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RPOL Discussion Forums.

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RPOL Discussion Forums

BESM Community Lounge [Adult] (steelsmiter) link to another game
This is a Discussion 'game' featuring all that is related to BESM.

Board game forum (flakk) link to another game
Like board games?  Like to chat about games or get questions answered?  Come on in and sit a spell. Card games will also be accepted.

Clockworks Commons Forum: Victorian & Steampunk Discussion (ninthbit) link to another game
An open discussion forum for all things steampunk.  Fans, aficionados, newcomers, the helplessly curious, and everyone in between are welcome.  Bring your game ideas, your general interests, your links to exceptional craftsmanship that represents the genre, so on and so forth.

FATE Discussion Forum (Cripple X) link to another game
Welcome to the FATE Discussion forum.  Here, fans of the FATE system and its various incarnations will have a place to discuss rules questions, design elements, settings, and game ideas. It's also a place to find a FATE game here on RPOL.

[FF3e Returners] Guildhall Chat [Adult] (steelsmiter) link to another game
This is a discussion forum for the Final Fantasy RPG (Third Edition) where we can post houserules, pitch games to people interested, and advertise/link to those games if interest brings them to fruition.

Forum de Jogadores de Lingua Portuguesa (Miss Scarlet) link to another game
The main goal is to gather Portuguese speaking players (to announce new games, ask for players, exchanging ideas about games, etc).  Este é um lugar onde poderemos conversar e trocar idéias. Um lugar para reunir os jogadores da RPoL que falam português.

Game Design (arkrim) link to another game
This is the Game Design Forum. Its primary purpose is providing a place for discussion and collaboration on game design, homebrew rules and general gameplay.

GURPS Community Lounge (Sockpuppet, Mad Mick) link to another game
Description:  The GURPS Community Lounge was started up by Sockpuppet back in November 2006 to provide a place for RPOL users who play, GM, or are in interested in GURPS to hang out, share campaign ideas, talk about characters and plot hooks, ask questions, and advertise for new games.  All are welcome, from GURPS veterans to completely new players.  So come on in, sit down, have a cold refreshing beverage of your choice, and talk GURPS.

HERO System Forums (soulsight) link to another game
Discuss HERO by genre or edition!

The Halfling/Hobbit Hangout Hole (TheSnowpanther) link to another game
This a place for those who enjoy playing halflings and hobbits in Rpgs.  Where they can share schemes and tactics they use to keep the playing field even, or better yet tilted in their favor, when dealing with 'Big Folk' PC who always seem to want to hog the limelight.

RPoL Portrait Gallery Lists (Nightowl) link to another game
Our goal is to identify as many of the pictures of real people in the RPoL Portrait Gallery that we can, and maintain easily searchable lists that anyone on RPoL can use.

PFC - Pathfinder Community (praguepride) link to another game
A community to come in and discuss Pathfinder rules, setting, and games here on RPoL. Everyone is welcome!

Savage Worlds Discussions (OggyBenDoggy) link to another game
Welcome to the Savage Worlds Discussions forum.  Here, fans of the Savage Worlds system and its accompanying genres will have a place to discuss rules questions, combat strategies, design elements and game ideas.

World of Darkness (Nerwen) link to another game
This forum is for discussions of topics relevant to White Wolf's World of Darkness lines of roleplaying games, other games using the Storyteller system (e.g. Exalted, Trinity, etc.), and the playing thereof on RPoL.
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