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Tue 24 Apr 2018
at 08:04
Re: Good stuff!
In reply to Eggy (msg # 788):

Belated! But good for you! People exploit prejudicial laws far too often, and want to get away with being unsafe. Sure, going to the doctor ain't cheap, fine, live with ring worm! BUT then that stops when it affects other people.

So good for you Eggy. It's sad your plight only gained ground too little too late, but I guess it could be worse. /:

Good for you holding ground and sparing the poor innocent kid shame of being the plaguebearer. Good for you! I'm also glad you helped get some IT guys a chance, and that wormy won't step foot near your office of the doorway. But watch out! That guy is now gunning for you (if he comes back), so be ready. *nods confidently*

So MY good news is that my girlfriend came by. We've been on good terms and she has been "faithful" still considering me her boyfriend, but we've been separated for over a decade! She lives about three or four hours from me, and so it was best for both of us to maintain a distant relationship...but over the years it's cooled. And it's sad...BUT she heard about my situation (see vents) and drove out to see me. So I spent some time with her. It was really nice. One because I had help, but moreover to see her again. I seriously left her alone, thinking she was better off with me. Thinking I was a burden. Or that I somehow guilted her into remaining "tied" to me. It really made me glad to SEE her, not just hear her occasional voice, to see how much she still cares and misses me too. I contemplated breaking it off many times, I thought what's the point, but now I'm glad I didn't. For love or money, and she somehow chose both, but knew that money could come now and love wouldn't give up. It really...it just got my heart racing. Bittersweet to see her go, but now I know to pursue it as an active relationship. She works very hard, which is why she moved, for her career, but she's still very interested in me, and that really just made me happy....and guilty.

I'm really happy though, really happy. Sort of sad that I let my relationship with her wither, while unknowing she very much was torn. So I'll make the point to call her...although right now he phone is off...or I have the wrong number.

It's just this humbling and happy cry feeling that someone you gave up on, because you thought they gave up on you, still loves you, even after years of separation. I mean something to someone else...that's huge. A reminder that silence does not always been indifference. Quite the opposite in this case. :)
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Fri 4 May 2018
at 14:14
Re: Good stuff!
Yay! I get to go back to work today!

I could afford the days off (I have ample leave days banked), but the uncertainty was stressful. The last week was definitely a learning experience, but I'm glad it's over.
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Sun 6 May 2018
at 18:18
Re: Good stuff!
Getting back to talking with an absent friend that I feared might be gone for good, got 7 of my 24 requested events from GenCon (I overbooked intentionally, and assumed I wouldn't get more than four), did some nice editing for the game I'm helping run there, and got invited to write for a charity short story anthology.
Oh, and I played some D&D over google chat.

Not a bad morning after having an awful few days!
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Thu 10 May 2018
at 04:42
Re: Good stuff!
I'm a few days late posting this one, but...

I got the rare chance to re-visit a show I've designed twice and done makeup for once, and got to add some new nuances to my design.  It was for a junior high, so the actors were VERY green (experience-wise...only a couple were green due to makeup), but they did a solid job.  Got to tweak some things I wanted to do differently last time I did the show, got to try a few new things, enough of the old 'tricks' worked to keep it from being a tremendous undertaking (considering what I charged them for the week was less than a standard makeup artist's day rate for a production, that was a serious consideration for me), and got to create or refine some ideas that I never had to worry about either of the last two times I designed it.

Everyone was happy with how it turned out...even me.  Just enough new stuff to it to keep me from feeling bored about doing it again.  And I might just have set up a new regular patron for my services, depending on how her shows go and what kind of production budget she has going into future shows.
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Sat 12 May 2018
at 15:27
Re: Good stuff!
My roommate and best friend is awesome! I won't bore everyone with this story or that, but I'm just so proud of her! Taking it all in stride, improving herself, having positive disposition, encouraging me to do the same, handling stuff my PTSD makes difficulty, but helping me get better to do it myself when I can.

The latest thing is that she is cleaning the heck out of the home, which a disaster, through little (but some) fault of our own).

I've often told people I'd marry her if there was any romance, any real attraction beyond platonic, but she's my best friend, and we would be financially poorer for it. Still, we've "taken" those oaths without even meaning it. I've been sick, she's been sick, we've gotten slowly better, and she's been homeless, I've been near homeless, I've bought us a car when the other PoS broke down, and she's supported me by working two jobs doing events that she got paid for to cover her student loans (which she was paying already). She talks very highly of us seeing each other in an afterlife, and I often tell her that's not how eternity works. Even after a hundred years though, even after three hundred, maybe there would still be something to explore, or just feel comfortable retreading fond memories. IT makes me bitter sweet happy, because I enjoy it, NOW when I can, and take mental photographs of the good and bad, because who knows when circumstances will separate us. She really is wonderful, and I can't imagine losing her.
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Sun 13 May 2018
at 01:59
Re: Good stuff!
In reply to V_V (msg # 795):

It sounds to me like you want to marry her but you're worried about meeting prerequisites that aren't actually requisite; you're just imposing them on yourself. I know this is long winded but hear me out.

You're describing how I feel about my marriage of 3 years and 1 kid so far: a lot of platonic stuff but not a lot of roses. Who ever said that that's not how it's supposed to be? Movies? TV shows? Companies trying to sell you diamonds, roses, chocolates, etc? Just like Christmas went from being about Christ to being about gifts for many people, many people also think relationships are more about romance than about love.

When I was thinking about marrying my wife I was worried because I didn't feel any "fireworks." One of the people I asked for advice was an uncle who had been a divorce attorney for 15 years or so. I asked him what the most common things were that ruined marriages. He said that #1 was money problems and #2 was that they had romance without love.

It sounds like you guys are already wise with money to make ends meet. Most USA couples spent between $19,000 and $32,000 total on their wedding, honeymoon, etc. My wife and I spent about $3,000 because we went very basic with everything. A fancy ceremony can be done as a vowal renewal on an anniversary and a fancy vacation can be did on an anniversary instead of an immediate honeymoon. So if you're both okay with it you can saves tens of thousands of dollars upfront and postpone more trends of thousands for years, giving you time to save up.

As for the love vs romance thing, my divorce attorney uncle said that romance wears off for 99.9% of people within a few years. It's normal. You're not heartless. The problem is when people build their whole relationship on romance (read the lyrics to the song "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for what that looks like to people in the relationship). Love is doing things that matter to the other person even if it doesn't matter to you. Romance is doing things that matter to society even if it doesn't matter to either of you.

I know multiple couples who just walked into a courthouse in pretty simple clothes (dresses, suits, t-shirts, jeans, etc.) and walked out married a couple hours later. Just do something romantic occasionally to cover your bases; it shows you think about what she may want even if she hasn't mentioned it yet.

Final thought: my dad died this morning a little after midnight. He and my mom started out as just friends 40 years ago. He was totally not romantic but he loved her and it worked out for 40 years and they've been talking about meeting back up in the afterlife and him doing the guardian angel thing in the meantime. So forget what other people think and just go for it. Otherwise you lose her by default.
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Sun 13 May 2018
at 02:18
Re: Good stuff!
I've been married to my best friend for going on thirty-one years now.  It ain't been all beer and skittles, but we've been there for each other through it all.  Was there romance?  Sure there was.  We didn't let that stop us.

Probably the most romantic thing about our relationship is that I knew from the moment I set eyes on her that she was the one.  Just had this feeling, you know?  I followed my heart until my mind showed me my heart was right.  Now that's my idea of romance.  I found out several years later she felt the same way, we just never talked about it because it wasn't such a big deal.  Both of us were supremely comfortable with each other.

The good news is:  we still are.
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Sun 13 May 2018
at 10:41
Re: Good stuff!
In reply to horus (msg # 797):

I think maybe that's the point, at least one of them doesn't feel she's 'the one'.  I'd agree that friendship is more important than romance, especially in the long run, but I do think romance (and sexual attraction) is also important, otherwise you have a room mate which is what they have now, except with financial and legal implications they don't have now.
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Mon 14 May 2018
at 02:35
Re: Good stuff!
Surpisingly, Workman's comp is being kicked in for an injury I otherwise thought would not be reported for such.
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Tue 15 May 2018
at 04:15
Re: Good stuff!
In reply to Brianna (msg # 798):

Yeah, we have no sexual attraction or romantic inclination. I enjoy her company, and that's really it. I am really proud of her, and enjoy the same activities. It would be nice to have a love life, but I wouldn't give her up for that. Whomever, if anyone, I would be with would need to understand Anne's and my friendship.

But no, I have no intention of marrying her. It was more hyperbole to explain the kind of awesome she is. :)

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Tue 15 May 2018
at 22:24
Re: Good stuff!
I think that in order for anyone to truly understand your friendship with Anne, V_V, they would need to be introduced to her pretty early on, and perhaps in a way personally entwined in your friendship somehow. This could mean they have their own friendship of some sort, or even a distant friendship where there is a mutual comfort level all around. This is, of course, assuming you probably already know all this, but I'm sort of saying it here just to cover ground, and perhaps also from a bit of experience being with someone who had a best friend similarly to the way you sound like you're friends with this Anne girl.

If you do find someone you intend on having a romantic relationship with, I hope you'll remember to consider how she feels about your relationship with Anne, and to try your best to include her and make sure she's also not just understanding of your friendship, but also feels comfortable because you've set it up so she's happy seeing you enjoy your friendship with her. It was hard for me when I was the girlfriend to see my boyfriend share things with this woman I never truly felt comfortable around. In a way, I feel like he never gave me a real reason to trust him around her too, and that hurt our relationship more than me blindly trusting him.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm officially able to apply for adult access since joining RPoL! The wait is over! (Hooray!) Finally all those games I've been saving on my sticky list will get put to good use! :D

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Wed 16 May 2018
at 08:12
Re: Good stuff!
In reply to TheatricalHysterics (msg # 801):

If, or when, I find a woman that I have gone past the third date of, this conversation will come up, yes.
 Very simply, my love life wasn't what I was happy about. I have to sort of kick myself for phrasing marriage into it. xD

Since I brought it up though, might as well cover me bases.
  1. Yes, this would be romantic interest wouldn't be left the scraps. I would devote time to her, and cultivate trust and friendship. After all, I probably won't want a hot date, I'd want another relationship.
  2. Yeah, Anne and this woman would be aware of each other. Probably not on the first date, most likely on the third.
  3. Circumstance on the then present would be taken into consideration. Would I mover out, onto my own? Would this girl care? If Anne and this woman don't like each other, how to I handle that?

Bottom line, I'm not ready for a romantic relationship. I've had that, and right now, I don't miss the "low level" parts. There is no soul mate waiting for me. Having a relationship take work. Work I can't afford to spend right now.

I have PTSD and other problems I'm barely managing right now. I'm finally making progress though. I would need to think carefully about mixing in dating and a love life. I'm honestly happy as I am. When a love life becomes a present desire, then I will allocate the time and energy to.

I've learned I don't need a master plan, or much advice when it comes to that. My mistakes will teach me, and that will be acceptable. I'm not (as) afraid to fail, or be rejected.

It's only fair I take whatever woman I meet into account for whatever tactics I use to introduce them to Anne. Right now it's all hypothetical and in an unforeseeable point in the future.

Certainly though, yeah, I'm going keep all this is mind.

Most important, isn't my love life though. Most important is the kick ass job Anne has done in improving the home and herself. This place was a mess. She slaved over getting it done, and I helped until I hurt, but she did an amazing job. The place looks brand new! She also had to deal with her parents (whom arenot good people) coming in to town, and STILL finishing her finals for school. We'll see her grades soon, but I just have to applaud her. And she's STILL going! She started training for a new job on finals week, and tomorrow (today technically) is her last day of training. *Whew* She's been on fire!

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Sat 26 May 2018
at 16:19
Re: Good stuff!
My good stuff.
I found a natural supplement that is proving to be a Huge help with my on going diabetes. I am an Insulin resistant type (meaning I have to take large doses for the normal effects) add to that over the past several years (3 at least) my blood sugar levels have been through the roof (A1C of 9 or better to those who know what that means ...)
This stuff, Gymnema, has gotten my blood sugars down in to the normal range for the first time in years. I have only been taking it for 3 weeks and am seeing these wonderful results. It's so great I just had to share it with you all.
(This weeks morning BS were in the mid 80's to 150's. Evening BS, highest hit 299, with an average in the 240's - mind you, this time last few months / years my evening BS were in the upper 500's.)
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 20:01
Re: Good stuff!
On Monday, I finished the coursework for a certificate program in electrical engineering. I already have a master's degree in physics, but I don't really feel like I can do much with that. Now I feel a little better equipped for my job (which involves working with electrical engineers, as well as physicists) and for working on some electronics projects on my own.
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 21:28
Re: Good stuff!
I had a rough night, a -really- rough night. Nightmares and waking up at 5 AM with a panic attack (first time I've woken to one). I've been sick for 10 days, and it just seems like it's not going away. And my apartment has ants, which, while an annual and minor thing, kicks off some phobias I have.

So why is this in 'good stuff'?

I mentioned it on social media today. What I was going through. I had four people contact me privately, all people I knew, and all of them just wanting to look out for me and help me through things. One even ordered me one-day-delivery of some stuff for the ants (and ordered it from her home in Europe, none the less). When one of my best friends got home from work, she just kept talking with me to draw me out of the fear and anxiety I was feeling.

I have people looking out for me. Some days it's hard to remember that. But on days like today, it's stunning how much of a difference that can make.
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 04:25
Re: Good stuff!
Well, the year's almost half-over...but I finally made it out to play my first round of golf for 2018.  And while it was pretty rough (which I expected), it wasn't catastrophically bad (well, a couple of holes were, but overall...)  And since it's starting to look like my boss is going to keep me on a somewhat regular schedule for the summer, I should get a chance to play quite a bit with a couple of friends of mine (assuming I can afford it...playing 18 holes on the nicer courses they prefer is pricey!)

But it was a fantastic day for it.  Sunny, not obscenely hot, just enough breeze to keep things comfortable without making it difficult to play, and some absolutely fantastic scenery.  After spending most of the past month and a half racing deadlines, it felt fantastic to be out there, knowing I didn't need to be anywhere for several hours, just enjoying the fresh air and the view and spending some time with a friend I've known for almost twenty years.
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Mon 25 Jun 2018
at 14:46
Re: Good stuff!
After a few months of not feeling I was able to, I've started eating raw vegetables again. Broccoli and Cauliflower, with a little bit of dip is really my favorite right now. I'm eating like a pound of those two each day.

I just hope I don't spike any of my values. I remember a few years ago I had check up, and they found SUPER high levels of...I forget what, I think calcium. Which they asked me if I took supplements, and I'm like "No" and they aksed what my diet was, and nodded "That's a lot of broccoli"
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 01:57
Re: Good stuff!
I told a GM I hadn't played in his *system* for a while and now that person thinks I've never played RPGs before.  They are very concerned I will be overwhelmed by things like "dice" and "character sheets." I've been playing pen and paper continuously for two decades to say the least, I just made a conscious decision years ago not to play that particular system anymore. This is the funniest thing to happen in a long time. I'm very curious how long it will take for this person to understand that I don't need hand-holding and that I've really, truly got this! If it takes too long, I may have to start muttering about THAC0 and telling the other players to get off the lawn!
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 02:40
Re: Good stuff!
I am diabetic and to make it worse, insulin resistant.
Back in May, while looking for a suger free electrolyte supplement I stumbled across an herbal pill called Gymnema.
Been taking it everyday since then (almost 2 months now) and my blood sugars have dropped between 200 to 250 points from where they were (around the low 500's for the last 3 years). I am super stoked about it and decided to share this wonderful find with everyone I can think of, hoping it will help more people with their blood sugar control.
It is also said to help with weight loss. I don't know how much wieght I have lost, but I am a pants size down as of today than when I started taking it. (from a 48 to a 46). So that is good to.

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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 05:30
Re: Good stuff!
Every so often, I manage to be in the right place at the right time...

Upgrading my transportation.  Time to retire my '92 Toyota Camry (with a dodgy transmission, a multitude of electrical problems, and 292k+ miles on it) for the '96 Nissan Pathfinder I found for $1500 (with only 144k miles on it!)  Four years newer, MUCH nicer looking, the previous owner didn't hit something and crack the front bumper, deploy the airbags, and screw up the electrical system...and it's mine, free and clear, no financing hanging over my head...it was the right time to look at the classified ads on Saturday!
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Fri 29 Jun 2018
at 03:27
Re: Good stuff!
I love it when you express an opinion about something, someone jumps up and says "You're wrong!" and then proceeds to accidentally prove your point every time they think they're making a rebuttal :P
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Fri 29 Jun 2018
at 07:01
End in sight :)
After 10 months of no running water -- with livestock to provide for -- I finally have somewhere else to move to. YES! The moving process sucks -- packing up ~10 years of living, alone, in an un-air conditioned house, in the desert in summer is NOT a good time. And down-sizing into a travel trailer makes packing even more interesting... but I am so looking forward to exciting things like being able to wash my hands after feeding, showers, and even washing the dishes (never thought I'd look forward to that!) at home again. :)
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Tue 10 Jul 2018
at 05:11
More good stuff.
As I normally screen my calls, even the one I got today raised an eyebrow.

It showed an out of state number, not really that usual.     However, it was the caller id that got my attention....
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Tue 10 Jul 2018
at 05:21
More good stuff.
In reply to Hunter (msg # 813):

Wait, the caller ID said 'Illegal Scam'? Well, I guess you can't say they were dishonest...
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Sun 15 Jul 2018
at 03:53
More good stuff.
Got a chance to remind my boss why they keep me around (not that I had any worries about it...but it never hurts to have those "Oh, yeah...this is why we pay this guy" scenarios come along every now and then...)

We had both of our female 'swing' performers (basically, understudies, except for ensemble instead of a key role) in the show tonight.  Problem was, they'd never planned to have both of them in at the same time...and they're both enough smaller than the regular performers that several of the costumes are too big for them...but close enough to the same size that we'd only lined up onedress for the closing number of the show, which they both used (because, until tonight, onky one of them was ever in the show at one time...)

So, my boss presents me with a pretty plain-cut dress she pulled out of storage and fit to the smaller of the two, and said, "She's in the show in two hours...I need these alterations done and appropriate trim added to this dress to make it match the others."

Not only did I have it ready to go before the show started, there was even time for her to try it on, realize the trim didn't stretch so she couldn't pull it on, and for me to solve the problem by putting in a zipper...while also fixing props that got broken in the show before that.  And everyone loved how the dress looked (except me...I like how it looked, hut I also know all the places where the lining got bunched up because I was working fast and didn't have time to do it right.)  And it looked great on stage.

It was a good night at work.