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Wed 17 Nov 2021
at 04:41
just a question about my account
is it possible to delete an account? i've kinda given up on this site. i don't really want my account to sit around for two years. if not, can an admin please delete it?
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Wed 17 Nov 2021
at 05:11
just a question about my account
We don't delete accounts, for the simple reason that if people change their mind and come back to the site, they are required to use the same account.  We can, however, disable the account, so that it can't be used.
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Mon 22 Nov 2021
at 15:16
just a question about my account
I noticed "Posting privileges temporarily revoked." in the "Wanted - GMs" topic and don't remember exactly when that happened or why.
I do recall that I tried sending a rmail but never got a response.

Any way of figuring out what needs to be done to restore it?
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Wed 24 Nov 2021
at 05:59
just a question about my account
The short version: all questions about forum bans and the like should be directed to site moderators via rMail ...

... that said, I've done a search in rMail and I can't locate any emails from you in there - it's possible that you sent it to Admin only rather than the mods, and jase might have missed that it was only addressed to him and figured it was being taken care of.  You should have a copy of that email in your rMail though, so just copy the text out and paste it into a new rMail and address that to the mods.

Even if you can't find that rMail, just send the mods a new rMail explaining the situation.   :>

And finally, have a look at the Wanted - GMs Rules notice pinned to the top of the thread list in Wanted - GMs as that would cover what the problem was (whether you were posting as a GM or in response to someone else's request).

And without prejudice (IE I'm not saying you're guilty of this at all, merely that it comes up frequently as an issue) the most usual problem in this forum is rule #6:

Wanted - GMs rule #6:
Do not mention games -- in any way -- that you do not personally GM.  Those who do will be banned from the forum pending an rMail to the moderators highlighting their understanding of this rule.

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Wed 24 Nov 2021
at 12:01
just a question about my account
In reply to Skald (msg # 4):