actually created and put your heart into.
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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 15:28
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Found out the hospital my wife gets her PKU formula through didn't get the grant this year to be able to provide them. So now we have to pay out between $500 - $800 a month for this as it's needed or else bad health. Even worse, my insurance won't cover even a single packet of the formula regardless how much the doctors say otherwise.

So now, instead of trying for our second child this year, we might just be trying to keep her in health.

2018 is not playing nice. Can I ask for a different year?
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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 22:38
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I had to go and open my big fat mouth...

I'd been doing remarkably well this winter, health-wise...a few occasional sniffles, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I mentioned that to a friend last weekend, felt a cold coming on all day Sunday, was laid out Monday and Tuesday, able to work half-days Wednesday and Thursday, was thinking my recover was coming along nicely last night when I went to bed...

Woke up so congested I could barely breathe, coughing harder than yesterday and so much gunk in my throat I could barely swallow.  I'm feeling better now...but I forgot to bring any of my cold meds to work with me, so who knows what state I'll be in by the time I go home...

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Mon 12 Feb 2018
at 09:07
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Dang it! (gonna make this short and sweet, this time). I went and spent two straight hours on RPoL ona non-RPoL night, when I had other things to do.Iposted here while I ate...and didn't eat...-_-.

So yeah, shame on V!

Be back tomorrow *grins* hopefully for not so long. It is an RPoL day, but I need to have that be partially today, to catch up. *shrugs* and *logs out*
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Wed 28 Feb 2018
at 03:54
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Can't believe Section 8 housing assumes mental health isn't medical expenses. The ass supervisor even laughed when he mentioned this, like my mental health was a joke.

So I have to pay $750 on housing, in addition to my medical expenses, which is WHY I qualify for Section 8 housing. C'mon, people, give mental health the dignity it deserves. Gosh dang! You made me wait four months just to tell me. Really? really? really? REALLY? really? really. *Facepalm through all four dimensions of my face* Uggggghhhh. Soooooo. I guess I'll be going to a church after all. Hopefully they'll help us without needing me to be part of the congregation. *sigh* -_-.
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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 22:52
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I sometimes wish I could give up, but how? It's not like I'm not going to just sit and wallow in my tics, OCD and PTSD, because why the hell would I?! But my games fail because I hit these patches. These fruiting god darn mother hating patches, where my throat is run raw, so I get one infection, and then it spreads to another. I have these happen so often I'm not advised to KEEP taking antibiotics for the minor ones. But it's painful, and yeah, it makes me bitter. I have next to no human contact, for the bitterness, so I'd like to shield my worse side from the few RPoL players that still play under me....but then I think they think I flake. I sort of do, I mean I could GM, I'm just not going to do it out of pure commitment. I do it for fun too, but I FEEL so bad. All I want to do is escape, but I can't physically, I can't rip out the disorders, the incessesent ticing and the hounding obsessing, and insidious compulsive habits. They WAIT for me to be weak to be at their worst.

*sigh* It seems I'm the only one who's using this thread recently, so I'll stop for awhile and keep my thoughts more private. I just sometimes get disheartened by how basal my joys are, things people take for granted, that I have hard time with. I enjoy eating when I keep my food. I enjoy sleeping when I don't have haunting nightmares of the first 20 years of abuse. I enjoy talking, when I'm not pushing someone away with being honest, or worst yet, arguing.

I...enjoy gaming, on the few times I can string together a coherent post that take all other participants' actions into account.

Most of the time's one fruiting thing, or an- mother hating -other that causes this languishing pain.
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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 13:02
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

It's strange seeing how quickly and easily you are replaced.
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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 17:08
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I just learned I can't get the Much need dental surgery because I have a bad heart. They say that the risk that I will die is to high. So instead I have to live with broken teeth and can't eat right, which in turn is aggrivating my heart and other things. Talk about a catch 22.
One of the problems with my heart is I am not getting the needed nutrients from my food. This is because I Can't properly chew my food. I need to get 7 teeth removed before I can get a partial so I can once more Eat properly.
And for those who know, I tried Laughing Gas (Nitrous) and found it actually makes me agitated. (Full on panic attack) which is why we turned to full sedation, but I can't be sedate for fear of me having a heart attack. I even went so far to offer a waiver, but the Insurance people won't allow for it even then. *grouse grouse grouse*
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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 02:55
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Well, that's NOT how I wanted to spend my Thursday evening...

I work at a small-town movie theater, showing second-run movies (what would have been a dollar theater, back when I was younger...inflation being what it is, it's a $3 theater, except on weekend evenings, and then it's a $4 theater...)  Had a tech from our projector vendor come in to update the software on our systems...

Dude wiped the WHOLE SYSTEM CLEAN.  We didn't have any movies, any trailers, none of the cues for the automation...EVERYTHING.  His boss came and got us enough to get up and running, I'm still copying trailers from the last hard-drive we got and rebuilding our program for next week...I've been here for over three hours, I have no idea how long those guys were here before I got here (at least that long, based on how much they got put back into the servers before I got here...)

This ranks way up there on the 'deep kimchi' scale...of the six movies we were supposed to show tonight, we can only show four, because we'd already returned the hard drives for the other two and the closest place that had them was an hour and a half round boss decided it wasn't worth it for the handful of tickets we'd sell to them.  There's still a handful of things that aren't back to normal, and won't be for a few days...

Part of me is glad this didn't happen tomorrow, because I have plans for tomorrow night.  Part of me wishes it had, because we wouldn't have the issue with missing hard drives and irreplaceable movies.  Mostly, I just wish the dude hadn't scrambled the system in the first place...
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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 13:08
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I teased an admin on a discord server and got warned and threatened with a ban. Great way to show your maturity dude, threatening someone with a ban for saying. "10 years later" and "100 years later"

So I left the server. I will not be in a place with such abusive admins.
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Fri 11 May 2018
at 06:02
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I'm pretty sure I've posted something like this before, but...

I just LOVE it when I can't finish my job because someone else is behind on theirs.  We're hanging lights in our theater at work...I can only plug in about half of them, because the electricians haven't finished re-wiring stuff from our tech booth being relocated.  Stuff that needs to run off dimmers?  No problem (except that we have a different lighting designer this year, and almost all of our dimmer-controlled outlets are located a considerable distance from where those lights are being hung...)  But all of our intelligent lights, moving-head fixtures, and LED lighting instruments?  Those have to run on constant power...and that's pretty much all still under renovation.

Thanks, guys...good to know all of our advance planning, trying to get our lights up and ready early this year is going to do us so much good and we're still going to end up having to finish putting everything together at the last minute...
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Sat 2 Jun 2018
at 02:24
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Ugh. Gimme a fruitin' break!

My house got to be ground zero for a battle between a pair of skunks, with the winner being the worst Dandelion onion smell of my entire frolicking life. Just in time for the nonprofit organization even that I must, by law, attend, since I am the local group's treasurer, and there will be monetary exchanges. So yeah...I'm taking three or more bathing opportunities per day, since the frolicking skunks sprayed the house. Which means that I get to wait for the stench to dissipate on it's own, as well as continuously do laundry to keep the smell out of the clothes.

And then, it gets even better! My wife, who has had a few days of feeling unwell, goes to the doctor for figuring out what's going on. At midafternoon. We don't hear back until 11pm, and all of a sudden it's an emergency (which it was) about there being 6 times the normal amount of chemicals in the blood for blood clots. we rush to the hospital, to find out that there are some minor blockages in the lungs that have already caused minor lung damage. Yay....

Now, combine that with the fact that I smell of skunk, the medicine makes my wife nauseous, so I can't even stay with her for long before the smell gets to her, and I have to be somewhere else, nearly 100 miles away, by law, to attend an event that is getting less important to me personally. The icing on this fruity shiitake storm is that the other people who ought to know how to do things haven't done them, and so I've got to do their job too...
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 14:26

Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Wasted half my Sunday talking to a fruiting idiot.  All for nothing but a stream of abuse and insults.
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 16:56
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was off-topic, at 17:40, Sun 03 June 2018.
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 17:03
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Panera!  How about you switch things up and get an order correct for once!
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Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 12:56
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Single again, but at least this one I do not harbor so much anger for that I want her to go missing. I thought she was different, but in too many ways she was just like my exes.

Here's to trying again sometime.
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 16:13
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Fudging Monday's man. Kid has a meltdown and doesn't want to go to school, spouse gets upset because of kid and it triggers a big fight between us. Sky is cloudy, everything is broken at work and there is about a thousand emails in my inbox demanding attention.

Fudge the living fudge out of Monday's, man...
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 00:14
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Work - you know, if you want your test results by a certain time, maybe you should consider not bringing me the samples an hour and a half late, then hanging about whining how 'it ought to be done by now, are you done yet ?' Last time I checked the laws of physics and space and time still applied to you spoiled invertebrates.
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