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Thu 27 Sep 2018
at 02:38
WoD v5
Greetings and hello!
Hope I'm on the right forum for this :)

I'm wondering about WoD v5, curious if there is a system specific option in the Dice Rollers yet for this version, or which one that is currently there that people have been using with success.  Also curious about if character sheets for the v5 system are available.

I'm currently in talks with a few members of my network, convincing them to run the game on RPoL would be most helpful since some of us are several time zones apart, but I don't know the resources available for that on here.

Thanks so much in advance for all the help!
Happy gaming.
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Thu 27 Sep 2018
at 15:50
WoD v5
Given how new the system is I seriously doubt there are either sheets available or that it's set up in the dice roller yet. You may want to make that suggestion in the RPOL Development forum (I guess? I dunno. I don't usually do that sorta thing. link to another game) There are a few people hoping to start V5 games on RPOL, but I haven't seen any actually get started yet, so I don't know if there's been any "specific option" agreed on yet (and I don't have enough familiarity with the system, yet, to make a suggestion).