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Fri 27 Jan 2017
at 20:38
Never Playing Tabletop Again. PbP is the Only Way.
Sweeping Declaration: I'm never going to play D&D around a table with people again.

I first heard about Play by Post years ago and scoffed, thinking it sounded weird.

Then I got older, got married, had kids, and had no time to ever play in person. I tried, but something would always come up and I would miss game night.

So I setup my own forum software to play with some old buddies as PBP before I found and it was really fun. Then they got too busy to even do that and I turned to Google. Now here I am and I'm never going back! :D

I really love the RPOL community. I even wrote a little script to make the RPOL site mobile friendly b/c I do most of my updates from my phone: link to a message in another game

As a DM: I never want to do in-person table top again b/c PBP is SO MUCH BETTER & EASIER.

1. I don't have to worry about people sitting and waiting for me if I need to look something up. I can take my time and think through things like monsters and dialogue.

2. I don't have to feel like an idiot doing funny voices and acting things out. It's FAR easier to type in dialects and accents than it is to do them with a group of friends staring at you.

3. Game night can't get cancelled when it's every day, online! :D

4. There are FAR MORE players with more time available than I have in my list of friends. This community is awesome and I've met some great people already.

5. It's easy to handle "side quests" without wasting other people's time as they sit around a table and listen to something they aren't doing.

6. It's not just "get to the next battle" mentality.

As a Player:

1. It's so much easier to find games!

2. I can play a little bit every day.

3. It's SO MUCH easier to role play and really act like your character without being self conscious about people around you, watching you. Play By Post is the only time I've ever felt like I truly Role Played a character.

I'm sure everyone here knows this, but I've only been on RPOL for a couple months and I'm already playing in several games and DMing several games. It's so much better and so much more fun than table top.

I enjoyed those days in my youth, but they are gone, and I am having so much more fun on here!

Gushing ended... Thanks for letting me share. :D
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Fri 27 Jan 2017
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Never Playing Tabletop Again. PbP is the Only Way.
Well I would never rule out Tabletop, but it's literally been years now since I did Tabletop, beyond an occasional little one shot when someone is around.

Thank all things holy for RPOL though.
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Fri 27 Jan 2017
at 20:41
Re: Never Playing Tabletop Again. PbP is the Only Way.
Thank all things holy for RPOL though.

Amen. I'm desperate for when Jase rolls out the responsive version. I so wish we could make this site into a mobile app to attract more people and make it easier to update when away from a computer.

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Fri 27 Jan 2017
at 21:00
Re: Never Playing Tabletop Again. PbP is the Only Way.
I'd say that tabletop and PBP are very different experiences.  It's perfectly possible to like both, neither, or just one of the two.  They're not the exact same thing, so making it an either/or thing is a bit awkward.
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Fri 27 Jan 2017
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Re: Never Playing Tabletop Again. PbP is the Only Way.
In reply to swordchucks (msg # 4):

Ha. I definitely fall into the PPB preference group then. Like I said, I look back on my table top days with fondness, but like pulling all nighters, I believe that's in a life behind me that will only be remisced, and never repeated. :D

I also wish I discovered PBP a long time ago! :D