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Heaven - What have we got here and how to add content.

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Fri 23 Apr 2010
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Heaven - What have we got here and how to add content

Heaven is intended as a resource base for GMs and players alike.

Here you will find links and details of systems, character sheets, resources, tools and in some cases, muds.

If you have something which you use which others might find helpful, please drop me a private message via the Request Access link and I will add it in.

If you find any broken links, please let me know (again via Request Access) so I can fix/remove them.

Thanks go to all the many people who have contributed so far.

NB: Please only use rMail to contact the moderators about site moderation issues.  This forum is only for gaming resources.

Everything in this forum can be accessed by everyone, without any special access needed, so you don't need to apply to join the game.
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