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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 15:15
Missing Posts?
I have had a couple of players in different games I am running say they have made posts but they have not appeared in the games.  I have never really had this problem before but three of four players in different games over the past week or so have all reported the same issue.  Has anyone else had this problem in the last week or two?
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 15:21
Missing Posts?
i had a couple player that said they posted  and it didn't show?  They think they may have clicked the wrong  thing...all my posts as GM or Player have made it trhough.

 Its awalys good to bring things up like this, incase it 'grows' so the Admin can get a handle on it.
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 19:52
Missing Posts?
Have they checked to be sure they didn't appear as PMs?

We've had some issues with misclicks (easy to do, when posting from touchscreens) appearing to randomly make posts PMs instead.
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Sat 24 Jul 2021
at 01:25
Missing Posts?
Normally I would have put it down to misclicks, player error etc  It was just that there were several incidents of missing posts from different players in different games in a short space of time when I have never had these problems before that made me wonder if anyone else was having issues.
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Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 14:06
Missing Posts?
It is very rare but it is possible that there could be a data corruption. I had a game where due to a bug on the back end messages would be PM'd to the wrong person.

So for example you try to message the GM and it would go to a random player saying it was from a different player entirely.

In the end Jace had to come in and manually fix some things to clear up the problem.

If this is happening in one game it might be a corruption. If it is happening in many games it is less likely an actual problem and just a series of misunderstandings because there is no reason it would effect JUST your games and given how many players are on here, some kind of fundamental systemic issue would be raised very very quickly by the tech savvy rpolers.

tl;dr: If this is happening to one single game it could be a bug. If you think it is happening to a lot of your games it is probably just in your head :(
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Sun 26 Sep 2021
at 11:37
Missing Posts?
The same happened to my post a couple of times (though around 2 years ago, not recently) but I chalked it off as crappy internet mixed with potato powered computer.
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Sun 26 Sep 2021
at 16:41
Missing Posts?
It's happened to me repeatedly now, I'm putting it down to the same error that is breaking posting formatting for me, sometimes a PM box is checked when the Quote/Reply Post page opens, and if I don't uncheck it, well, it's a PM.