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Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 07:15
Seal Team D&D

Basic game premise:

The party works for a single ruler/organization. You are a military unit, trouble-shooters
sent to accomplish a mission or goal. How you accomplish this is up to you, but as
representatives of the power you are responsible for your conduct and any fall out you
cause. Failure or abuse can result in being ďretiredĒ.

Game Structure:

You are given orders from HQ. The details and transport are usually provided to you.
Missions will often require splitting the party and using a variety of skills. Encounters
will use a high amount of teamwork and coordination rather than winging it.

Looking for a GM willing to run a game under the following criteria:

1.  system = 5e

2.  preferred campaign world = Faerun

3.  starting character level = 13

4.  character build style = gestalt*

5.  number of players = 4-6

6.  Base Stats = either (18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 08) or (16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11)

7.  Permitted sources = all official 5e source books as well as 5e Unearthed Arcana material

8.  I intend to play a rogue/bard; other useful roles: healer, muscle, ranged assault, etc.

* using the following guidelines:
    * but with no multiclassing permitted on either side of the build.
    * only one of the two classes chosen can be a full caster

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Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 07:26
Seal Team D&D
Yes please. I want to be a part of this as either a ranger/rogue or fighter/rogue filling a sniper (ranged assault) role, doubling as secondary melee support as missions require.
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Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 16:36
Seal Team D&D
I'd like to put in my hat, as well, if a GM can be found.
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Thu 30 Jan 2020
at 23:52
Seal Team D&D
This sounds very interesting, just the kind of game I'd like to play in if anyone would like to DM.
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Sat 1 Feb 2020
at 05:02
Seal Team D&D
See that potential GMs? Already have your team right here. Four players. :)
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Tue 4 Feb 2020
at 23:39
Seal Team D&D
I think it's bump'o'clock for this. Assuming Sardis is still interested. I know I am.
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 01:20
Seal Team D&D
yes, I'm still interested :)

seems we have 4 players...will someone sate our gaming needs and GM this game!! :)
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 18:07
Seal Team D&D
Still here, too.  Reading up on a number of concepts.  Do we want to finalize at least our classes ahead of getting a GM?

So far, it looks like we're leaning this way ...

Sardis: Rogue/Bard
OutlawJT: Ranger/Rogue or Fighter/Rogue (badass sniper)
Drackler: (undeclared)
Phorcys: (undeclared)

We've still open roles in healer, melee specialist, arcanist.  Depending on the approach and size of the team in the end, it looks like we'll want someone handling misdirection, commo, crowd control, and other things.  Does anybody in particular want to take those on?

Also, do we have a concept of what the B-Team ought to have as far as capabilities?  Intel and supply look to play key roles in a campaign like this.  Will we need to handle those things organically or should we expect a level of NPC support?
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Tue 11 Feb 2020
at 15:08
Seal Team D&D
Bump time.
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Wed 12 Feb 2020
at 16:08
Seal Team D&D
Let's try this again. Bump...?
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Wed 12 Feb 2020
at 23:09
Seal Team D&D
Iíve got a lot of free time on my hands right now and Iíve been trying to get back into things, I could be potentially willing to run a short one shot type game?

Any specific military type missions? And what kind of world? Typical fantasy, steampunk, or something else? I didnít know if more modern special forces type gear would need to be included to capture the feel or being more old fashioned assassins or crusaders would work?
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Thu 13 Feb 2020
at 03:43
Seal Team D&D
hey :)

Kind of world: I'm most knowledgeable with Forgotten Realms but can adapt to just about anything.

I'm good with typical fantasy; if a GM wanted to toss in other elements like steampunk, that's entirely up to them.

I don't think 'modern gear' is necessary.

types of missions:  I'm basically looking to play an elite military unit for a single ruler or organization.  If those missions included assassinations so be it.  I would think it would need to be underhanded stuff or they'd just use their regular military, so alignments likely shouldn't be good as we need to be willing to 'get our hands dirty'.

obviously, given that this is my game request, I'd like to see my character as the leader of the team...but that isn't a must...more of a 'would like'.