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Sun 5 Dec 2021
at 11:27
New Here!
Been interested in D&D for ages, but never had the opportunity to engage in it. I'm excited to get started!
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Sun 5 Dec 2021
at 13:42
New Here! came to the best site out there...

 Go to Players wanted  and  browse the  games, or use the  search thing on the main page..( you can customize that search).

 GM/DMs  are allowed to bumpo an ad every week,... everythign  you need is on the main page...when you get a game, all the tools you need for that  game are on that apge as sorting, or clikcin on icons.. just click the  tool ( dice roller . Caharcter sheets ect ect)

have fun, never be afraid to ask questions, everyone here knows   something and the Admins  will answer as well.