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Tue 5 Nov 2019
at 17:12
Seeking Wuxia/Eastern-themed games.
Lately I've been picking up a bunch of terribly translated (*cough* Tale of Wuxia *Cough*) chinese games and I've been left with a bit of an itch to scratch.

  • If you're the kind of brave soul with the experience to run a Legends of the Wulin game, I'd really love to try it out. I read the book and it sort of clicks, but it feels like something I won't actually get until I finally try it out with someone who konws what he's doing.
  • Slightly lower on the preference scale there's Legend of the Five Rings. The feel of that game is significantly more japanese than chinese, but I have a couple of characters, possibly scorpions, that I'd like trying.
  • Lower again there's an Exalted (2.5E or 3E) game unusually focused on Martial Arts, maybe even starting (or staying) as Heroic Mortals. Now I love Exalted, but it has... problems, some of them compounded by the online format (hello, dice-fiddling mechanics of 3E)
  • Lowerer (That's a word now) still there's a good old Pathfinder game with a Wuxia coat of paint. That's not my first choice by a long shot, but it can possibly be made to work with liberal applications of Path of War and Automatic Bonus Progression. Bonus points for an unholy mixture of Wuxia and Kingmaker mechanics where you grow your own sect, but that might be The Scroll of Taiwu talking.

About me: I do work five days a week, and while I can promise to try and toss a post at the game when I get home I can't guarantee I'll succeed. I'd prefer either a game with a small-ish group, a solo game or multiple solo games with occasional intersections, depending on the effort the GM (you) is willing to put into this. I use Discord, and I'm perfectly willing to use it to coordinate things better or to get some of the quicker scenes (like pure dialogues) out of the way faster.

Totally-not-optional-optional-reading: Wulin Hero Quest
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Tue 5 Nov 2019
at 17:17
Seeking Wuxia/Eastern-themed games.
In reply to Larhas (msg # 1):

Posting to follow.  I've been trying to talk my out-screen game group into playing one of these, sort of mythic China and Spaghetti Western blended together, but so far they've been resistant.  I'd like to get my fix somewhere.  Mega-double +++ on the Kingmaker-esque mechanic.
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Thu 14 Nov 2019
at 20:58
Seeking Wuxia/Eastern-themed games.
In reply to phorcys (msg # 2):

Well, I'll give you credit: 'Spaghetti Western' is pretty far from the thing I had in mind, but yeah - the themes are not THAT dissimilar.

Also, this post was totally not just a disguised bump