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Sat 16 Jan 2021
at 19:44
Champions / Hero System
I'm just now getting into the Hero System, and would love to play in a Champions game.
Rogue Leader
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 Standing by.
Tue 19 Jan 2021
at 17:43
Champions / Hero System
Which edition of which game?
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Wed 10 Feb 2021
at 03:14
Champions / Hero System
Would this be 5th or 6th edition?
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Wed 10 Feb 2021
at 03:29
Champions / Hero System
Heh, I ran one a while ago, but I had to stop because Real LifeTM got in the way. I am sure you will find a few people here who would be interested in this.

If a game picks up, I would also be interested in it. But I would like 6th Edition.

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