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16:14, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

NOTHING but VENTS -- Vent all You Want Without Replies.

Posted by Shannara
Isida KepTukari
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Mon 29 Mar 2021
at 04:28
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Some folks need better timing.  Just because I'm awake doesn't mean I'm available. Just because the light is on doesn't mean I am ready for an inundation of information. Just because I'm on the internet doesn't mean I am ready to be interrupted at any time, or repeatedly, just because I'm physically present. I cannot attend to you every minute that you want!
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Wed 19 May 2021
at 10:39
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Having a severe anxiety attack for killing a game I said I would GM in reply to a GM wanted ad. I had a rule that stated, "be content with shorter posts" and went onto describe why "They more I have to read, the more GM fatigue will set in". So the very first RTJ, by the poor OP has to be about a full page essay on their character. It was just so much to take in, and reading it over, finally, over the course about a week, it basically tailored them into the module. Which is great!...just not for me, who wanted to run a module as is. This is why I don't run mods, I want to make my own story, not read and run someone else's. This was just another example of why I shouldn't run mods.

Felt bad though, because I said "Yeah, I'll run" and basically stated by limitations. Only to have, right off the bat, one of the limitations broken. I don't resent the creativity, it's cool, it was just way too intense for me. I thought I was getting into a "read the mod. accept players. run the mod" sort of a "Comes ready to eat" setup. It's a mod I already played, twice, and read some after the fact. The person knew more about the mod than I did. I just felt like it wasn't a good compatibility. I wasn't prepared to go off script very much, and I wish I had known that was part of the onset; was tailored character that redefines the mod. I'm sure they might say "I can do something simpler" but at this point, I feel like I'm already overwhelmed with reading all I did. It was tiring, confusing, and intimidating.

I need to stick to homebrew campaigns. Mods don't do me any favors. In this case it also wasted the OP's time. Just bad feels all around. :( Wish I could just let it go. Gonna try. It's just a game, but it's got me so anxious I can't sleep.
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Wed 2 Jun 2021
at 22:10
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

I don't like double posting, but oh well. It's been just about two weeks.

*sigh* I'm having trouble getting medical attention for what reads like an addiction. Problem is, the bad behavior is not taking my medicine. I really feel myself addicted to skipping it, not because it's unhelpful, but it makes me drowsy and careless. I was supposed to switch medications this month, but then...well rent was due and electricity is costing us the disparity we "Saved" on rent in this bad apartment. My roommate is bad with money, and I being a bad judge of character got in the sunk cost fallacy and gave her my stimulus check over the month of may. Not knowing she hadn't paid electricity. I'm pissed I didn't check, but I asked her (though seh says I didn't. Maybe I didn't, but I remember asking).

anyway, the medicine that most bothers me is for anxiety. It REALLY helps, but it also hurts. Because I'm not anxious, a side affect is I'm not bothered by stuff as much. Trash piling up? Just move it around. Dishes need to be cleaned? Buy plastic cups and plates and bowls and plasticware. Clothes dirty? Do laundry, but only when everything including what I'm wearing is dirty.

I stay up to feel emotion, mostly joy, but some grieving legitimate tragedy. The medicine is for depression too. I helped through the worst of it, but it's now causing me to miss it to get stuff done, and rubberband where I'm overly revealing and just swing the opposite way. It's a tangle of removing one problem that is solving another, a house of cards that is all I have to call my life. It's the jenga tower that so many pieces have been removed by circumstance, and any bad choices I make are compounded by those problems I had no control over, or if I did, I felt I had no alternative to. I would have moved out from being with my roommate, but I had no lead to live by myself, so it was this or nothing. Section 8 got fruited.

Game is like this thing that makes me feel good, so I do it when I feel good. It's also when I feel bad, so I feel good, that's not good either, because it sours something otherwise good.

I'm a hermit since the pandemic and have severe agoraphobia. Over past years, I had used RPoL as window into the world outside my dungeon. Just about the time I was working to get out into the world, was when things went downhill and I'm still on the downward curve.

I ate out, like really made the stupid decision to not cook, because the kitchen was a mess. It was like ten times, and that triple what I can afford on a good month, May was not. I was just so pissed, that I just took it out on my wallet.

I'm in a new game, one I think will look really promising, but I'm off my meds today, since I screwed that up yesterday, and it takes time to get it back in my system. I don't want to fruit up the game, but I may have already.

A mature game (two actually) had issues when I had to call for a cease because it was entering too close to adult territory. I had to defend against the fact an adult game is really ther only suitable place for adult material and explain that mature games are basically just general games. You get tiny bit of leeway, but as written, they still need to observe the convention of newspapers and public TV. Then I get a somewhat cool reply, because it seems (to me it seems to them) I'm overreacting.

I'm glad I was on today, even though I shouldn't be, for that reason. I might have overlooked that otherwise, and while I'd like to think I wouldn't, I don't know. I'm just glad I addressed it regardless.

I'm hoping that this is just a way to condense my struggle in one place. Just a hard vent of the clusternut I'm trying to juggle. If advice could be given, it'd need to address even more than this post entails. I'm just very frustrated. I want to relax and have fun, and I feel like many circumstances are like potholes in a road that I'd otherwise enjoy the journey of. I have to just cool off when posting, and post when I'm better.

I need to find the words to address that and let go of the guilt for not posting, as it's far better to post when I'm all there. I also need to accept if people are wrong, to just let them be wrong. To just GM the way I feel is following jase's and the mod's rules safest and accept if I'm wrong, and if they looked at the game they'd be like "Nah, it's fine mate"; it's still better follow the rules when I don't need to then mess around with it.

Agh, it's traffic accident of one problem smashing into another. I need to find something to occupy my time, and play video game or something, even if it's inspid. Maybe I'll put on a Harry Potter Movie. Maybe I'll just read a game, and not post. I'm without food, because I was short fo money, and I get paid tomorrow, but that's no food today. Well, not no food, just crappy food. PEanut butter sandwich with what little bread I have left. I had some Eggs today that were bought for brownies awhile ago, that had best by june 1st, and was glad I hadn't made the brownies afterall. I raided my emergency frozen meals yesterday too. So...agh you know what...I think that's where I'll end this. Thinking about food and thinking how good that sounds- I should eat.
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Thu 3 Jun 2021
at 05:11
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread


I hate it!  If you have the time to sign up to a game and then take up the GM's time creating your character, the very least you can do if you decide a game is not for you is to mail the GM and let them know.
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Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 00:00
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

My friend is down to just two horses, so I suggested instead of her buying a ton of feed (literal; 25 80-pound bags) for them, we could split a ton. It's a dollar less per bag when bought this way, there's less chance of waste due to contamination (mold, rodents), and it won't get stale. She agreed. After the fourth time, her husband got pissed because I didn't unload my half on his schedule (it was unloaded within 24 hours), and says he's not going to split a ton anymore.

Okay, no problem for me. I go through far more feed, anyway. I'll just buy tons myself, as normal.

Fast forward a couple months... I bought a ton before an upcoming surgery, in the hopes that I'd be recovered enough by the time it ran out that I'd be able to lift 80-pound bags again. I'm currently back to lifting 40-pounds with minimal discomfort, so not quite there yet.

This morning my friend calls me because her husband wants us to split a ton, but I'll have to unload my half, because he's 60+ years old and too old to unload a ton all by himself.

Uh, no. I'm not healed enough to unload my own, and it's not worth hiring someone for just half a ton. In 10 days when I need more feed, I'll buy my own ton. And probably hire someone to unload it, since I don't think I'll be where I need to be recovery-wise to do it myself. My friend's husband is on his own -- just like he wanted.
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Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 00:08
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was moot, at 03:11, Fri 25 June 2021.
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Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 00:09
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was moot, at 03:13, Fri 25 June 2021.
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Wed 14 Jul 2021
at 20:53
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Deep depression, and a looming financial strain make gaming impossible. It makes a lot of things tough, actually.
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Thu 15 Jul 2021
at 05:30
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

My uncle died today.  He'd been sick for a couple years.  Not constant, had good days and bad, but we all knew SOMETHING had changed shortly before Thanksgiving 2 years ago.  We suspect a minor stroke but...all of us tried to get him to go to a doctor, time and time again, but he never would.  He always said, "What could they do?"  I don't know, maybe nothing, it depends on what the problem is, but it's the purpose they've devoted their entire lives to so MAYBE just give it a shot!?!

But now?  ^@!#$(&! Wilkerson hard-headedness

We couldn't do anything.  No way to get him treatment when he refused.  We actually hoped he'd get bad enough that at some point we'd be able to call and ambulance, force him to an ER visit.  But instead his son went by his house today and when he didn't answer he walked around and looked through a window and saw his feet in bed.   Crawled in and found him.  Apparently he passed away in his sleep.

And I want to say that's good.  I mean we're all going to go sometime so going in your sleep isn't bad.  But he wasn't even 70 yet.  He was active.  He was still farming.  There's no reason I know of he couldn't have still had an active, happy life.

All I know is that my wife and I are going to get all the paperwork in place.  Powers of Attorney.  Medical Powers of Attorney.  Updated Wills.  All of it.   I don't want my kids to ever be in the same situation; how would you know you're not thinking straight if you're not thinking straight?  I want help if I'm not making good decisions for myself.  I trust my wife and my kids; if I ever suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's or I'm clearly not taking care of myself then I want one of them to be able to step in.

My uncle was the eldest of our immediate family.  He'd help anyone.  Now...huh, now it's actually my brother-in-law.  I'm next but I'm good if he outlives me.

Whoever reads this; this wasn't my uncle.  He would have wanted help; he would have never wanted to devolve to this point.  Do what you can to make sure if your faculties fail you there's someone there who can get you the help you need.
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Thu 15 Jul 2021
at 19:14
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

People who can't keep their tenses straight. When everyone else is posting around you in present tense...why the fruit do you reply in past tense? T-T it pains me more than it should.
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Fri 16 Jul 2021
at 04:35
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

I honestly can say I hate my job. I hate the environment that it gives off. It's toxic and mentally draining. Very low staffed, terrible management, and so much gossip you wouldn't even believe it. It drains you every day and to make matters worse, nobody is allowed to take any vacation. It's been like this for over a year. I have worked my apple off for the past 3 years and its frustrating. Morale around here is pretty bad. If you ain't kissing apples than you'll get nowhere here. I wonder why I'm still at this job but I think it's because nothing speaks out to me still. I can't see myself doing anything else right now, but nobody should be this miserable from work. Constant anxiety, depression, stress, high blood pressure, and absolutely no energy to want to do anything. Only time will tell if things will ever get better or far much worse. If the latter, I'm hoping I moved on to something greater.
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Sun 8 Aug 2021
at 01:38
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Stupid people. Gad, they are everywhere.
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Tue 24 Aug 2021
at 23:59
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

This isn't something that happened when I was younger, but it has been happening more and more as I get older.

When someone says they are an artist, I always show interest, but when I mention that I dabble myself, there is no reciprocity.
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Sat 28 Aug 2021
at 16:07
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

I messed up really bad. Did something stupid that'll have consequences for about a week of hell before it'll start swinging back to normal. Wishing I had better discipline! All the years, and my control of delayed gratification is still weak.
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Wed 15 Sep 2021
at 14:00
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

If your response to a call from your child's school is A) refuse to answer, B) hang up as soon as the caller has identified themselves as calling from the school, or C) respond to news of your child's misbehavior by saying, "It's not my problem,", the you are a failure as a parent, you have failed your child, and probably your grandchildren as well.
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Wed 15 Sep 2021
at 17:20
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

It is never easy to tell your elder parent that you no long trust their driving but I wish I had better "People Skills".
Making them "Go Off" is not the preferred outcome.
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Fri 17 Sep 2021
at 20:24
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

GM's who think that role-playing means the players should feel honored to read their posts, and maybe interact with one favorite player, but give the rest of the party nothing to do.

If you are a frustrated writer, go write a book. If you want to run a game, engage the players. GMing is a skill, and it requires effort, and it sure as heck isn't for everyone.
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Sat 18 Sep 2021
at 03:19
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Players who ghost games then brag about how they never quit a game and heap scorn and derision on GM's
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Sat 18 Sep 2021
at 05:34
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

Lost one cousin to Covid three weeks ago.  Lost another to a stroke last week.

My mom is the last remaining member of that generation of the family (my dad, all his siblings, and all their spouses have passed away, now.)  It's too early for my generation of the family to start playing catch-up...
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Mon 27 Sep 2021
at 17:56
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Players that think the game rules don't apply to them. /rage
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Wed 29 Sep 2021
at 08:07
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

The GM for an IRL game won't ever start the game on time, but gets mad when we carry on a conversation while he's not running the game...
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Thu 21 Oct 2021
at 18:08
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Days like today where I can (literally) feel the Bipolar Depression trying to suck me down into the abyss.   And days like today are the reason I can't seem to stay involved.   And it's not just here that it causes that effect.

Really sucks when you want to be a part of things going on around you.
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Fri 22 Oct 2021
at 06:18
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

This message was deleted by the user at 06:28, Fri 22 Oct 2021.
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Fri 4 Feb 2022
at 12:17
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I do not care about the politics involved, NBC. It is the freakin' OLYMPICS, and if your TV listing says you're showing the Opening Ceremony Live, then you should be showing the actual ceremony. Not your talking heads talking about politics while I can plainly hear music and see that there are lights and activity coming from the stadium in the background behind them, that you aren't showing - and clearly aren't intending to show, since you keep talking about the parade of athletes coming up (and that's nowhere near the first part of the ceremony, ever). Shut up already, and show the fruiting ceremony.

Or at least have the decency to not dupe the viewers into thinking you are by listing 'Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony' on your listing. What you're doing is tantamount to listing 'Superbowl LVI' on the guide, and then showing nothing but the halftime show. Grr...and of course, they seem to have all the viewing rights in the US, so I can't find the actual ceremony being broadcast by anyone else, either.

I got up early for this, for nothing.
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Wed 23 Mar 2022
at 16:07
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Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread


Why, WHY, is it there are players that give you a brilliant RTJ character, you happily accept them, they post a few times back and forth with characters then !!POOF!! They ghost the game!  Players use their characters to speak to them, no replies, BUT!!! They look in as you see it in the cast list!!! You the PM them a couple of times, after two months of ghosting and they look in and STILL say nothing.  Oh well, as a GM YOU tried but bye bye to that flaky ghost player!!!!!
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