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Mon 1 Aug 2022
at 19:49
National Spider-man Day
01 August is National Spider-man Day.  Apparently this is because his first appearance was on 01 August in issue 15 of Amazing Fantasy.  So, here is some information I have found on the Web about everbody's favorite wallcrawler:

10 tons is the weight that Spider-Man can bench press.

200 mph is the top speed at which Spider-Man can run.  (Wow!  I did not know this!
Proportional speed of a spider. )

#15 is the issue number of the “Amazing Fantasy” comic book that Spider-Man first appeared in.

2002 is the year in which the Spider-Man movie franchise was released.

#290 is the comic issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” in which the superhero married Mary Jane.

1963 is the year when Spider-Man’s first solo title “The Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1)” appeared on shelves.

700th is the issue number at which Volume 1 of “The Amazing Spider-Man” ended in December 2012.

8 is the total number of Spider-Man cartoon series.

1 hour is the time it takes for Spider-Man’s web to dissolve.

250 is the IQ level of Peter Parker.  (Holy Crap!  He is a freaking genius!)

10 August 2001 is Peter Parker's date of birth in the MCU

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Thu 4 Aug 2022
at 15:52
National Spider-man Day
I've never been heavy into comics or superheroes, but that is cool info. Thanks for sharing.
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Fri 5 Aug 2022
at 13:40
National Spider-man Day
Thanks for sharing. I admit I'm a huge fan of the Webhead and didn't know some of this.