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Mon 21 Mar 2022
at 06:07
RTJ questions
1. I have coffee. If you understand why this is important, you'll get what follows.
2. I do not have a Snickers, again, if you get this, than many things are clear.
3. Before I got on hold with a mediation involving 11 people and four different countries, yes, its finance  related, a friend of mine, a friend of hers, and I were discussing questions you should ask possible players as part of their RTJ.  I won't go into what was discussed there, because I might be on hold, but two hours of talk time being typed up, before I type up more than two hours of talk time - - international contract agreements - - I shall rather gain the valuable knowledge of people that have done this on RPOL.

That is the topic of this thread, what questions have you Game Runners, asked your possible future players?
Players, feel free to jump on in, and mention questions you've been asked.
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Mon 21 Mar 2022
at 10:51
RTJ questions
In reply to agious (msg # 1):

Okay, I think I understand what you're asking.

There are no solid rules, but many GMs ask some of these questions:

- Player age.
- Player location / timezone.
- Info about the character you want to play (race/class etc., physical description, background...)
- Experience playing the game system and/or game world.
- RP experience in general.
- RP experience on RPoL or similar sites.
- Writing sample (brief or long, sometimes general or sometimes with a specific theme, often to include dialogue) to get an idea of your style and/or language skills.
- Some GMs will include a hidden RTJ question or request in their game info to make sure you have actually read what they spent time crafting (for example, include the word Potato in your RTJ).

There is no right or wrong way to recruit players, but often if the game is likely to be very popular (such as a D&D5e game) then GMs can afford to be more picky to ensure they get a high quality application rather than just get spammed with the character that a particular player always sends in to every game no matter what the game theme.
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Mon 21 Mar 2022
at 14:04
RTJ questions
 I ask very few things..age..experiance ( this more to  understand gaming). I do not worry about writing samples, though many folks willgive  me  a few lines.

after that, I send a PM  laying out what the GAme's Premise is  and if they want to play..if so, i will ask them to tweak/create a Character idea and we'll go from there.

 This isn't rocket science as jero said 'no solid rules"...I have had folks  with perfect RTJs ( from my point of view) who Ghosted  after a few weeks, or  were bad for the game and had to be removed.

 I have had shaky RTJs  that  fit  in as if they were here the who 11+ years...

Bottom line..ask what you want to ask..take who you want to are the GM.
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Mon 21 Mar 2022
at 15:23
RTJ questions
An Elephant word 100%  ay  Agious.

To try and add clarity, yeah maybe,  Agious and I were two of the three talking about this, and we know there arenít ďrulesĒ.

The question is kind of  twofold:
  • What questions do you use sometimes when reviewing RTJs that are more for the players?
  • What questions do you typically ask, or have sometimes asked that are character/ game related?

This is sort of an attempt to compare what weíve done in the past, and what others are doing for RPOL. Iím personally a bit new to RPOL in particular, but not new to online game play, and an old hand at table  top. Still its always nice to get   info from others on what they are doing, and what they found worked, or what didnít seem to work for them.