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Fri 15 Oct 2021
at 22:32
Poll: What much time on RPoL? How long is the mode of posts?
I'm struggling to have a baseline for this, as I GM far more than a play. So I'm interested in GM time spent on RPoL, and how long the most posts take. I want this for comparison and contract. While I'm not looking for a strict mode, I prefer that over the mean.

I'm trying to appeal to a large game, and feel at times overwhelmed, or that I'm not spending enough time to keep a game moving. So I would like to know what period of time other GMs spend to posting, on RPoL as a whole (including playing), and how much time is spent working on a game for RPoL, that may not see posts.

I'm not as interested in free form GMs time spent, as that is focal on the posts; reading and writing, and has (basically) no time spent on questions and concerns over rulings. Story, however, I know is universal, and so even some free form GM's input would be helpful, as long as it's stated.

So in summary:
  1. What is the mode time spent on RPoL in a day?
  2. What is the upper range?
  3. What is the mode time you spend working on a particiluar game?
  4. What is the mode of how long a post takes you to make, from draft to final edit (or just final post)?

This helps me for contrast and comparison.
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Fri 15 Oct 2021
at 22:44
Poll: What much time on RPoL? How long is the mode of posts?
i have more t time then most. I am off and on all day, most days, i check the games i run, and the few i play in.

right now, RL has shelved some players in my most active game, but we keep it moving, sliding the others  to  the backround  , until they can play.

 so?..Time posting.

  almost as soon as i have read the posts in a thread, i answer, to keep the RP  moving..that may or may not   include PMs  if a roll needs to be made, but i do 90% of the rols to keep the game  fast.

 'set up posts'  for battles or interaction beteen good  guy and bad  guy NPCs, only take a bit longer, depending on what i feel the PCs  know, the rest comes out  through RP.

 I'd  say a long post ..MIGHT..take  3 or  4 minutes... short answers  are easy...

'Listings" in the  load  out threads  and such take a little longer, , But i make the PCs  do thier own. the standing rule ' If its not in your load out, you don't have it"

 As any of you who have see/played  my games, The story and  RP come first, i try to  set posts up  for the PCs  to move through how they will..there is no 'wrong' choices..every choice   will make RP..every action causes a re-action .

 again?..when i was still working, i spend a good  3  hours   on the boards after working'catching up"..now i have almost all day execept  sunday morning fooball, and stuff witrh the grand kids.

  I will offer this? Some folks  aren't  built this way 'DM/GM burnout' happens, or they become enslaved to the  rules and  can't/won't  use  thier   GM power to keep the game moving..so the answer  for how much time?... As much time as you feel you can give.
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 12:59
Poll: What much time on RPoL? How long is the mode of posts?
As GM, I check in several times almost every day (RL permitting and it usually does since I'm retired). I usually post IC in each active thread and in the OoC if there's a question. I often make use of private messages as well.

The time this takes varies per game and situation. My largest game currently has nine players, all of whom are rather active and often in separate story threads. My other two each have four very active players. I'd estimate five to ten minutes per player.

I usually try to prepare in advance for big scenes that I anticipate, which can take another half hour or so, but then I can just copy and paste as called for.

For my current three games, I probably average one or two hours a day to keep things really humming along.