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Mon 1 Feb 2021
at 15:23
5e D&D game
Looking for a DM to host a 5e game. I'd like a smaller group with a start level of 3rd. Homebrew preferred, but boxed games are fine. Bonus if your willing to allow evil characters or willing to run a fully evil game, but not a requirement. I'd also like adult rating to allow for the full range of character development and to attract mature players with more in-depth characters.
Lord Psynister
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Tue 9 Feb 2021
at 04:12
5e D&D game
I'm happy to join. I like 5E, what flavors (level) and spices (alignment) you put on there aren't important to me, I just like to play the game.
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 Nova Scotia, Canada
Tue 9 Feb 2021
at 04:50
5e D&D game
I too would be eager to join if this game were to be picked up by a GM.
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Tue 9 Feb 2021
at 11:22
5e D&D game
I just posted an interest check on Game Proposals for a 5e version of Pathfinder's Ironfang Invasion.  It doesn't meet most of your preferences, and I have quite a few house rules for pbp- but it is a 5e game.

Check it out to see if you could be interested.  If not, then best of luck to finding what you'd be interested in.