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Fri 14 Aug 2020
at 19:43
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hello all,

I am looking to play in a SotDL game, starting at level 1 or higher. Ideally the game would have 4-5 PCs (including me), be roleplay intensive, have a good amount of action/combat and an interesting plot/story. I don't mind getting railroaded as long as the plot is good!

If a prospective GM wants to use any of the many official adventures, that's cool too.

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Wed 9 Sep 2020
at 18:36
Shadow of the Demon Lord

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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 15:47
Shadow of the Demon Lord

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Tue 24 Aug 2021
at 18:46
Shadow of the Demon Lord

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Fri 3 Sep 2021
at 21:09
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bumping for any potential GMs who may want to run this!
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Sun 14 Nov 2021
at 11:48
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Still looking for a game, pertinent details in OP. :)
Bane Root
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Mon 15 Nov 2021
at 16:15
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Also interested.
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Thu 6 Jan 2022
at 13:29
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Iíve never run a pbp here. A friend directed me here last year but I have yet to start anything. I have some experience running SotDL.

Iím interested in setting up a Freeport game at some point but my work schedule has been hectic and strange since Covid hit, so I havenít had the opportunity to do anything with what I was working up yet. Iím just not really sure what I can schedule yet.

 Hereís the concept intro.

The shadows of Freeport run deep and wideÖ and only The Watch stands ready to stem the tides of crime and filth in this secluded island city.

The balance between sanity and chaos teeters precariously on any given day. Pirates, slavers, cultists, sorcerers, and raiders threaten the cityís peace. And all of the citizens of Freeport want a life free from the complications and oppression of The Continent.

Their pay is too low, their job is often thankless, and corruption and graft riddle their ranks.

Can a few good members of The Watch make a difference in this sordid city?

Iíll be working on building it pretty soon.
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Fri 7 Jan 2022
at 18:34
Shadow of the Demon Lord
I was interested briefly in trying to run a game myself, but ultimately decided I had neither the time nor the experience to manage it well. That concept, however, sounds excellent, and I'd love the opportunity to join in and get a bit more experience with the system. I've been trying to sell some of my players on SotDL for years to get away from 5e, so I'd love to have some more experience to do that with.
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Sun 9 Jan 2022
at 11:21
Shadow of the Demon Lord
I'd definitely be interested in a SotDL game.  I'd have to swot up on the rules because I have never played before but it's a game I have looked at loads over the last couple of years and never took the plunge.  The concept sounds like something I would like enjoy.
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 Momento Mori
Tue 18 Jan 2022
at 23:16
Shadow of the Demon Lord
I'm interested in running a SOTDL game, and I'm now reading through the rule book. It's a pretty simplified version of DnD. The Dungeon World campaign I'm running at the table would fit the mechanics and setting reasonably well. I have more than enough material to take a game through several level advancements.

Let me finish the rule book read-up, and then I'll post a link to a game to discuss details. Adult rating?
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Wed 19 Jan 2022
at 07:54
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Sure, that would work for me
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 Momento Mori
Sat 22 Jan 2022
at 03:31
Shadow of the Demon Lord
[EDIT] Thia is an Adult game. Here's a link for anyone interested. Also, the LFP thread is up in Wanted - Players. rMail if you have any questions!

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