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Fri 9 Nov 2012
at 20:03
Re: Time marches on...
OMG why are people so ignorant. Hust had a verbal warning at work for leaving empty drinks bottles on my deak. I mean seriosly just ask me to clear them up a little more often thats not har. But going above my head to upper managemnt with a photo of 4 empty bottles complaining about rats is a little exsessive!
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Sat 10 Nov 2012
at 01:37
Re: Time marches on...
Is wondering if I am a people person or not. I wish that people would try to understand things! When I try thats nice but when they act like they know everything and treat you badly it makes me sick to my stomach!

I can see why people like animals more than humans at times. Less snarky!!!
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 places as Gatewalker.
Sat 10 Nov 2012
at 15:57
Re: Time marches on...
Stayed up late to try and talk a near suicidally depressed internet freind into being less so. Have no idea whether or not it actually helped at all, and since he's an internet freind there's nothing else I can really do besides talk to him. Trying to convince him to see a councilor, but apparently in his neck of the world that's like the ultimate sign of weakness and even thinking that he's "so bad he has to get therapy" is making him MORE depressed.

I really, really, really, would like to choke slam whoever in history got the ball rolling on that whole mindset of "men don't need help to solve thier problems".
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 Time you enjoy
 wasting isn't wasted
Mon 12 Nov 2012
at 00:01
Re: Time marches on...
I've come down with a cold this weekend. I was feeling wretched last night and this morning but better this afternoon. I'm really hoping I can get rid of it some more by tomorrow.
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Tue 13 Nov 2012
at 03:14
Re: Time marches on...
I wish I knew what it was that was causing the ache on the right side of my face.  It's almost like a toothache, in that it seems to be centered on my teeth...but I can't localize it to one tooth.  I thought I had it figured out last night (I've got a wisdom tooth with a cavity in it, which is just waiting until I get my end-of-year bonus check to come out)...but when I tried treating the suspected area with an oral anesthetic, it did no good.  At various times throughout the day, I've felt like it was centered on that tooth, the tooth in front of it, the tooth in front of THAT, and the back molar in my lower jaw (which had a root canal back in March, so I KNOW I'm not getting a toothache there...)

It also kinda feels, sometimes, like I've been clenching my jaw so hard that I'm suffering TMJ...except that the pain never remains consistent there, it always drops back down to somewhere along my upper jaw.

And on top of all that, something in my sinuses is apparently dessicated, because every time I take a deep breath, I feel like someone's sticking a needle in the back of my sinus cavity.  I can take ibuprofen for the pain in my jaw, and it seems to work fairly well...not so much for the sinus thing.  This sucks...
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Tue 13 Nov 2012
at 22:22
Re: Time marches on...
I have had enough of today!
No hot water. no internet half of the day. Fought for 90 minutes with my mother on the phone. My ex found my number (meaning I'll have to change it AGAIN!). Have a writers block on my assignment. Had some drunkard try to be Don Cool and pick me up in the supermarket (only two good things I could say is that he has great taste in women and an admirable self-confidence). Just found out that the abortion my best friend had was due to my exboyfriend and another of my friends is hiding something from me.

I don't know if there is a god, but someone is definitely out to get me!
And he has a lousy sense of humour...
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 I should really stay out
 of this, I know...but...
Thu 15 Nov 2012
at 18:13
Re: Time marches on...
Blah.  Am behind in everything and still need lunch, but I spend twenty minutes on a post about GURPS.  I barely even follow GURPS!

I think I need to drop Community Chat again for a little while.

Happily, I do not have to re-title this message, because the current one is just right.  So that saves some time, right?  Except that I'm now spending longer talking about it than I would have if I had done it...hm.  Maybe I should just
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Mon 19 Nov 2012
at 09:48
Re: Time marches on...
I am seriously tired of my family right now.
They are fruiting papayaing me off.
It's absolutely impossible to talk with them without being emotionally blackmailed into some zero-sum game with no better potential than a standstill.
Now I have to cancel all social occations, my schedule and potentially a trip abroad in order for that elderberry emotional vampire of an applehat mother to pineapple feel important and reprioritise my Tangerine needs.
I am now put in a chilli chilli chilli position where my blackberry options are pomegranate getting extorted into doing my starfruit mothers durian will or start a lime fight and have other parts of my dragonfruit family start calling me up to watermelon reconcile and mango forgive her.

In other words: Spend time and energyfighting a battle uphill for a temporary truce or allow total and utter dominance over my spare time and priories.
Blueberry peachy.
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Mon 19 Nov 2012
at 19:18
Re: Time marches on...
It's the 3rd anniversary of my dad's death in a couple of days. For mostly that reason I haven't really been in good form. I've got a cold too, which isn't really helping.

Hopefully in a few days I'll feel better, less stressed, etc.
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Tue 20 Nov 2012
at 21:16
Re: Time marches on...
I really, really hate when she does this.

I'm in a decent mood, all ready to come home for Thanksgiving later tonight.  I call home to make sure that my ride is on its way.  My mom keeps hemming and hawwing about something- it turns out that she'd been allowing one of my pet cats out in the garage, among the old boxes, bins, and old bottles of chemicals that we have for some *fruiting* reason.  I kept telling her not to do it, but apparently she kept on doing it.

Two weeks ago, something happened out there to my little Spider- he got bit by something, he got poisoned, or something- I don't know what- but he apparently went downhill so rapidly that he died a week ago today.  He was acting erratically near the end, so I suspect he ended up knocking over a bottle of chemical and poisoned himself.

To say that I am unhappy with my mother right now is an understatement.  I was looking forward to seeing all three of my kitties, and now I will only see two.  I told her for months not to let my cats out into the garage, and this happens.  There will be a fight tonight, and it will not be pretty.
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Thu 22 Nov 2012
at 04:16
Re: Time marches on...
I have to hate it when all of a sudden people start using fruting new things that you haven't even heard about it is Grapefruit annoying

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Thu 22 Nov 2012
at 13:50
Re: Time marches on...
I have a deadline for assignment tomorrow, my laptop just decided to throw all last weeks work out the window because it couldn't agree with dropbox for where to store it and has just spent my last five hours booting and rebooting, cancelling updates and wasting my time.
NOTHING I hate more than being forced to wait when I'm in a hurry.
So much for sleep tonight.
Evil Empryss
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 spelling and grammar.
Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 02:17
Grrr... Black Friday Vouchers
Greedy fruiting bastiches who get in line early so they can grab a voucher for every single door buster... and then walk through the line offering to sell the vouchers to other people or brag about how they don't want the item and are just going to sell it on Craigslist!!!  Some of us can't afford to pay full price for this stuff, and you're being a major jack hole.

Used to be if you wanted multiple items you had to either bring people to help you or prioritize what you want. Either way, it gave other people a fair chance to get something for themselves.

I actually had someone try to sell me a voucher for an $88 tv for $50! That would make the tv full price. Jerk.
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 I collect hobbies.
Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 03:26
Re: Grrr... Black Friday Vouchers
I'm a merchandiser in Walmarts.  I'm working tomorrow.  Wtf.
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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 08:31
Re: Grrr... Black Friday Vouchers
As a retail worker I would like to say this to all Black Friday shoppers.

Please burn.
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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 08:41
You Lose... Thanks Immorality...
Idiot: Hello Zephydel...

Zephydel: Hello there...

Idiot: I need a moment of your time...

Zephydel: Let me finish my game first. If I win this battle I can increase my rank and get this rare item.

Idiot: (Shakes Zephydel) I need to talk to you now!

Zephydel: Hey! Cut it out! Oh crap!

Game: You Lose! Rank Down!

Zephydel: Great! There goes my one-week winning streak... There goes my rare item...

Idiot: Now will you listen?

Zephydel: Fine... What is it? (Drinks coffee)

Idiot: I am going to start dating her... I do not care if she is underage... I do not care if she is my first cousin...

Zephydel: (Almost chokes on his coffee) What the hell?! You ruined my winning streak just to tell me that?

Idiot: This is more important than your winning streak...

Zephydel: Yes... It is serious... I should start calling the cops...

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 RPG Rocks!!!!!
Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 18:51
Re: You Lose... Thanks Immorality...
They don't have Black Ops 2 for the Wii
The Agony
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Sat 24 Nov 2012
at 08:52
Shattered Dreams
*sigh* There comes a time in every man's life when he sets out on fulfilling a dream and then finds out that someone with more money, experience, and help already beat him to it.

*sigh* I just discovered Monte Cook is writing (and almost finished with) a system that seems on the surface incredibly similar to the core design of a system I was writing on my own. I mean, I still have unique elements and his setting is sci-fi fantasy while mine is just sci-fi (which is both a good and bad thing for me). *sigh* However, it's close enough though for people to look at mine and go "Oh this is just a cyberpunk, less smooth version of Monte's thing with a few more options and a larger scale and less of a sense of wonder built into the setting."


Monte, y u be better at your job than me?
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 30 years, and counting!
Sat 24 Nov 2012
at 18:24
Re: Shattered Dreams
So...apparently, somebody, last night, decided to have a little target practice...I'm spending the weekend at a friend's place.  We were watching something on Netflix (well, THEY were watching...I was editing some music on my laptop for another project we're working on) when there was a loud THUD outside.  At first we thought someone had driven past the house and thrown something, but there was nothing near the house that was out of order...

So, they started looking a little further.  My car, parked just off the street in front of their place, had a trash can wedged in under its bumper, and one of the passenger-side windows was shattered.  We thought, initially, that it was the neighbor's trash can...called the cops, they came out and took some pictures and so on...but the neighbor called just a little while ago, to ask about the mysterious trash can that had materialized in front of their place (after the cops were done, we put the can back where we thought it came from).

So, now it's looking like somebody GRABBED a trash can down the road, drove down the street at high speed, and threw it at my car...what a lovely holiday surprise, huh?
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 fine wine, will improve.
Wed 28 Nov 2012
at 05:09
Re: Shattered Dreams
I hate the cold, and it doesn't like me back.
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Thu 29 Nov 2012
at 18:50
Dx Why don't you just drop the miserable test if we don't have time for it instead of cramming THREE exams the week before Finals week? I mean really, is it that hard? We can deal with two! T-T AND THIS IS ALL BECAUSE YOU RAMBLE DURING LECTURES!! ARGH!

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Thu 29 Nov 2012
at 19:59
So I had to change a lightbulb today. Easy task, yes? Not in this house.

Whoever lived here before us bought and used some really cheap incandescent bulbs. So cheap, that when the time came to change these bulbs the metal thread at the base of the bulb came detached from the bulb. While still in the socket.

Well, I had managed to slowly work one out before, and so when this one did the same thing today I thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

Except for one thing. No matter how hard I tried, the stupid thing wouldn't turn. At all. And in my attempts to get this stupid, broken half of a lightbulb out of the socket so I could put a new one in, the entire socket cracked in half. Good news is the thread fell out. Bad news is it will never be able to be used again, as no lightbulb will fit in the ruined socket. Not that putting one in there would do anything but start an electrical fire.

And this the day after the vacuum cleaner broke down so that it would only run for rought 15 seconds at a time, while putting out next to no suction. Among all the other things in and about this house that are broken, breaking, or otherwise useless. And the vermin problem. I HATE this house. And I doubt any sane person would consider buying it from us so we can move to a house that functions as a house.
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Fri 30 Nov 2012
at 06:03
It's a bit of a minor thing, but what in the name of heaven possessed youtube to change their interface to emulate the appearance of Windows 8's windows interfaces when nobody likes Windows 8?

I mean heck they even emulated the needing two clicks to get to the main function of the thing. Literally I have to click two things from youtube.com just to get to what used to be on the main page from just plain going to the site.

I changed my bookmark to go to the subpage so now my "main page" works the same as the old sensible version! Yay! Only it's twice as bland and ugly looking and doesn't work with my screen resolution properly, placing everything crammed to the left! WOO!
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 hi all
Sat 1 Dec 2012
at 04:45
In to the Ice Age we go!!!!
Sigh...LORDY what a day!!!
first off it is FRUITIN'!!!!!! cold here.  -2F right now on my porch
woke up and needed to go do some running around (pay my last few bills, shop, drop off some things, etc.) only free workday I have.
weeeeeellllll....after plugging my truck in all night and flicking it on at 8am like I am supposed to (for a 3 hour charge..over night can fry the battery) I go to start my truck...'click cik click cik', fruitin' battery is dead.  okay, figgure maybe just a few more hours plugged in would do it.  try again 'clickity click clik-click'.  DEAD BATTERY!!!! again!!! it did this on Thanksgiving too.  finally got my brother-in-law to come over and jump my battery.  now its 4:15.  I have 45 minutes to be in 4 places.  I made 3.  so I made an alternate shop stop.  I went to the battery place and they checked my battery and alternator for free.  alternator was good...battery was holding less than half a charge.  shucked out about 100 bucks and had them put a new one in.  I'll see how it is doing tomorrow if it kicks over or I take a cab at 5am to work.
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Sat 1 Dec 2012
at 06:13
Re: In to the Ice Age we go!!!!
Man.  I just...ugh.

Partylite orders from a party I hosted finally arrived yesterday.  UPS left it at the door at 1:45.  I get a call from my roommate at 4:45 saying she just spoke to a cop who found the empty box in an alley.  Fruiting holiday thieves.

Friend is having a birthday party down at the local arcade tonight.  Get excited to go and blow off some steam and hang out with fun people.  Remember just as I'm getting ready to go that I have an early blood donation appointment in the morning, which means no drinking, and I have to go to bed early.  Stupid obligations and being responsible.  *grump*