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Mon 24 Jul 2017
at 19:30
Suggestions for Shows with 15 or 30 Minute Runtimes
I've started running on a treadmill five days a week. I really hate treadmill running and it takes all of my willpower to do 30 minutes without going crazy.

I watch shows on my tablet to distract myself. But most 'half-hour' shows are actually 22 minutes (maybe as much as 25 minutes if they're from the 80's). So that leaves me with almost one-third of my running time unaccounted for. And 'one-hour' shows are 44 minutes. Which is a little too long. And I don't like breaking the show into more than one session. I've tried, and it doesn't work for me.

What I need are suggestions for shows with run-times that are an some evenly divisible increment of 30 - 35 minutes. 40 minutes at the ABSOLUTE outside. So, 12, 15, 20, or 30 minutes. If there's such a thing as an awesome show with 6 minute episodes I'd love to hear about it.

So far I've watched all the Adventure Time and all the Steven Universe and all the Regular Show. And all the John Oliver.

Does anyone have any other good suggestions?

Other than the run-time I'm willing to entertain anything. Genre, mood, tone, plot, whatever. So long as you enjoyed it, and it meets my single criteria.

Rpol, O Great Pool of Knowledge, in which can be found all Wisdom, can you help me?

-Anything Youtube probably isn't going to work as I don't have access to it during my runs.
-Anything that involves multiple, different-length pieces isn't good either. It's too fiddly. Ease of use and consistency.

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Mon 24 Jul 2017
at 19:38
Suggestions for Shows with 15 or 30 Minute Runtimes
I'd suggest picking an hour show, which usually runs around 45 minutes without the commercials.   There's plenty of those to be found on the various streaming sites.