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Mon 22 Jul 2019
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Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
I had played Pathfinder in the early beta testing days before it launched, and while it was a refreshing change from the D&D systems I was used to, in those times it was kind of.....bare? Due to hearing about the new 2e coming out in a couple weeks, I figured I'd go back and see what the system was looking like now, and oh dear. What did I miss?!

I completely missed the boat on playing any big Pathfinder games, but now with all this source material, it's bringing me right back to 3.5 and the fun I used to have there, with the customization that DnD4e brought along with it.

Back on track I guess - Seeing as how most PF fanpeople are probably chomping at the bit for 2nd edition to release, has anyone here had the opportunity to test it, and really see what it's like? Does anyone have any thoughts about Paizo moving on from 1e and supporting a new edition? Is there anything you're especially excited to see, play with, or experience on your own?

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Mon 22 Jul 2019
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Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
Well, an RPG doesn't really go obsolete, you can still get in on Pathfinder 1e as I think it will be around for quite some time.

As for PF2e, I've only taken a cursory look.  But what I am hearing through the grapevine, and in public forums, is that people are likely to stick with PF1e.  For a variety of reasons.  I think a big one is changes in the action economy, though I don't know what changes have been made there.
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Mon 22 Jul 2019
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Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
Everyone gets 3 actions in a turn. Want to make three attacks? Do it. Want to triple move? Do it?

They are increasing the amount of things a person can do on a turn similar to D&D 5e but they are simplifying things further by eliminating things like swift actions or bonus actions of what not. You get 3 actions on your turn.

Or something like that.

Everything that I've heard has made me very excited to make the switch.  Pathfinder had a lot of crude in it as leftover from 3.5 and while it has a lot of depth to the system, it is old and the cracks are showing.

I have trust in Paizo not to screw things up royally and unlike D&D 4e this one makes a lot of changes I agree with.

Like with other edition switches many people won't adopt the second it comes out. If you've got a huge 1E library then going down to just a couple of books in 2E isn't very appealing right from the start. How many people have made a character with just the basic rulebook in the past five years?

Not to mention ongoing campaigns are probably not going to swap immediately.
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Mon 22 Jul 2019
at 23:24
Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
Three attacks?
What about 3 separate spells attacks?!?
Will need more spells/day! :)
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Tue 23 Jul 2019
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Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
I think the idea is that spells require either more actions if they are longer spells (i.e. a summon spell I think takes 2 or 3 actions to summon) and things like metamagic no longer increases spell level but increases spell casting time.

Something like that. Basically you could cast three weak spells a round OR one really powerful super spell. I think it's the same way with attacks where against mobs of goblins you might make three weak attacks but against a troll you might make a single beefed up attack.

TBH I haven't followed the playtesting and blogs too closely. They've made some pretty significant changes to the system since the start of playtest so don't quote me on any of this...
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Mon 5 Aug 2019
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Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
Based on the little that I saw on PF2... it seems like they have taken 5e and made their improvements on it :)   And made it all open source compared to dnd. Is my limited understanding correct???
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Mon 5 Aug 2019
at 18:40
Re: Pathfinder 2e? Testing & Thoughts?
it seems like they have taken 5e and made their improvements on it :)

Pathfinder 1e is based on D&D3.5.  Pathfinder 2e is based on Pathfinder 1e above and beyond anything else.  D&D 5e is based on D&D 4.5 which is based on D&D 4e which is based on D&D 3.5 (or that kind of 3.75 that the Bo9S represented).  They're kind of like great-grandchildren of the same person.  They are going to have similar traits, but they're very distinct and enough other stuff has entered their gene pools that they're quite different.

Now, they do have similarities.  They're coming from the same roots (and D&D5e specifically tried to reach back into its roots).  There are bits of PF2 that look a lot like D&D4e (because they were trying to address the same issues in D&D3.5e) and there are bits that look a lot like D&D5e (because both try to speed up play and make GM fiat more common in the rules).

The rules are out and freely available through the Archives of Nethys here:

I'd encourage you to play a game or two and form your opinions off of that.  I ran a lot of the playtest and it was interesting.  It has flaws and it has good stuff, just like any system.

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