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Tue 18 Jul 2017
at 12:55
Are there any playable Tau in WH 40k PC Games?
I really don't care much for the 'Lore' or 'Fluff' of the game, but I like the core mechanics of WH 40k. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons it's not worth playing the actual miniatures game. Which sucks, because I really would like to play some Tau combat.

I know there are some (pricy) WH 40k PC games, and I wondered if Tau is a playable race.

As an added question, that's only marginally related... Does anyone know of any PC games that utilize either RT or turn based combat that feature super long range units/characters. And I mean where most of the units/character are NOT long ranged, that is it's perk, not a standard.

Ever since the original DoTA (which as whole I never cared much for) and the sniper dwarf, I REALLY REALLY want to play a long range character in a (visual) game.

I tried to scratch the itch by playing it in games like those run on RPOL, but it just isn't satisfying.
Togashi Kenshin
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Tue 18 Jul 2017
at 13:02
Are there any playable Tau in WH 40k PC Games?
There is the PC shooter Fire Warrior which stars, well, a Tau Fire Warrior.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is an RTS that has the Tau as a playable faction with long range direct fire units like the Hammerhead Gunship as one of their units. In keeping with the tabletop (at the time), the Tau lack indirect fire units. The Imperial Guard has artillery units like the basilisk that is indeed ridiculously long ranged, capable of firing across the map.