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14:36, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

NOTHING but VENTS -- Vent all You Want Without Replies.

Posted by Shannara
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Wed 23 Nov 2016
at 01:49
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Dear Dyslexic Driver...

...When you put on your right blinker and expect me to let you into the left lane as you drive 40 mph in a 65 mph zone, and then you flash your brights at me when I pass you by...

There's this thing called "Driver's Education". Look into it. That'd be awesome.

member, 97 posts
Sat 10 Dec 2016
at 12:29
  • msg #876


Why is it so hard to find players who are able to sustain interest in a pbp? I am looking at my games and the games I play in and things move so slowly. Is it just in my head?
member, 47 posts
Tue 13 Dec 2016
at 19:14
  • msg #877


Diablo is 20 years old.

When did I get to be so old?
member, 176 posts
Sun 18 Dec 2016
at 18:32
  • msg #878

Freaking Really?

Why is it people get so pissy? I mean for crying out loud, if you're acting all snotty to someone, then you don't have a leg to stand on when they call you on it. You're not any kind of victim, you're the instigator. And, when your consist snottiness finally gets them to give you a verbal smack down about you being a jerk, it's STILL not you being the victim. If you had started off being a decent individual, then it wouldn't have happened. It's on you, not them, that you got put in your place. Grow up and get over it.
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member, 123 posts
I need a name change.
I want more games.
Thu 29 Dec 2016
at 22:42
  • msg #879

Freaking Really?


All these moderation notices... makes me want to just quit posting on public forums all together.
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member, 627 posts
Fri 30 Dec 2016
at 01:23
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Freaking Really?

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was moot, at 05:15, Fri 30 Dec 2016.
member, 1397 posts
I should really stay out
of this, I know...but...
Fri 30 Dec 2016
at 02:56
  • msg #881

Freaking Really?

I don't really care that much about the celebrity deaths.  I mean, sort of, but it's just...

It's not why I hate 2016.

Very literally the worst year of my life.

Except 2017 isn't looking to be any better.


I hate life.
member, 79 posts
Wed 5 Apr 2017
at 23:38
  • msg #882

Freaking Really?

Player: "my character is a justice-seeking vigilante"
Me: "ok, that works"

- - -
Me: "the child runs away from you screaming because you're covered in blood".
Player: "I break into his home, eat all the food, then loot everything".

member, 6910 posts
Gaming for over 30
years, and counting!
Fri 7 Apr 2017
at 06:54
  • msg #883

Freaking Really?

I'm not sure if we're actually a couple of weeks behind schedule, or if I was just never properly informed of what the schedule is...but up to my eyeballs in a project at work that, normally, I would have nothing to do with.  Not complaining about's given me the opportunity to showcase some skills that I know I have, but nobody else at work ever seems to acknowledge (and might be some fuel for asking for a pay raise, since I've done about six or seven things on this project that are NOT anywhere in my job description, even if you overlook the fact that the project is not even for my department...)

But I don't like being behind schedule on stuff.  I don't like the fact at it looks like I'm still going to be wading through garbage for this project when the stuff I'm SUPPOSED to be doing as a normal part of my job starts to become a priority.  I really don't like the fact that I've had to set aside one particular item on my list for this project for two weeks now because I had to wait for the contractors to finish part of THEIR list first (I was under the assumption that this whole project was supposed to be done two weeks ago...the contractors are still building stuff, we have to move a bunch of decorative stuff in, and then they have to set all the lighting and, yeah, conservatively, I'd say we're at least two weeks out, maybe even three...)

None of this would bug me anywhere near as much if anyone was bothering to keep me up-to-date on anything beyond which jobs within the project keep getting shuffled over to me (and even that is being generous...I was supposed to be emailed an updated list the end of last week.  I'm still knocking stuff off my old list, not knowing how many new things have been added yet.)  And, yeah...technically, there's no reason I need to know any of this other stuff.  But having once been in a position where I was getting updated weekly, if not more often, on EVERYTHING that was happening in the department, adjusting to different management style has been a trial...especially when they start talking about how much trouble they're having with some item or other, and I'm like, "I had time three weeks ago to take care of that...shoulda told me then...", or I end up helping someone else in my department with their project at the last minute because nobody said anything about it being a problem earlier (again, usually, when I had time earlier, as well...)
member, 181 posts
Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 18:30
  • [deleted]
  • msg #884

Freaking Really?

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was against the ToU, at 19:39, Mon 24 Apr 2017.
member, 103 posts
Wed 3 May 2017
at 23:11
  • msg #885

Can I complain about RPOL?

Am I allowed to complain about games falling apart in this thread? I didn't want to start a new one, I just wanted to complain about people starting things then disappearing. :-(

I've only been here a few months and literally I've had like a dozen games start and die in that time. That's absurd!!!

Are all PBP forums like this?

It would be nice if there was some kind of point system that you lost if you disappear without some reasonable explanation or something. :-\ But I guess people could/would just create new accounts or something.

ARGH! So frustrating!!!
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member, 632 posts
Fri 12 May 2017
at 11:01
  • msg #886

Can I complain about RPOL?

I feel like trying to jump ahead today is going to screw with me. I am not looking forward to my first day taking supervisor escalations. I think I am going to have to pull out the rum tonight. Maybe it was a good idea to make it on a weekend and just get it out of the way now, but the butterflies have turned to bees.
member, 6930 posts
Gaming for over 30
years, and counting!
Thu 18 May 2017
at 03:38
  • msg #887

Waiting for...what was his name again?

I love it when I'm stuck doing nothing on a project that urgently needs to be done, because someone else hasn't completed the preliminary work I need to do my job...even better when someone before me did their job in a haphazard fashion and I need to clean up what they did before I can do what I'm supposed to do...

We are supposed to open a show at the end of next week.  I was supposed to be hanging lights Monday and Tuesday. of when I left work today, the lighting designer still hasn't given us a light plot...can't hang lights if you don't know where they're supposed to hang...

To add busy-work to injury...they hired a couple of guys from a local business to help us hang the lights, since I'm the only remaining person on the crew who's ever done it.  These guys took one look at a couple of the lighting positions we had and said, " hang lights off THAT?" Yeah, and have been doing for two decades or so, but...current management likes to try and get things as professional as possible.  So, late Monday, they got a list of parts/hardware that needed to be ordered to bring our lighting positions up to current standards.  Those arrived yesterday morning...with some communications problems, so some of the hardware that what ordered would NOT work together, which slowed things down until we chased down the right stuff...then had to modify a bunch of other stuff...and got two-thirds of the way done with putting together the new lighting positions and had to come to a screeching halt because we need some conduit bent around the strut we're putting up.  So, yeah...supposed to start hanging lights Monday morning.  Tomorrow is Thursday.  We have yet to even get a list of which lights we need, much less where they are supposed to hang.  We start tech rehearsals on Monday.  We can't have the piece of equipment we need to reach many of the lighting positions on the park after tomorrow night.

And I'm catching a cold.  It's been a GREAT week...
member, 100 posts
Wed 31 May 2017
at 20:39
  • msg #888

Waiting for...what was his name again?

Can I just say how depressing it is to see an old, really-long-running game with lots of fun and awesome memories fall into the deletion bin?  I love going back and reading through posts from old games, but eventually, the games die, and get deleted.

It's depressing :(
member, 197 posts
Wed 31 May 2017
at 20:52
  • [deleted]
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Waiting for...what was his name again?

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was moot, at 21:10, Wed 31 May 2017.
member, 767 posts
Thu 1 Jun 2017
at 20:23
  • msg #890

I hate you Netflix

Netflix cancels Sense8.

I hate you Netflix. Hulu is better anyway.
member, 6933 posts
Gaming for over 30
years, and counting!
Fri 2 Jun 2017
at 09:52
  • msg #891

I want a raise...

Yeah, I know...who doesn't?  But here's the thing...

My job title is 'Wardrobe and Scenic Assistant Manager'.  Straightforward, right?  I'm in charge of wardrobe and scenery...

Well, this year, I'm also Master Electrician, Rigger (in the theatrical sense, not the Shadowrun sense), carpenter, painter (not scenic artist...just 'painter'), props master...I've always done more than one person's job, the entire time I've been working there.  One of the reasons they hired me in the first place is because I had such a diverse background that, as they told me, "If you didn't already know how to do the job, you could learn in pretty short order," for any position in our department.

Well, this year, I'm the only returning full-time technician.  So, I'm doing ALL the tech jobs, apparently.  Basically, I'm the department's technical director...except without a staff to assign jobs to (there are technicians...they just have little or no experience to speak I'm not sure which jobs I can give them because I don't know if they can do it, or if I'll end up having to stop what I'm doing to walk them through what I ask them to do--or worse, think it's been done and turn around and have to re-do it because they did it wrong...)

I think I've more than proven I'm worth way more than what I'm getting paid, thanks...
member, 459 posts
Fri 2 Jun 2017
at 15:02
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  • msg #892

I want a raise...

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was off-topic, at 15:06, Fri 02 June 2017.
member, 210 posts
Sun 4 Jun 2017
at 18:55
  • msg #893

I want a raise...

I don't get why people don't think ahead at times. Expecting people to pony up a lot of money for the possibility of maybe doing something that only has the possibility of being enjoyable is ridiculous.
member, 48 posts
A Blast From
The Past!
Tue 6 Jun 2017
at 16:21
  • msg #894

I want a raise...

I'm tired of people who are functionally unprepared for anything. Backstory is that we have a Game Night once a week or so for ourselves - me, my boss, and another co-worker. Occasionally, other people show up - former co-workers, spouses, all that. Last night, one of our former co-workers and his girlfriend call me up and ask if we're playing Pathfinder again. I said 'Yes' because we were. They want to play.

Ok, cool, you still got your character sheets from the last campaign y'all played in? You do? Awesome. Yeah, come on. Game starts at 6:30 sharp.

They show up at about 7:15, take forever to get settled in, and raid the fridge while we're sitting there waiting for them. Finally, they sit and we start. Since I designed this campaign to be able to accommodate a revolving door of players, it was fairly easy to take out the one No Show and deposit these two. I was in high spirits because we had gotten rid of a disruptive influence at the table - you know the kind - a guy who always uses meta knowledge, doesn't roleplay, always getting honked off about something immaterial, and just a general pain in the butt and the last few sessions had been enjoyable because the stories were getting told and, more importantly, we were making PROGRESS. Progress as in, we got more than three pages into the story before Mr. Disruptive whizzed all over everything.

So the Gypsy's Wayfarer Gate opens and deposits these two at the location where we left off in our last game and they proceed to just muck everything up. My two regulars are trying to ascertain whether they're friend or foe and they just clam up. No voluntary information. They just seemed lost as to what's going on - which is expected.

We have a standing rule that we put into place because people would just constantly flake on us: "You don't show up, you get left behind."

Instead of just trying to get caught up, they just sit quietly and start copying what my two regulars do. It takes them over an hour to walk down three streets and investigate one guard shack. So, feeling a bit of a bottleneck, I expedite things and move them ahead without delay. "Nothing on this street, nothing on this street," basically ignoring my whole plot line and a bunch of dramatic story element points to get them to their encounter with a patrol since that marks the midway point. They engage the three Soldiers and two Clerics (I added one extra of each because the two revolving door kids are higher level) and after they all roll Initiative, both of the Revolvers look at me and go,

"How do we fight?"

Me: "What?"

Druid (Her): "Like, how do we fight?"

Me: "You've got combat stats on the second page of your character sheet. All your weapons and stuff should be notated there."

Druid (Her): "I don't have any of that written down."

Spiritualist (Him): "Yeah, me neither. We didn't know where to find it."

My Boss: "he gave you the Equipment book when you made your characters. I was standing right next to him when he showed you where to write everything down."

Other Guy: "Yeah, plus it's all on the website, as well."

Druid (Her): "No, I mean, I looked, but I didn't see any of that stuff anywhere."

Me: "Alright." *goes to my Boss' bedroom to retrieve the Equipment book I lent him*

Me: *starts showing them AGAIN where stuff goes and what to put down for damage and such*

After all was said and done, the Druid asks what time it is.

Me: "It's 8:45."

Her: "We should get going anyway. See ya, guys. Same time next week?"

I mean, I realize that these two haven't actually DONE combat before because their characters came in during a big story arc that didn't necessarily have any combat encounters, so yeah, I understand not knowing HOW to fight because they've never seen it before, but not actually WRITING THE STUFF DOWN and THEN trying to pass the buck and leaving freaking sucks hard.
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Wed 7 Jun 2017
at 00:11
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I want a raise...

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was against the forum rules, at 00:53, Wed 07 June 2017.
moderator, 3725 posts
Keep calm, drink more
Wed 7 Jun 2017
at 22:58

NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Road construction season making me miss winter.  That's actually quite a feat, given that it's only been Spring for (less than) a month here.
moderator, 15371 posts
He's big, he's bad,
but mostly he's Ron.
Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 07:21

NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Dear Microsoft,

I hate you.  That is all.
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Gaming for over 30
years, and counting!
Tue 20 Jun 2017
at 04:37
  • msg #898

NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Y'know...there was a time when I thought I grew up in the model family...the older I get, the more dysfunctional we become.  It all started to come apart a couple of years after Dad died...I'll spare you specifics, but I feel like I live in a freakin' soap opera, sometimes.  I used to listen to friends talk about the plotlines of some of those and shake my head, thinking they were so ridiculously overdone.  I find them a lot more plausible, these days...(I still don't watch them...but the stories don't seen anywhere near as outrageous as they did two decades ago...)
member, 633 posts
Fri 23 Jun 2017
at 22:12
  • msg #899

NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Nothing like aome one with a lack of accountability saying you are the one with a lack of accountability.
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