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Dedicated Hosting.

Posted by jase
GM, 13 posts
Fri 25 Jun 2004
at 07:26
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Dedicated Hosting.

After investigating colocation (buying a box and hosting it somewhere) I have decided to go for dedicated hosting (renting a box somewhere) as it's a lot cheaper up-font, and monthly as well, go figure.

The current choices I can see are;

Option / Host SAGO
(iPro 1.8GHz)
(Root Server II)
Setup (USD)$49$99$49$99$149$0
$150 for HDD#2
Monthly (USD)$65$59$69$69$69.95$60
ProcessorCeleron 1.6Intel ??? 1.7Celeron 1.8 /
Athlon XP 2000+
Pentium 4 2.4Athlon 2200+Celeron 2.4
Memory512MB512MB512MB512MB512MB512 MB
Disk40 GB80 GB60 GB40 GB80 GB2 x 80 GB
Transfer1000 GB1000 GB600 GB500 GB400 GB1000 GB
FTP Backup0000 GB included
2 GB included
0 GB included
Operating SystemsDebian
RedHat 9
FedoraRedHat 9
RedHat 9Debian 3.0r2
RedHat 7 & 9
Setup Guarantee0 ?0 ?30 days90 days0 ?0 ?
Network SLA99.5%100%99.9%99.9%99.999%99.9%
Payment OptionsPayPal
Credit Card
Money Order
Wire Transfer
Am. Express
Am. Express
Wire Transfer
Am. Express

I'm struggling to find the perfect host, and input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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GM, 26 posts
Sat 26 Jun 2004
at 06:59
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Re: Dedicated Hosting.

Jase, as we discussed earlier,

Things to consider include:

OS: I have my doubts with redhat9, especially due to its loss of support by redhat. That said there are companies offering support for ~$5/month. Any Redhat system can be upgraded to fedora very easily as well which is an option. Fedora is based more on a debian-esk system of community development.

For us I think anything that is secure and supports the perl modules we use will be fine, which is pretty much any of the distros. I am leaning towards debian though but that is based on an irrational gut feeling.

HDD: I have expressed my concern of i/o on the IDE drives previously so if we have the option of using raid or something we should look at that.

Memory: 512 should be fine

CPU: Athlon!!!! <-- another irrational thing, or maybe not :-P

As we are talking now on msn, the serverpronto or option seems to be the best.

elSpike out.
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GM, 37 posts
He's big, he's bad, but
most of all, he's Ron...
Sat 26 Jun 2004
at 09:50
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Re: Dedicated Hosting.

Well, I'm not exactly what you'd call an expert on these things.

However, the serverpronto looks good to me too.

It is, of course the most expensive of them, but then I've found that the old saying "you get what you pay for" seems to be especially true for anything to do with computers.
Lil One
member, 4 posts
He's Big, he's Bad,
but mostly he's mine!
Sat 26 Jun 2004
at 10:25
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Re: Dedicated Hosting.

As long as the bandwidth is enough, I suppose ServerPronto looks good, but I cannot claim to have much knowledge of these things.

That's my amateurish opinion, for what's it worth!
GM, 27 posts
Sat 26 Jun 2004
at 10:33
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Re: Dedicated Hosting.

Looking more and more into it I think I (?we) am leaning toward, and jase is asking about their athlon products that are currently out of stock. We want an Athlon!
member, 1 post
Sat 26 Jun 2004
at 11:04
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Re: Dedicated Hosting.

I have a 'little' <G> experience of US hosting. What I think needs to be given highest priority (next to price of course) is the bandwidth prioritisation, scale and connectivity. A lot of the budget outfits have *$#&$( connectivity and that's why they're so cheap. It can be a pain in the ass when you find pages take AGES to move. That is, it isn't so much a matter of how much data you get, but rather how quickly that data moves which relates to:

1) How the NOC is set for connectivity (including peering)
2) How many clients share a pipe of size X.

The next most important bit is the support options - a ticketing system alone does NOT do the job here. The NOCs I tend to gravitate to are those with 24/7 direct access. Not to the helper-monkey but to the techs in the NOC itself. By phone if possible. It can be rather irritating to submit a ticket and then have to wait around while you wonder:

a) Has someone looked at the ticket?
b) What are they doing?
c) Why is it taking so long?
and so on :)

Much easier to phone ... "Hi .. can you reboot server X now please" - "Sure, I'm walking down to the rack now. Do you have any other queries? ..."

I agree on the AMD side AND debian (If you can - Redhat is OK as long as the NOC 'supports' it properly via proper licenses etc).

With Athlons et al, the other concern is to ensure the NOC is a good facility, with REALLY good air-conditioning (per rack ventilation/conditioning if possible) as the AMD's rackmounts tend to overheat a little more, especially when mounted in rack clusters.

I have options for cheap and quality servers. I'll dig em out and post when I find. Though even the 'cheap' option isn't quite as low as those shown above - but having worked with these guys I know the quality et al. They also offer lease-to-own. For an additional $25/month you OWN the server after one year and the monthly costs plummet!! :)

Anyways - my 2c for now - will post more soon ...
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