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Sun 27 Jun 2021
at 23:55
If Combat Is Not The Main Focus
If combat is not the main focus of a game, can the combat resolution be simple?

Is rolling a D6 with mods all you really need or since it is "Life & Death", should there be a more complex system for combat than for other things?
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Mon 28 Jun 2021
at 00:04
If Combat Is Not The Main Focus
for a RP game, the combat  that is  there , should invoke some kind of 'worry'..and the effect it has on the campaign/story. ( winning ..losing..death//wounds  ect ect )

 The  GM/DM  should  be able to  say 'this is how  combat works" mental gymnastics , or  charts.. Just Rp +  dice rolls and your done.
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Mon 28 Jun 2021
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If Combat Is Not The Main Focus
Yes, but be wary.  Simplified combat means less varied results with the "variation" coming down purely to fluff descriptions and some Players aren't going to be as happy with that.  Make sure that how ever you're doing it, you communicate to your Players the intent and how things work in advance.