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Sat 10 Jan 2015
at 23:18
Young Characters in Flashback Vignette
I want to do a flashback vignette in my game.

Some of the characters would be in their early teens, mostly street kids fending for themselves on the streets and on the run from abusive parents or older street thugs.

No sex etc. Just good old "trying to survive" stuff.

Because its a flashback most of the events would be predetermined so I have total control over what happens.

One of the characters had a tough time with an abusive father, there would be a fight but then the youth runs away from home. The fight is over the abusive fathers actions regarding his mother and younger sister.

I would keep everything PG-13 rated.

I just want to hear from the authorities on my right and left limits.

I appreciate your help.
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Sat 10 Jan 2015
at 23:33
Re: Young Characters in Flashback Vignette
If you would like to contact the moderators, please use rmail rather than posting in this forum.

So long as the content is not graphically described and kept to the PG-13 level, you should be fine.