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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 13:02
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
It's strange seeing how quickly and easily you are replaced.
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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 17:08
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I just learned I can't get the Much need dental surgery because I have a bad heart. They say that the risk that I will die is to high. So instead I have to live with broken teeth and can't eat right, which in turn is aggrivating my heart and other things. Talk about a catch 22.
One of the problems with my heart is I am not getting the needed nutrients from my food. This is because I Can't properly chew my food. I need to get 7 teeth removed before I can get a partial so I can once more Eat properly.
And for those who know, I tried Laughing Gas (Nitrous) and found it actually makes me agitated. (Full on panic attack) which is why we turned to full sedation, but I can't be sedate for fear of me having a heart attack. I even went so far to offer a waiver, but the Insurance people won't allow for it even then. *grouse grouse grouse*

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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 02:55
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Well, that's NOT how I wanted to spend my Thursday evening...

I work at a small-town movie theater, showing second-run movies (what would have been a dollar theater, back when I was younger...inflation being what it is, it's a $3 theater, except on weekend evenings, and then it's a $4 theater...)  Had a tech from our projector vendor come in to update the software on our systems...

Dude wiped the WHOLE SYSTEM CLEAN.  We didn't have any movies, any trailers, none of the cues for the automation...EVERYTHING.  His boss came and got us enough to get up and running, I'm still copying trailers from the last hard-drive we got and rebuilding our program for next week...I've been here for over three hours, I have no idea how long those guys were here before I got here (at least that long, based on how much they got put back into the servers before I got here...)

This ranks way up there on the 'deep kimchi' scale...of the six movies we were supposed to show tonight, we can only show four, because we'd already returned the hard drives for the other two and the closest place that had them was an hour and a half round trip...my boss decided it wasn't worth it for the handful of tickets we'd sell to them.  There's still a handful of things that aren't back to normal, and won't be for a few days...

Part of me is glad this didn't happen tomorrow, because I have plans for tomorrow night.  Part of me wishes it had, because we wouldn't have the issue with missing hard drives and irreplaceable movies.  Mostly, I just wish the dude hadn't scrambled the system in the first place...
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Fri 13 Apr 2018
at 13:08
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I teased an admin on a discord server and got warned and threatened with a ban. Great way to show your maturity dude, threatening someone with a ban for saying. "10 years later" and "100 years later"

So I left the server. I will not be in a place with such abusive admins.
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Fri 11 May 2018
at 06:02
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I'm pretty sure I've posted something like this before, but...

I just LOVE it when I can't finish my job because someone else is behind on theirs.  We're hanging lights in our theater at work...I can only plug in about half of them, because the electricians haven't finished re-wiring stuff from our tech booth being relocated.  Stuff that needs to run off dimmers?  No problem (except that we have a different lighting designer this year, and almost all of our dimmer-controlled outlets are located a considerable distance from where those lights are being hung...)  But all of our intelligent lights, moving-head fixtures, and LED lighting instruments?  Those have to run on constant power...and that's pretty much all still under renovation.

Thanks, guys...good to know all of our advance planning, trying to get our lights up and ready early this year is going to do us so much good and we're still going to end up having to finish putting everything together at the last minute...
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Sat 2 Jun 2018
at 02:24
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Ugh. Gimme a fruitin' break!

My house got to be ground zero for a battle between a pair of skunks, with the winner being the worst Dandelion onion smell of my entire frolicking life. Just in time for the nonprofit organization even that I must, by law, attend, since I am the local group's treasurer, and there will be monetary exchanges. So yeah...I'm taking three or more bathing opportunities per day, since the frolicking skunks sprayed the house. Which means that I get to wait for the stench to dissipate on it's own, as well as continuously do laundry to keep the smell out of the clothes.

And then, it gets even better! My wife, who has had a few days of feeling unwell, goes to the doctor for figuring out what's going on. At midafternoon. We don't hear back until 11pm, and all of a sudden it's an emergency (which it was) about there being 6 times the normal amount of chemicals in the blood for blood clots. So...off we rush to the hospital, to find out that there are some minor blockages in the lungs that have already caused minor lung damage. Yay....

Now, combine that with the fact that I smell of skunk, the medicine makes my wife nauseous, so I can't even stay with her for long before the smell gets to her, and I have to be somewhere else, nearly 100 miles away, by law, to attend an event that is getting less important to me personally. The icing on this fruity shiitake storm is that the other people who ought to know how to do things haven't done them, and so I've got to do their job too...

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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 14:26
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Wasted half my Sunday talking to a fruiting idiot.  All for nothing but a stream of abuse and insults.
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 16:56
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 17:03
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Panera!  How about you switch things up and get an order correct for once!
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 The Unlucky Gamer
Thu 7 Jun 2018
at 12:56
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Single again, but at least this one I do not harbor so much anger for that I want her to go missing. I thought she was different, but in too many ways she was just like my exes.

Here's to trying again sometime.
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 16:13
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Fudging Monday's man. Kid has a meltdown and doesn't want to go to school, spouse gets upset because of kid and it triggers a big fight between us. Sky is cloudy, everything is broken at work and there is about a thousand emails in my inbox demanding attention.

Fudge the living fudge out of Monday's, man...
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 00:14
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Work - you know, if you want your test results by a certain time, maybe you should consider not bringing me the samples an hour and a half late, then hanging about whining how 'it ought to be done by now, are you done yet ?' Last time I checked the laws of physics and space and time still applied to you spoiled invertebrates.
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 00:43
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I messed up majorly. You know itís bad when stepping into 27 degree weather feels cool because youíve been crying in your car for who knows how long.
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 06:59
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Cancer sucks. One transplant and a year ago and it all felt like it was getting better. There was a future to look forward to but I'm still not off the immuno-suppressant drugs yet and it just feels like a tunnel at the end of the tunnel. In material terms I know its getting better but it doesn't feel like it sometimes. It's so hard to get sleep at night and some mornings I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep but it doesn't work like that and the sleep never comes and I'm so tired and then body rolls some dice and decides which part of me is going to be in pain today.
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Fri 22 Jun 2018
at 22:00
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Spent three hours and change working on a delicate prop...a backup to one we have in the show, thank goodness.  As I'm going through and cleaning up some areas I'd glued together...it broke.  It's glass.  While I can glue it to a base, I can't glue it back together.

Three hours of wasted effort...
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Sat 30 Jun 2018
at 10:15
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
My friend asked me to keep Saturday nights into Sunday monrings free for him. Cool, I haven't seen him in months. We play cards and he spends the majority of the game making dirty jokes and stalling he card game. Then gets mad because I'm not laughing. It's just not funny, it's middle school humor. We barely finish the card game, which is what I invited him to do, talking is great, but I want to DO something too.

Then he says to keep Saturdays free, but "no promises". "Okay, so just play it by ear?" I ask "No dude, I know you game on the weekends. Save some time for me. I matter too. My time matters." so I take that as to put priority on Saturdays and Sundays but if he cancels now and then, cool.

So the last MONTH no messages, no calls. I finally get a message "Oh dude, I was at a wedding" For a month? "No, no, but I had to get ready" "OH, so you were best man, of usher?" "Nah, no. Nothing like that" "Okay, well...what do you mean you had to 'get ready'" "You know, I had to dress up" "Oh...kay...what were you doing the week before last week?" "Oh I just went over to Bill's and played Mech Warrior." "Bill got married!" "No, no, different guy. I don't even know the guy at the wedding, he's from work, but I figure 'eh, I got nothing going on' Bill's got a new PC though. So I went over to play Mech-" "This was two weekends ago?" "Yeah, yeah" "Um...you know you asked me to keep my weekends open" "Yeah, yeah, but that's for if I'm bored, I want you to be available. I know you're usually busy on weekends. I wanted to hang."

Jeez I was upset. So this weekend I'm gaming without him. Guy has burned the bridge every time I try to rebuild it. So I'm done, just done. I have better things to do then listen to him make sex jokes and play the world's slowest game of cards. I was worried he was like, hurt or something. Nope, dude's just wanting me to be some sad sack. Fruit that! Fruit that so hard it runs juice.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 13:30
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
So, I think I know why my body tries to prevent me from getting a good night's sleep. The last two times I've allowed myself to sleep in and get some REM sleep, my mind decided to set up some fruit you dreams in both of them.
I hate you, subconcious.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 18:32
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Look... three of your "lovely, peaceful, gentle dogs" are actually murderous little psychotic rat-blueberries who have, on multiple occasions, tried to kill your fourth dog, which is still a puppy.  We are sick of cleaning up her wounds, just because you insist that all four of them need to be kept in the same pen at all times.

We have other work to do besides keeping an eye on your brutes.  Other customer's dogs need exercising, feeding, and generally looking after (much nicer dogs than yours - even the grouchy pitbull).  We clean all the pens daily, in fact we clean the whole building daily.  We keep the outdoor pens and the garden clean and tidy.  We rebuild furniture that certain dogs have wrecked.

We do not have the manpower to baby-sit your precious little snowflakes every second of the day.  You don't pay enough for us to hire more staff specially to keep an eye on your dogs.  We don't have the time to listen to your rants about how you should get even more of a discount because your dogs are so impeccably well behaved.  And no, we don't include fighting, ripping up the furnishings in the pen, and... er... performing their biological functions indoors (having just been outside for an hour) in a list of good behaviour.  Oh, and they have gas... more than enough to provide the energy needs of an industrialised European country.  You seriously need to reconsider their diet.

The fact that we called you because your pup was attacked again (and the person who broke it up got her arm bitten), and you chose to phone our boss and blame us for the pup's injuries, is the reason she told you your dogs are no longer welcome here.  That, and the fact that you lied to her about their behaviour.

Guess you'll need to find someone else to put up with their stench, and their vicious temperaments.  Thank you for your business.  Remember to close the gate on your way out.
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 Life; a journey made once
Sun 8 Jul 2018
at 23:04
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
You know you're sleep deprived when...
  • you stare at the food in the refrigerator, having not eaten in hours, and after a good 90 seconds have the question mentally present itself "What do I DO with it?" You eat it dumb ass!
  • You think the above is funny, and think about writing it as a snarky joke. Stand there, zoning for another 40 seconds, and then realize you need to eat. But first you must choose the food and take it to sit down.
  • The immediately above course are "things that are hard to do"!
  • You forgot where you put the food.
  • You also think that's funny.
  • Yet you somehow circle back to the first point, because "the FUD must be the fridge! Dur!"

I thankfully only had nearly two full circuits and found my food and am eating it ravenously, like it's Good Friday.
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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 00:58
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Somehow my father refusing to mind his diabetes and nearly going blind is somehow my fault entirely.

Somehow the front desk girl fruting up our appointment times with the ophthalmologist is my fault.

That he hasn't made an appointment with his PCP is my fault as well.



But sure, I'll become his unpaid case worker now. That's what the eldest kid does for their parents, right?

Fruit, I'm tired today.
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Sun 29 Jul 2018
at 10:49
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I'm kind of tired of joining games where I'll ask repeatedly if there are huge power disparities between characters/if I'm making a redundant character/if I'm making a character with interests that won't have anything to do with where the game is going, be assured up and down that I'm not, and then..

I'll make a therapist, and whoops, someone else can basically cure mental trauma as one off magic power uses.

I'll make a combat focused character that can be part of a collaborative effort to take an enemy down, saving basically a person, while someone else can kill an entire group of that enemy, by themselves, in short order, saving an entire village.

I'll make a character where I'll outline the parts of the campaign premise they're interested in, only for those parts to have nothing to do with what then happens in game.


It's especially wearying to note having a problem with that sort of thing and not getting much more than some really, really arch, defensively insulting, scare quotes and all response that the only way anyone could have a problem with that sort of thing is if they themselves wanted to be more special than everyone else. Or getting a line about just incapable of understanding how a game should work. Like, as far as being redundant, if you don't enjoy being Superman's sidekick, you are morally deficient somehow as a person/a player of games.

No, I don't want to be more special than everyone else. No, I'm not asking for special storylines where my character "shines" more than anyone else. I just want to feel like I'm contributing in some equal fashion in a group of peers via the stuff my character is good at. That's really all.

It doesn't feel like that should be that unreasonable an ask but I guess it is?

Even something basic like "you've made a character that does X, but bear in mind that there are other characters in the game who can do X so much better than you ever could" would be appreciated when I'm actually making the character.

Or just "those parts of the campaign you're focusing on aren't going to come up anytime soon actually."
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Fri 24 Aug 2018
at 20:40
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
So I'm going nuts. I'm not a person who suffers from anxiety or anything else, I'm fairly laid back (with the occasional hulk temper)

Roughly 8 months ago I accepted a position with slightly less pay, BUT it was just down the street from where I live and allowed me to actually see my 3 year old son for more than an hour a day. It was announced about a week ago, a single day before my vacation, that the store is closing. So instead of having a nice relaxing vacation I have to cancel several plans so I can talk to the nearby stores as I'm guaranteed a job (any job) by the company due to this situation.

I've been through plant shutdowns before and it never really bothered me. Now however while I'm guaranteed a job it is going to be further away than the job I  left in order to be with my family. I'm looking back, as one sometimes does in this situation, only to see that every time I've done something for the benefit of family life it had turned out bad.

So here I am sitting, waiting, for corporate to talk to me about my offered position. All that is running through my head is why is this crap happening. It isn't like I've done anything wrong, the store closing isn't my fault and normally I'm able to simply let it slide away.
Why haven't I been able to properly eat for the last few days.
Sleep just really isn't happening thanks to my mind just not shutting down.
Why is it bothering me this time and not the several times before.
I've tried to talk to a few people but the only answer I get is "you have to do what is best for yourself" I did and now I'm in this situation so that advice sucks fruitcake.

Doesn't help that tension at work is like an old rubber band stretched to the limit for far to long.
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 The fifth in a series of
 odd things you saw today.
Tue 11 Sep 2018
at 01:36
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
BLUEBERRIES will literally download an app to get haunted before they download an app for the pharmacy. And to top it all off, they have the AUDACITY to get mad because of a brief hold of 2 minutes when they call to see if their meds are ready. I'm not asking you to be Steve Jobs,  but dumplings, try to put some effort into it! "Is my prescription ready?" No, Tammy, it isn't because I have to keep stopping to answer the phone because 7 other people decided to ask me that question AT THE SAME TIME and 20 more just fell into my production queue. GO CALL YOUR MOM AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
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Tue 11 Sep 2018
at 15:56
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Yes, we know what a "sandbox" game is. Yes, we know what you think the advantages are. No, you're not clever or unique for taking that approach. You can all now stop re-explaining it in every thread about GMing.
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 21:58
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
It's really very sad how much of my job has come to consist of forwarding emails back and forth to people who will NOT talk to each other.

When I don't feel like a den mother, I feel like a child playing mediator between two divorcing parents.

Will you tell your father to pick up eggs on the way home?

Dad, Mom wants you to pick up eggs on the way home.

Tell your mother that I'm going to be working late tonight.  I'll do it, but they won't be there until 8:00pm.

Mom, Dad says he'll pick up eggs, and he'll be home around 8:00.

Tell your father that ..

Oh, for crying out loud ...

Even when I just forward the emails, they'll still only reply to me ... and yet if it's a frazzlefruit chain email sent to 50 people, THAT they'll use 'Reply All' to.